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    IronFilm reacted to Ty Harper in OPEN AI VIDEO TECH ONE YEAR LATER...   
    Reality TV is not even 'reality' and clearly cares little for the tenets of JSP, so I would argue that format will embrace AI with the quickness and you'll have AI-based characters that viewers are rooting for...
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    IronFilm reacted to Ty Harper in OPEN AI VIDEO TECH ONE YEAR LATER...   
    Sorry but anyone who's saying this looks sh*tty must not have seen the original Will Smith spaghetti one they had a year ago. THAT was sh*tty - this new one is no where near perfect, but sh*tty is just a ridiculous descriptor of something that is still developing. It is imo good enough for us to understand the implications for the art-based labor industry.
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    IronFilm reacted to KnightsFan in OPEN AI VIDEO TECH ONE YEAR LATER...   
    I don't think a photo real animation with no back end labour can be described as just a better animation tool. Current animation tools, critically, take years of practice and hundreds of paid hours to create each individual work. A production going from "writer, director, and 10,000 hours of professional, lifelong technical artists" to "writer, director, and a 2 month subscription to OpenAI" is, in my opinion, something to pay attention to and expect disruption from, whether you categorize it as a "just a better tool" or not.
    Switching perspectives a little, these tools are absolutely perfect for hobbyists like me. I'm never going to hire artists, so my productions go from crap CGI to amazing CGI, and no one loses a job. There are no downsides! If that's the angle you're coming from, then I agree with you.
    However, for anyone making a living off of video work, there's a very very large chance that the amount of money that anyone is willing to pay for ANY kind of creative content creation is going to decrease, fast.
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    IronFilm reacted to KnightsFan in OPEN AI VIDEO TECH ONE YEAR LATER...   
    It won't always look shitty. Remember 30 years ago when CGI looked like Legos photographed in stopmotion against a flickery blue screen? Let's wait 30 years on AI generated imagery.
    No technology can take away the enjoyment of doing something, though it can take away the economic viability of selling it. Which indirectly affects us, because if fewer cameras are sold, people like you and I will face higher equipment prices.
    Certainly AI is already used in the gaming industry to make assets ahead of time. It will be a bit longer before the computational power exists at the end user to fully leverage AI in real time at 60+ fps. When you have a 13 millisecond rendering budget, it's a delicate balance between clever programming and artistically deciding what you can get away with--and that it requires another leap in intelligence levels. Very few humans are able to design top-tier real time renderers. AI will get there, but it's a vastly more complex task than offline image generation.
    But yes, AI today already threatens every technical game artist the same way it does the film and animation industries, and will likely be the dominant producer of assets in a couple years. In the near term, humans might still make hero assets, but every rock, tree, and building in the background will be AI. Human writers and voice actors might still voice the main character, but in an RPG with 500 background characters and a million lines of dialog, it is cheaper and higher quality for AI to write and voice generic dialog.
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    IronFilm reacted to Ty Harper in OPEN AI VIDEO TECH ONE YEAR LATER...   
    This is vastly underestimating the quality of AI based video in the near future. You must see that the tech we're seeing/talking about right now will be capable of reproducing imagery that is stunningly life like. The only thing being removed from the equation moving forward is our role in the capture process. But even that is not true - because this AI tech stands on the sum total legacy of everything humans have captured of the world to date. One thing that is humbling about AI-based video/audio etc, is that it is telling us that even our physical existence can be reduced to 1s and 0s.
    There were/are human economic systems within which something like AI would/can be used in non-exploitative ways towards human beings. We unfortunately do not exist within one of those system at the moment. 
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    IronFilm reacted to Ty Harper in OPEN AI VIDEO TECH ONE YEAR LATER...   
