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    IronFilm reacted to Lintelfilm in EOSHD video quality charts - 2015/2016   
    Atomos always advertise their recorders as capturing a 10 bit file, even if the camera only outputs 8bit (e.g. 5D, A7S). You have to go to the camera manufacturer to find what the output bit depth is. I can't find anything saying its 10 bit out from Canon so I'll assume it isn't...
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    IronFilm reacted to Geoff CB in EOSHD video quality charts - 2015/2016   
    Bang for buck the best image your can buy. Doesn't matter if Samsung goes out of the camera business, the NX1 will still be a great piece of kit.

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    IronFilm reacted to Wild Ranger in "Best-Seller" Horror/Suspense Short Film shot on Nikons   
    Hi, Thank you a lot! I am really proud of it.
    The final shot was made with a combination of Stills, 3d mapping and in last place a macro shot of the recorder, then al composed in a after effects, that was the only way, its kind of a imposible shot without a lot of expensive gear.
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    IronFilm reacted to Wild Ranger in "Best-Seller" Horror/Suspense Short Film shot on Nikons   
    Hi everyone, Merry Christmas!
    I wanna share my last short film, "Best-Seller". I shot it entirely with Nikon D7100 and D5300 on September 2014. I´m releasing it online now because it was circulating some festival during this last year. Hope you all can enjoy it. IT HAVE ENGLISH SUBTITLES just activate them.
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    IronFilm reacted to Andrew Reid in SONY FS5 vs SAMSUNG NX1   
    This is a very basic test but it does show the resolution advantage of oversampling 4K from a 6.5K sensor on the NX1
    Doesn't show much else, like what it is like to grade or dynamic range, where the FS5 definitely has an advantage with S-LOG and the 10bit output
    Internal 1080p is also much better on the FS5 but good 1080p is pretty commonplace these days so not jumping up and down in excitement too much for that at $5000
    I absolutely love my NX1 and the H.265 codec maintains a TON of fine detail in the mids... not so much in the shadows or places where there's not much detail anyway
    NX1 with the Novoflex A mount adapter and Sony / Minolta / Zeiss lenses by the way = MEGA!!
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    IronFilm reacted to Marco Tecno in Merry Christmas! When this this forum become a NX1 chat spot?   
    Perhaps since when the nx1 is the best and most affordable 4k photocamera? :-P 
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    IronFilm reacted to neosushi in Merry Christmas! When this this forum become a NX1 chat spot?   
    Award of the most useless post of the year !
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    IronFilm reacted to rungvang in EOSHD video quality charts - 2015/2016   
    XC - 10 
    Limiting lens. The non-constant aperture can drive one crazy while shooting at multiple focal lengths…The maximum aperture difference between wide (F2.8) and tele (5.6) is too large. Not enough assignable buttons. There are only 3 of those and that’s very limiting. After assigning 1-Magnification, 2-Display and 3-Push auto focus, had to dig into “FUNCTION” in order to change ISO values, engage the internal ND filter,  use the focus peeking or enable zebra. After changing a value in “FUNC”, when starting to record, the menu screen will still be present, preventing the possibility of quick recording. You are forced to close the menu in order to have a clean view of your recording. No viewfinder. The proposed original Canon solution (loupe over the LCD) is a good idea but badly implemented. The image is distorted and not evenly in focus when you enable the diopter, which can cause eye fatigue and headache at times. Cheap stiff rubber on the loupe is extremely uncomfortable to use. Not a worldwide camera. Region restricted. Magnification will punch in only once. Not enough to judge critical focus in some shooting situations. Build quality is questionable, especially the lens on the camera. If you intend to shoot in HD (1080) or slow motion 120 FPS in 720p, prepare to have an extra SD card as those formats will not record onto the CFast card. Canon is marketing this camcorder as professional. A better professional XLR audio solution from Canon is missing for that though. Minimum ISO in video mode is ISO 500. the CFast 2.0 media are still quite expensive for such an entry level camera. I just cant understand why a camera with such high specs, even got c-log, is, nd filter has such crappy lens. This camera is not suck, its ridiculous. 
