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  1. I wonder how many Netlix shows will shoot on the FX9 instead of Venice / Varicam LT / etc?
  2. Their apps are really nice though, simple to use. Am using them every day with my current Tentacle Sync E timecode boxes. Not really limiting at all, for most applications you'd only be wanting to directly press that "record button" but once a day. So to use the app instead? Not a big deal at all. Because you don't want to be digging under the actor's clothes multiple times a day to stop start it! And actually, this is where the app comes in very very very handy....... as then you can remotely start/stop them all at once! (I do greatly hope there is a batch option in the app)
  3. To give a photography analogy: Which has "the best image": Canon 5Dmk4 or Nikon D750 or Sony a9? According to DXOmark the answer is the Nikon D750. Yet you picked the 5Dmk4 which has (according to DXOmark) the "worst image' of these three, even though the Nikon D750 is much much cheaper. Clearly you rate "image quality" on different criteria, or measure it differently, to how DXOmark does. Or perhaps you rate some other non-image quality related factors as more important than a split hairs width of image quality counting in either which direction. I'm trying to give a hint here of the complexity / factors to consider in photography, which I'm sure you're well aware, so you can understand that when it comes to filmmaking (which is even more subjective/complex!) then it is even trickier to answer these questions in a clear cut yes/no way.
  4. They wouldn't be the "LEAST bang for you buck"
  5. No, based on your comments I don't think you know at all what I mean. I really think you're getting a little overly focused on this vague concept of "what is the best" You've got three broad options: 1) stick with your Canon 1DXMKII & Canon 5DMKIV for now (and by "now" that could easily mean the next few months, or a whole year, or even longer), especially as you never even thought about video until a month ago. Certainly for someone at your stage a Canon 1DXMKII & Canon 5DMKIV is great! Take those two cameras and run as far as you can with them, you can go very far with them before you "outgrow" them! 2) prematurely jump to a "cinema camera", "the best" one even! (oh boy is that a can of worms to open up..... which is that? Sony FS5mk2? Sony FX9? UMP G2? JVC LS300? BMPCC6K? Panasonic EVA1? Panasonic VaricamLT?? etc etc ) 3) ignore #1 & #2, and go for the last (I say last, because even though you have Canon lenses, that isn't a solid reason by itself to buy a Canon! Plenty of Canon users choose something else for their video/film cameras. And as the competition gets better every year at AF and color science, then the only two remaining "reasons" to choose Canon dwindle away) option..... and buy a Canon C series camera. Which broadly speaking means: a) C100 mk1, the bargain priced option! (although spending a little more for the DPAF version is worth it, seeing as that is half the reason to buy Canon in the first place), a C100mk2.... like a mk1, but now with 60fps "slow motion"! b) C200 the ultra low budget (by Canon standards! ha) option to buy 4K (but you're forced to choose between 8bit or raw! Nothing in between) c) C300mk2/C500mk2/C700, for if you have lots of money to spend d) a dark horse option, such as C300mk1 or C500mk1 (and if you're shooting mostly/only 1080, then these aren't such a bad idea, with how dirt cheap they are on eBay now) Yes and no. Because when you're asking extremely subjective and vague questions like "which has the best 1080 image" then there are not going to be any clear cut answers.
  6. Canon cripples their cameras in weird and wonderful ways, the give with one hand, and take with the other hand. So which features specifically depends on the camera.
  7. Well I've obviously never used it (but would be keen to be a beta tester!), as they only got their working prototype literally days before IBC, and it is planned to be shipped out in 2020. However I own the original Tentacle: And I've got their latest timecode box, the Tentacle Sync E: Thus I know their products well, plus Tentacle has a very good reputation in the industry and they've been revolutionary, so I'm certainly feeling optimistic about how awesome the Tentacle Sync Track E will be! Yes, for many many ultra low budget videomakers (such as your average wedding videographer) then these will be a godsend! Plus I can see handy uses for it in a professional setting as well. I don't think I've seen a start/stop button on the Tentacle itself? Is all controlled via the app instead I think. But even if there is a button for that on the Tentacle itself, I'm sure they could come up with an override feature via the app.