    Agreed. As you say, if people want to use cams and other traditional forms of real life capture for home/family use, no one will stop them. But it's unlikely that media/film production companies in the future will be hiring/paying people who offer camera capture, set design, lighting, etc, etc, as a sole and primary service - which is really what we're talking about. Also, the AI approach won't be seen as a 'forgery' to mass consumers in most circumstances. The ones intended for insidious deep-fake purposes? Yes, of course. But most AI-based video will be seen/consumed as a valid representation of real life ala a painting. It will also be impossible to tell the difference in the future. That's just based on how far a company like Open AI has come in a year. Also, these distinctions we're making around real vs fake will be irrelevant to the vast majority of humans born into it from here on out. All realms of commerce have experienced crushing human labor disruptions in the past and present times (car manufacturing being the most obvious example). What makes this stunning and unique is that it is happening to the realm of commerce (i.e art-based commerce) that we instinctively know humans will continue to do whether they are paid for it or not. You can't say the same for alot of other realms of the human labor economy. So it will be, imo, one of the most poignant blows in the history of human labor to date. 
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    IronFilm reacted to Ty Harper in OPEN AI VIDEO TECH ONE YEAR LATER...   
    Some will - most won't and my kid might wax nostalgic about the days when people took pictures and shot video, but will be just fine with AI, the way we were just fine with mp3s.
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    IronFilm reacted to KnightsFan in OPEN AI VIDEO TECH ONE YEAR LATER...   
    A few years ago I said something here on this forum about how AI could even replace wedding photgraphers/videographers. My point was that I didn't know what the technology would look like, but it would eventually be possible. My wild brainstorm was something along the lines of setting up a dozen video cameras, then AI uses that information to generate a whole edit, with closeups and clear audio, nicer lighting, etc.
    Doesn't look like the tech that far off. Budget weddings won't even need the video cameras, just a couple photos and a description of what happened. It won't be "real," but will the influencers and influencees care?
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    IronFilm reacted to Ty Harper in OPEN AI VIDEO TECH ONE YEAR LATER...   
    Yeah he covers this exact topic toward the end, and agrees with you. The entire film and media production industry will be vastly different in the coming years, and that is obviously an understatement. But also the pandemic did not help. I've watched my audio engineer and video peers fight for the tech/quality standards that have governed terrestrial tv and radio since its creation - and the pandemic, which forced all productions to use Zoom video/audio conferencing tech via hosts' living rooms with crappy audio situations - actually proved to the higher ups that audiences don't notice the loss in audio/video production quality. Which is also due to the reality that social media had already crept up and normalized subpar audio/video quality in the minds of the audience. Now YouTube/TikTok/IG audio is a 'style' or 'sound' - not an example of inferior quality. 
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    IronFilm reacted to clcox in When will we see cheap 600W/1200W led lights?   
    Mine arrived last week! Didn't realize they were 200-240 volt (I'm in the US), so I was running them at essentially half power with some of my own cables. Got a wattmeter to confirm, and yup, they were only pulling half what they should have. Did get a step-up transformer off amazon, though, and wattmeter confirms it's pulling almost the full 500 watts! If I had known that they were that voltage, I might not have got them. For the price, even with adding in a $50 step-up for each unit, they're not too bad! No flickering when I put my phone in slo-mo, which is good. 
    Need to get some third-pary reflectors, though, these ones are orphanage grade.
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    IronFilm reacted to Walter H in Panasonic S5 II (What does Panasonic have up their sleeve?)   
    Yeah, I think we spoke past one another. 
    The S1 focus brackets raw images nicely with one press of the shutter. Lots of control over the number of images, their depth & step. Easy to dump that sequence into PS or Affinity, etc. and render a blended image. That's what I was referring to as "old school" - doing the post-capture stacking in a software later on. 
    It's the focus stacking feature that renders in camera a single jpeg that I was having issues with in terms of unwanted artifacts. Perhaps the processing in the G9 is improved? Granted I have been working with challenging, detailed material.
    The process of focus bracketing is fine and I've no complaints in doing it. It's also nice when I can avoid it altogether. 
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    IronFilm got a reaction from Walter H in Panasonic S5 II (What does Panasonic have up their sleeve?)   