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    IronFilm reacted to richg101 in BMPCC Used on Age of ultron   
    I'm a huge fan of the bmpcc.  It's the ONLY camera that fulfilled the needs of my FORBES70 prototype camera in terms of DR, low light performance, resolution, compatibility with adapted specialist lenses, solid codecs, etc.   since the bmpcc's release there has yet to be anything that comes close to its overall performance when paired with fast modern c-mount lenses.
    The sheer number of so-called high end cinematographers interested in FORBES70 but who disregard it based on that fact that the internal camera is a BMPCC is amazing.  Also those who complain about anything the camera does visually are asking far too much.  £800 for the best picture available from any camera in the price bracket where re-mortgaging isn't required to make a purchase.     
    https://vimeo.com/136554487 password : fbs
     I hope the bmmcc does the same amazing job and better!
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    IronFilm reacted to enny in BMPCC Used on Age of ultron   
    During artist tests, Davis brought the first Pocket Camera on set. "I put it through a whole range of comprehensive latitude tests; I wanted to see the quality of the image and I also wanted to see how much information it held in the shadows and highlights," he says. "I was really impressed with what I saw, and that was the fundamental thing we were looking for. I think the Pocket is definitely up there alongside the Red and the Alexa in terms of latitude, and that let me cut in with the Alexa and Canon C500, which we also used, in a much more seamless way. And all that information moves straight on to VFX through grading.
    More Info
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    IronFilm reacted to trafficarte in EOSHD video quality charts - 2015/2016   
    Exactly the opposite for me: I own a 550D with ML on it and the a5100 with its XAVC S codec always selected: the latter wins hands down in every aspect...
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    IronFilm reacted to Caleb Genheimer in EOSHD video quality charts - 2015/2016   
    I'm with you on the NX1, Andrew! It has captured striking imagery with an astonishing success rate for me compared to any other camera. It might not sit atop any specific quantifiable ranking of cameras, but what it's capable of is just short of miraculous. On the Ronin, that AF system is a dream come true, and paired together in the right hands, most any shot is possible. It handles extremely well, is reliable as heck, and it has good tech specs where it counts.
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    IronFilm reacted to gethin in EOSHD video quality charts - 2015/2016   
    character - yes . I was thinking about this the last couple of days when I stumbled on some old gh2 footage. it has something that the gh4 does not.
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    IronFilm reacted to M Carter in EOSHD video quality charts - 2015/2016   
    Just a note on the max ISO listings - with the latest firmware, I shot a no-lights-allowed project with the NX1, and much of it was shot from 1600-2200 iso. I'm just not seeing any noise to speak of - the footage is amazingly clean. I blasted the ISO until I was just under highlights blowing at f3.5, F4 or 2.8 with some lenses. It's freaking clean as hell.
    I assumed I'd be running it all through NeatVideo, but no need. Really kind of shocked.
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    IronFilm reacted to Andrew Reid in EOSHD video quality charts - 2015/2016   
    We head into 2016 with a treasure chest of great cameras but how exactly do the mirrorless and DSLR cameras rank for video?
    View the charts here
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    IronFilm reacted to TheRenaissanceMan in Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera   
    Maybe it's just the forumite echo chamber, but everyone seems to bring up battery life the moment I mention Blackmagic and conveniently forget about it when they recommend the A7S (II). 

