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  1. As a "younger reader" I need an explanation! Otherwise my fertile imagination is providing explanations as to what you mean... Although Google saved my innocence, I think this is what you're referring to: Penn looks so young in this, what a baby face: Teller meanwhile hasn't aged a day (his voice sounds exactly the same too!): Get started early on the 8K rat race and use a 36 megapixel camera!! Nikon D800 (or Sony a7Rmk1) are now very very cheap on eBay.
  2. Heh. We kinda sort of had this just happen in New Zealand. For ages NZ did next to nothing, had a pretty minimal approach. Our Prime Minister said we didn't need to. And then BOOM, almost overnight we've basically kinda closed our borders off (NOBODY can come, not unless they want to get themselves live two weeks in isolation once they arrive) and any gathering over 500 people is banned. Either that, or a world wide macro lens test, as everybody uses the only actors they can find while under house arrest quarantine:
  3. A teeny part of me wonders "what if we should have got this disaster over and done with double quickly while we enjoyed the peak of summer time, rather than delaying the worst of it until we reach the middle of our winter?? Hmmm" I mean, I think the current approach NZ is doing is right?? But I do hope we don't look back with hindsight and realize we got the timing completely wrong!
  4. Huh? Don't be going off topic! I thought this thread was a discussion about the anti-easyrig brigade vs the easyrig fanboys?
  5. They released the FS100 a million years ago without internal NDs, but personally I couldn't imagine them doing that in 2020! Unless I'm wrong and Sony has gone even further into becoming "the next Canon" than I'd imagined.
  6. Do that now for the original Sigma lens as well for comparison. Googling to check, it seems it is "near parfocal": https://www.newsshooter.com/2016/12/04/does-the-sigma-18-35mm-f1-8-hold-focus-when-zoomed-and-could-your-lens-adapter-be-part-of-the-problem-or-solution/ Like I've been saying from the start, the chinese modding company isn't changing the optical design of the lens. Just doing window dressing of how the external body of it looks. (swapping the mount for PL, making it beefier, adding focus gears, etc)
  7. Indeed, I've never ever borrowed money to buy anything. Although Sound Mixing is by far and by far the bulk of my income currently, I've got a couple of other things I do on the side which I could survive on even if my sound work completely collapsed. (however... those are just as likely to be badly harmed by a recession as well! oh well) Yup, the local labour market is going to be flooded with a lot more people looking for work! Hopefully for them this shut down is only for a fortnight, as that is what they're claiming it is just for. Perhaps for overseas stars/crew who need to do the stand down quarantine for two weeks that just got announced by our PM? But I doubt that, production has been running along for a while now, I would have thought they'd already be here? Plus of course they say now it is "just for two weeks", but who knows what happens over the coming days, it might very well get worse and then they'll need to postpone production indefinitely.
  8. Yes, that is my point, the Cinematics 18-35 won't be either
  9. Yes, as a kiwi when I read news stories from the USA I often have moments of massive WTFery that you've got such retarded bureaucracy/wastage unlike what I get to enjoy here in New Zealand. (not that we're perfect either) For one example of many: https://reason.com/2019/08/01/occupational-licensing-is-keeping-americans-stuck-in-place/ A quarter of jobs need a license??? Wow, that just sounds like utter madness to me! Although, you always have to be vigilant that NZ doesn't go down that path of following America as well... https://offsettingbehaviour.blogspot.com/2015/02/occupational-licensing-repo-edition.html
  10. Ah I see what you mean now. Didn't think you'd be buying the Cinematic modded lenses if you're getting it in the EF version. As usually people are buying them so they can get the PL mount to use on PL cameras. Not a good reason to get them in EF mount in my opinion, they're still optically the same lenses! As Cinematics isn't changing the optical design, they're just redressing the externals of the lens.
  11. You do realize both of those lists I referred to are AMERICAN?
  12. Exactly my first thought too, glad they've finally got 4K 10bit! But disappointing it is UHD and not 4K DCI I could buy TWO Sony FS7 secondhand for the price of a new FX6
  13. Yeah.... terrible news for him. Hopefully he gets some new bookings to replace what he lost. Grab any of the many sick patients and you can save on your make up budget too!