    Is there an option to shoot in vlog but monitor in rec709? Probably your peaking will work better then? (am guessing here, no experience with the Panasonic L Mount cameras, but this is how it functions on some other cameras) 
    Or....  (and I know @MrSMW would HATE this suggestion 😅 but maybe it works for you @Walter H?), shoot vlog but output rec709 over HDMI (am pretty certain the S1 can do this??) then do the peaking with the external monitor (little 3.5" external monitors exist?). That's another process I've heard of people doing to get better results with peaking. 
    I know the built in photo stacking feature in the Panasonic G9 is very powerful for when doing macro shots and needing more DoF, doesn't the Panasonic S1 have this too? Or is it of no benefit for your style of shooting? 
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    IronFilm got a reaction from Mark Romero 2 in Is the EVA1 Dead In 2024? (Compared to S1H?)   
    Just realized you're not using a proper boom pole or any real shock mount either!! 😮 😮 😮 
    Near the top of the list (either just before getting a shotgun mic, or just after getting a shotgun mic) should be getting a shock mount and a real boom pole. 
    Such as one of these:
    Or get a Radius shockmount (they're new company set up by the ex-Rycote people). 
    https://radiuswindshields.com/ (B&H is not stocking them yet) 
    Here is are dirt cheap Boom Poles you could get:
    Or spend a little bit more for:
    https://www.gothamsound.com/product/qp-slim-short-quickpole-boom-pole (my personal choice here) 
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    IronFilm got a reaction from Mark Romero 2 in Is the EVA1 Dead In 2024? (Compared to S1H?)   
    Why not use the exposed lav I can see on him? (which was the Tascam DR10L? btw, perhaps get this: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1444316-REG/remote_audio_urs_furtangblk_ursa_tangle_cut.html , or even: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/885674-REG/auray_wlw_fuzzy_windbuster_for_lav.html or https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/253753-REG/Rycote_065501_Furry_Windjammer_for_Lavalier.html )
    No wind protection??? 😮 
    Ballsy!!! Just rocking it bare naked. 
    That should be #1 on your purchase list to get next. 
    Don't you still have the stock foam cover for the Samson mics? 
    Something like this, you could wrap around on top of the foam windscreen to give a lot of extra wind protection:
    Alternatively, this here should fit the Samson C02 (they're both 20mm width):
    But maybe if your mic had been a bit closer.... 
    Phew! That BTS pic looked scary far away. 
    But even 50cm is rather far away. 
    Thanks for the detailed info you gave in your post, much better than people normally do when asking for feedback!
    I'd say your priorities should be:
    1) wind protection for your Samson CO2 mics, as this is super dirt cheap
    2) upgrade your boom mic(s), getting first of all a shotgun (lots of choices! Some lower budget but high quality choices are: Rode NTG5, Sanken CSM1, DPA 2017, Audio Technica BP4073, & Deity SMic3. Get one or two), with wind protection (if the mic doesn't already come with it. Such as the Rycote Softie: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/207238-REG/Rycote_033052_Standard_Hole_Softie_Windscreen.html Making sure it's the right size for your mic of course!)
    3) get a blimp for it for high wind situations 
    4) upgrade your boom mic(s) take two, getting now a hypercardioid microphone (or two... depending on your shooting needs/style), with wind protection for it too. 
    5) upgrade your Tascam DR10L to a Sony UWP-D21 or Deity THEOS, so that you can monitor your lav audio too. (send the boom mic to your left ear, and radio mic to your right ear, while recording both in your DR60D)
    6) get a MixPre or Zoom F Series recorder
    You can see upgrading the recorder is the very last thing on this list. 
    Just go through this plan step by step, as funds allow it. 
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    IronFilm reacted to PPNS in 2023 In Review - How Did Your Year Go?   
    finally finished that reel.
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    IronFilm got a reaction from Mark Romero 2 in Is the EVA1 Dead In 2024? (Compared to S1H?)   
    How exactly are you using them and your Tascam?
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    IronFilm reacted to Mark Romero 2 in Is the EVA1 Dead In 2024? (Compared to S1H?)   
    But the Samson's are CHEAP, and so am I :(
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    IronFilm got a reaction from Mark Romero 2 in Is the EVA1 Dead In 2024? (Compared to S1H?)   