    I was on a shoot with a guy the other day, and he said in the cold conditions here in Wisconsin, he has to change the battery on his A7S every 20 minutes. That's outrageous. 
    I totally see where you're coming from. Shot in its sweet spot, that 4K sensor produces exquisite results--especially those magical skintones.

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    IronFilm reacted to andrgl in Ursa Mini 4.6K new footage and info...   
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    IronFilm reacted to Jimmy in Scarlet MX/Dragon advice   
    Here is a link to some FS700 raw files, for anyone interested
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    IronFilm reacted to Fritz Pierre in Scarlet MX/Dragon advice   
    Although I use Panny cameras almost exclusively, I've been watching the FS700 for a while on eBay now...if not too heavy for you, and you're primarily dealing with landscapes, I think you can deal with the reputed skin tone issue...in fact I'm not even sure that skin tones is an issue on the 700...priced from slightly below $2000, to $4000 almost new...I'm thinking in the near future of getting one...perhaps it will work for you too...

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    IronFilm got a reaction from Gregormannschaft in Zoom H1 , Tascam DR 22, 40 Audio Recorder   
    I have heard the Tascam DR-60D mk2 has a really good pre amp for its incredibly low price. 
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    IronFilm got a reaction from Gregormannschaft in Zoom H1 , Tascam DR 22, 40 Audio Recorder   
    The NTG3 is absolutely fantastic from what I've heard! I kinda regret getting the NTG2 instead of the NTG3 (even though it is far more expensive). 

    In your list before of audio points, you left off a big one: the quality of the pre amps! Very important, is a big reason why I'm buying a Sound Devices 552
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    IronFilm got a reaction from Cinegain in Canon 50D ML Raw in late 2015??   
    Oh when I was comparing it with a RED, I wasn't meaning that it would end up costing a similar amount! LOL

    No, as my comparison was how looking at the "body only price" (US$150) can be very misleading. As the price creeps up much higher with all the other extras (thanks to how very expensive fast CF Cards are, at least they were back in early 2013), and it has a bunch of other "gotchas" (like crop modes, and volume of data to handle with the post workflow. Like with a RED). 
    Heh, I don't really care about its stills capabilities. As already got a Nikon D90/D5200 to use (plus heaps of mirrorless cameras). Plus... the camera is *stuffed* when it comes to being a stills camera! Haha

    Throws up error messages if you try to take a pic through the OVF. Is why I got it so dirt dirt cheap. But it is fine for ML raw use :-D As live view works. 
     But why would you be so evil as to give a Canon DSLR to a kid for their Christmas present?? You're leading them astray setting them down that path...
      Yup, I reckon if I do go ahead and take it a bit more seriously and do a few projects with it then I'll want at a minimum 2x 128gig cards 

    But which ones.... so many options! Hoping Komputerbay 128gig 800x are a wise choice. 

    The camera came with 3 batteries, but I suspect I might be wanting a couple more. 
    Got the loupe and little gorrillapod already. 
    I've got heaps of Nikon lenses! ;-) Is how I ended up buying this camera, as I purchased a Nikon 85mm f/1.8D from the seller and I got the 50D for only a very tiny amount extra. 
     Hehe... I got it for much much less than US$150 ;-) It was priced at a deal that I could not refuse! 
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    IronFilm reacted to Hans Punk in Ursa Mini Shoulder kit for BMPCC?   
    Keep in mind that if you are investing in the Ursa Mini, you would not be able to use the 501 natively (without SDI - HDMI converter box) So you would maybe have to choose the more expensive 502 model (with SDI & HDMI input).
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    IronFilm reacted to Jimmy in Scarlet MX/Dragon advice   
    The other obvious one that should last for some time is the Ursa Mini 4.6K...
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    IronFilm reacted to richg101 in Kipon / Baveyes medium format speed booster for full frame Sony A7 series   
    I had one briefly while sampling various mf lenses before deciding on a planar 80/2.8 for Forbes.  It's a good lens, but at f1.9 it's not quite good enough IMO.  Only when at 2.8 does it start to get refined (as in, that refined tack sharp look you get from a hasselblad 80/2.8.  the only 80/2 that I've tried that comes close to a good 80/2.8 is the Xenotar for the rollei 6000 series, and even that falls short.
    Obviously I am coming into this discussion purely with relation to the resolution gain from this new kipon adaptor.  I am looking at it simply as a way to obtain the superb iq by compressing an image from a good 80mm onto a smaller frame and having a resultant 50mm lens that outdoes a 50mm for 35mm format.  
    I am biased due to being a 6x6 80mm+ image circle man rather than a 645 70mm one.  If you compare the 80/1.9 vs a planar 80/2.8 on a 645 back you actually won;t see much difference in exposure - certainly nowhere near a stop difference.  and the sharpness at f2.8 on the planar actually makes the dof feel shallower due to the ration between in/out of focus being so much more.
    the focal reducer needs to be placed as near to the sensor as possible otherwise it needs to be made a lot bigger - so big it wouldnt fit in the mirror box.  your ffd is also reduced by approximately the same as the magnification of the focal reducer so if your using a 0.7x reducer, the ffd reduces by around 0.7x     
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