  14. Welllllll...... diarrhea is one of the symptoms of the coronavirus!
  15. I wonder what Ebrahim Saadawi is up to? Which is unfortunately what Italy is having to do now, giving up on really sick cases which seem more likely to die so they can focus on the (relatively) healthy ish cases instead who still can live. I'm betting on Israel being first? https://www.jpost.com/HEALTH-SCIENCE/Israeli-scientists-In-three-weeks-we-will-have-coronavirus-vaccine-619101 I've got two weeks worth of canned food, just in case I need to go into quarantine. I just today had a fellow Sound Mixer here in Auckland get his upcoming 3 month long gig cancelled because BBC is cancelling all travel. On the 27th Feb I did my biggest purchase of the year: a new Lectrosonics LT Oops Going to try very hard not to do any more major purchases at all! Not until I get a better idea of how my finances will look this year, as the future is looking cloudy and uncertain. We're going to hit a coronavirus great recession for sure :-/
  16. Cruise ship passengers definitely skew a lot higher than the general population! We could treat that number as an upper bound.
  17. Got some bad news for you buddy I'm afraid! New Zealand (First Place!) ranks higher than the USA (15th) when it comes to freedom! https://www.cato.org/human-freedom-index-new Here is another different list put together by a different organisation: https://www.heritage.org/index/ranking Uh oh, sorry, New Zealand (3rd) is once again ranked ahead of the USA! (12th) Once the USA has solved their coronavirus problem, feel free to come over and visit New Zealand to enjoy some freedom 😉
  18. Maybe the trade shows will need to reinvent themselves as smaller / less grand / less pretentious events? Like they were a decade or three ago. Don't host them at expensive real estate downtown, hold it in a warehouse somewhere cheap on the outskirts.
  19. The DR range of the 4K sensor is much less than the 4.6K sensor, also is worse in low light. I'd 110% go for the 4.6K version instead. Also if you go for the Pro version, you'll be able to swap the mount between the EF and PL version. But I'd say if you're looking at the cheap price of a URSA Mini 4K then definitely EF is the way to go for you, otherwise you'd be spending much much more on the lenses than you've got the budget for. The Nikon / Canon mount isn't merely "a few hundred cheaper" (which is technically true?), but is HALF THE PRICE. And you can't shoot with just that lens, got to get the Sigma 50-100 as well. Then goes another couple of grand. And what if you want something longer / wider such as 135mm / 200mm / 14mm / 10mm?? Well there goes thousands of dollars more to get them in a PL mount! You don't really rent single lenses, you rent entire sets, which can get pricey.
  20. THIS! If people have never edited before they don't always realize the big difference between stills (you only need less than a MOMENT) vs video. (you need longer segments, to tell a story)
  21. You didn't have multiple entire countries shutting down like this over those other situations. And Italy too just had "a few" deaths, then a few dozen, then BOOM two hundred deaths in a single day. That's what happens with exponential growth. Don't be complacent now, otherwise soon it will be too late.
  22. Many of us didn't experience the brunt of it. However my partner was a teenager who lived through it in her home city, she saw first hand the worst of it. Is why she has been so very very freaked out about the coronavirus for weeks and weeks now. Even though Helen and I live "far away" in Auckland, it is only a matter of time it seems, especially if our governments and others don't react sensibly to it. It is a heck of a lot more hassle and effort for influencers/professionals/customers/media to go to dozens of events during a year rather than just go to small handful: NAB / CineGear / IBC / etc. Heck, for many people they're lucky to just go to ONE of these per year. Plus what about the really small companies? Such as Tentacle, Z Cam, or Venus Optics, just to name a few of many many of them! Next to nobody at all would go to their yearly launch events. But at NAB they can get it viewed by hundreds of even thousands of people, and get media coverage across dozens of sources. This is just plain IMPOSSIBLE for them to do by themselves!
  23. ABN? ANB? BAN? BNA?
  24. I'd send EVERYONE this! But even so, I'd be fully ready to accept that we're probably going to get back some videos in VERTICAL! Arrrgghhh Keep your expectations low, very low.
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