    From my perspective. Definitely. 
    But depends on how you are using it? And what's important to you. 
    Do you for instance use it under your camera? The DR60D was designed for it, but I found the stack to be a bit crazy high! The MixPre3 at least is super slim. 
    You'd gain a channel, as the MixPre3 can record 5x ISOs:
    (note: uses the 3.5mm input. Sooooo... if it is a Gen1 device, you've now just lost the ability to use TC if using the 4th channel)
    Gen2 can hold TC by itself. 
    Gen1 can't, always needs a TC box attached to it 
    I think the ergonomics of the MixPres are bad compared to the F8 Series, but yeah compared to the Tascam DR60D you probably will like the more modern MixPres, with their pretty color screens and mobile app. 
    Ohhh... maybe that's something to fix first! Before changing your recorder.
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    IronFilm reacted to Mark Romero 2 in Panasonic S5 II (What does Panasonic have up their sleeve?)   
    One downside is I think that you will be spending $700 on a modification for a camera that you would be lucky to re-sell for about US $800. (I got a trade-in quote from MPB for like $535 or something like that. Gonna pass on that. Thanks.)
    I don't think getting the OLPF mod would help with resale value (might even hurt) as anyone shooting photos would probably balk at the idea of buying a camera with a third-party OLPF installed.
    Of course, not a problem if you plan on holding on to the S1 long term. But with the second-gen S1 / S1H / S1R "likely" to come out this year, it might not be a great idea.
    All this is just my long and convuluted way of saying that the 1/8th Black Pro Mist filter doesn't seem like that bad of a solution.
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    IronFilm reacted to MrSMW in Panasonic S5 II (What does Panasonic have up their sleeve?)   
    Have you tried using a 1/8th mist?
    That has been my go to throughout ‘23 on the S5ii and no issues.
    The S1H does just have a (slightly) nicer image but the 1/8th evens it up a little and seems to fix most if not all moire issues.
    I might just get a battery grip for the S5ii and sell the S1H battery grip and then I can flip around their use ie make the S1H my run & gun workhorse and the S5ii can do static and gimbal.
    That should fix my use case dilemma of having them currently in my non-preferred roles…
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    IronFilm reacted to jgharding in Panasonic S5 II (What does Panasonic have up their sleeve?)   
    Yeah I get what you're saying on all counts.
    I do what you describe there right now, and generally the S1H is the A-cam, mainly due to the S5 ii's lack of OLPF and moiré issues in interviews.
    I'll take the S5 ii around for cutaways and so on as it's way lighter and you can do touchscreen focus pulls.
    The hope is that an S1H ii would add the AF, with some improvements, and hopefully not add any bugs LOL

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    IronFilm reacted to kye in Deciding closest modern camera to Digital Bolex look   
    Do you mean technical parts like the chips etc?  If so, maybe they're out of stock and no longer being manufactured, so would be practically infinite in cost, rather than cheap.
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    IronFilm reacted to sanveer in Deciding closest modern camera to Digital Bolex look   
    From Newsshooter.com 
    "According to Octopus Cinema, with the increasing competition in the cinema camera market, the primary goal of the OCTOPUS CAMERA is to fill a gap in the market where users require a specific product for a specific application. These specific features include native monochrome sensor imaging and a fully open SDK to extend and embed custom behaviour in the camera.
    The camera is not being targeted as a competitor against most other digital cinema cameras that are already on the market."
    It sound Strange. It almost sounds like they do not want to make a 16mm cinema camera. 
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    IronFilm got a reaction from majoraxis in Deciding closest modern camera to Digital Bolex look   
    Maybe the AJA Cion? (or the Blackmagic equivalents) So long as you light it carefully. 
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    IronFilm got a reaction from PannySVHS in Panasonic S5 II (What does Panasonic have up their sleeve?)   
    Which is no timecode support at all 😞
    What's the flash syc port connector that you use? Looking that part up on Aliexpress might find a cheap cable for you for a just a few bucks 
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