  8. Just add support for FS Raw please BMD! Like Atomos has
  9. Yup, the FS7 (both mk1 and mk2) has absolutely dominated the low/mid market in the professional world. Hopefully the EVA2 will be able in both MFT and L Mount, or at least one of those two. A 1st AC does so so much more than just pull focus, they'll still have a job somewhere. A massive missed opportunity by Panasonic not to do the same with their GH5/EVA1/VaricamLT
  10. GH4? How about the ancient GH2 at 10,000 ISO....
  11. One of the (many) problems with the patent system is that the patent holder has the full power of the government behind them to enforce it, and if you think their patent is based on bullsh*t then you have a very tough, very expensive, uphill battle to be free of their patent. So if you're an extremely small and niche company such as Sonosax then it makes no sense at all to even try to fight Zaxcom just to be able to sell your product in one particular market, even if you feel their patent was granted on the most flimsy of reasons. Even Tascam, who is a much much much bigger company than Zaxcom, still saw no point in trying to fight it out with Zaxcom because their patent only impact just one product that Tascam makes, which represents but the tiniest fraction of the overall company. Is much easier for them to just tweak the design so the patent can be ignored than to fight the legal case. Seems though that one company has finally said enough is enough, and is going to battle it out, when Zaxcom picked a fight with Lectrosonics. Am sure all the other companies are just holding their breath to see how this turns out, if Lectrosonics wins, expect heaps of firmware updates overnight for all the various recording/transmitting products to be fully enabled such as from Audio Ltd and Deity.
  12. That is why the standard version of the Sonosax SX-R4+ can't be sold in the USA! And they had to make a special (read: crippled) version for the USA. Zaxcom patents/lawyers have meddled in lots of other ways too, such as with the Tascam DR10, Audio Ltd A10, or the Lectrosonics PDR, or harassing Newsshooter.com And we're holding our breath to see if Zaxcom responds legally against the new MixPre Gen 2 or the Zoom F6
  13. Would a MixPre3 help swing the decision in favor of the Nikon Z6 again? The MixPre3 would auto stop/start recording over the HDMI TC trigger. And timecode means everything would sync up in post faster than you can snap your fingers.
  14. This posts sounds like you're getting a little obsessed with seeking out "the best" image quality, and forgetting that this is but one aspect of the overall big picture. What does it matter if one camera has 1% better image quality over another if you give up a million other things? (features that might lead towards a better image in the long run... far exceeding that 1% theoretical gap) Plus there is the tricky problem of how do you even define what is "the best" (which in itself is very subjective), the best SOOC when perfectly shot? The best looking image after you've fv%ked up everything possible on the shoot day then spend a hundred hours in post trying to "save" the image? The best image under circumstances somewhere between those two extreme scenarios?
  15. Certainly in the audio world then the dual A/D converter patent by Zaxcom has been a real roadblock
  16. And yet I see this pattern repeated over and over and over again! Almost as common as people buying Canons.
  17. Wish IPS would allow you to embed videos.... anyway, they interviewed Sound Devices
  18. The best thing about the G95 is that it stopped the G85 being a current model, I am looking forward to the ebay price drops.
  19. I can't deny, I am very excited by this new product from Tentacle! I just had to talk about it (translation: "ramble on and on....")
  20. @kaylee , you took the pic at the wrong moment. A second later you'd see the plane flying in from the right..... Edit: Ehhh, maybe my comment there should be ignored! Because 9/11 jokes are just plane wrong.
  21. It definitely is my favorite to work with from the Sound Department perspective, is the friendliest of all the ARRIs Never been on set with a F35, is that F35 is a much tougher camera to work with during a shoot. While the AMIRA at a biiiiiiiiiiiig stretch it could be used by a "solo operator" Agreed, but none the less I'm glad the new Sound Devices 833 is going to be recording to TRIPLE media!
  22. Because that is a much tougher (read: EXPENSIVE!) mount to design exotic lenses for. Ditto! Although I usually think of their monopods, as that is what I have, and so does a friend. Their monopods. So strange to see a lens from them!
  23. Also handy for a wide range of E-Mount cameras?
  24. IronFilm

    Fujifilm X-A7

    Meh, I just use it as my "drinking camera", the only sluggishness with operation here is coming from the drunk operator.... Nope, it shouldn't. (other than adding in another point of failure that is)
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