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  1. Image looks think, definitely not a fan..... Definitely need some kind of "Film Emulsion" to make it look imo "nicer" "Filmic". Personally I think the Blackmagic Ursa and Ursa Mini 4k for the price are delivering the nicest image, followed closely by Sony A7S II (in the right hands)
  2. Thanks, project was shot in ProRes Film Mode and colored from scratch in Resolve (No Luts used). From my experience with the camera RAW introduces more Aliasing and Moire, which is why I shoot ProRes unless I NEED the RAW workflow for color temperature or maximum dynamic range. Truth is though ProRes imo is my preferred method of using the camera as I feel the compression eliminates Moire and Aliasing by a lot compared to Raw. Dynamic Range, Richness and Color of this camera imo is amazing and no other camera in its class is even close.......
  3. Project I shot on the Pocket Camera *Disregard content (NSFW)
  4. It's no personal preference that the C100 Mark II is a much better video camera than any of this Panasonic Ones. Buy the Canon C100 Mark II and it will open new business for you, definitely the best video camera within it's price range for the work you do.
  5. Definitely not true...... A7RII is good but even the original A7s is better let alone the A7s II. In Full Frame mode A7RII and moire and aliasing, something the A7s does not. As someone who has worked with both cameras I would definitely recommend the A7s II over the A7r II.
  6. http://www.eoshd.com/2015/11/samsung-nx1-officially-dead-samsung-announce-complete-discontinuation-in-europe/ The consumers have spoken, live in that "imaginary" NX1 world if you want too............
  7. As a consumer I definitely did not like the image coming from the NX1, many others as well...... Sony A7 cameras simply took the world by storm and of course Canon is king with their excellent color science. Panasonic imo needs to seriously step it up as GH4 was a HUGE letdown in "Noise" and "Color" performance.
  8. Many films shot on "Sony" cameras, we all know this. I stated a "brand" not a specific model....
  9. Post your 2000+ iso footage...... Also I work with professional cameras, NX1 is has nothing similar to RED, SONY, ARRI, PHANTOM, etc. You perceive "digital sharpness" and mistake it for resolution/dynamic range. Personally the NX1 imo has a horrible image and I haven't seen even one good narrative done on the camera. I would rather shoot on a 5D before I pick up and use an NX1.
  10. NX1 has less dynamic range + poor iso performance. These cameras are very different, NX1 definitely has more detail, GH4 probably even more, the thing is this doesn't translate to a "nice" image..... GH4 razor sharp, which makes it look like artificial "sharpened" video that's great for News broadcast, I would say the NX1 is in the same vein as the GH4. A7 cameras by Sony are more in vein with Canon 5D's, more sharper than 5D but not as "cynical" sharp as NX1 and GH4. Personally I still like the 5D Mark III, great colors and a well accepted image everyone likes. Truth be told I worked on a
  11. Everyone has their opinion, personally the Sony A7 cameras are excellent when in the correct hands....... https://vimeo.com/137925379
  12. It's not going to happen with MFT, as a matter of fact you can't even go above 1600 ISO without getting noise. MFT at best is a max 800 iso camera which is good if you're in a studio setting but anything above that honestly simply doesn't work imo. FF cameras by technical design simply allow greater possibilities....... For the record I was one of the eary/first adopters of GH1, Hacked GH2 etc. and while they are great cameras for budget I truly believe they are much better cameras now within the $3-4k price range. Hacked 5D, A7s, A7R, Blackmagic, etc
  13. Also, unless you have the money or making that kind of money I would say the Sony FS7 (around 10K with everything) is definitely not a personal camera and structured more towards a working professional with clients. The most I would go is the Sony Fs700 around $5k as I know you could easily make money back doing corporate jobs and commercials, it's an excellent slow-motion camera as well that many clients use for music videos.
  14. Cut your losses now then if you want the GH5 (crosses fingers they go FF)
  15. No one camera does it all, but I will say this...... The Sony A7R II is an EXCELLENT stills / video camera. 40+ MP FF means you can do professional photography work which in turn will help with extra money. On the video side it does 4K in camera with FF or S35. The main advantage of the A7R II vs A7s I and II would be if you're doing photography, that 42Mp FF sensor can deliver some amazing photos. Also A7R II can use many S35 cinema glass in 4K, something the A7S cannot as 4K is only in FF. I'm editing a project rite now shot on A7R II and honestly very impressed with the image quality. N
  16. You must have never worked in the industry, from Films to Video Game development I can tell you the countless amounts of times things have been delayed so we can deliver a better product, it's very common. Now if you're doing a simple corporate video, sure no reason to delay something that doesn't have anything complex. Blackmagic isn't going to lose any clients, no camera manufacturer in the world is delivering what they will with the Ursa Mini.....
  17. We don't lose clients, that's the way things are...... You can deliver on time with an average product or off schedule with an amazing one..... NO company is doing what Blackmagic is doing/done, sit back and relax. Blackmagic has SEVERAL amazing cameras out right NOW, when their new models are ready that's when they will be in our hands. I currently am looking to buy a Micro and an Ursa Mini, till then I will shoot on an A7s......
  18. Sony A7s is definitely a great camera and you're definitely not using it to it's full potential if you feel that way. My first suggestion would be to rent some nice glass such as Zooms, Macro, etc. Canon L lenses are fine so are the Sony E lenses as well. Also you can rent a 4K recorder such as the Ninja Assassin and record 4K Pro Res that would definitely bump up your source footage. The next step up from Sony A7s would be Blackmagic Ursa which definitely has a lovely image, but be careful as you would definitely not be able to "run and gun" with the camera like you would with the Sony A7s
  19. A video game....... Also there's some really bad rolling shutter in those shots, that wobbly footage imo is one of the worst things I see in "amateur" footage.....
  20. Dynamic range looks nice, noise appears to be because of underexposure. I would definitely record slighter hotter to possibly help against this, even though we all pretty much know smaller sensor cameras usually display more noise than larger ones.
  21. The problem is you're just an "arm chair" you fill in the blank......... I've shot countless projects on all cameras and the A7s is no different, people worried about this or that and don't even work anywhere remotely close to any kind of industry..... Canon colors are fine, just like Sony, just like Red, just like etc. I truly wish this forum concentrated more on peoples work instead He Say / She Say bullshit posts........
  22. Canon, Sony or any other system for that matter can give you great results. Sony A7s shoots a log image that you an basically push it anywhere you want, you just need to know what you're doing. All "video screen grabs" shot on A7s , colored in Resolve. I posted these before, but I have to remind people it's not the tools....................
  23. It's a perfect analogy and I agree who cares....... Also the A7s has another crop mode or should I say Sony Zoom that gives you another crop similar to MFT. Can you use the 1DC EVF for video........ Sony uses mirrorless technology which will last longer (shutter count) and can adapt many more lenses via adapters than Canon. The argument of your Monitor is ludicrous, any professional and I mean ANY professional project has at any given time 2-3 monitors hooked up to a camera, with the Atomos Shogun on the A7s you're able to record 4k now. Also Sony Zeiss has 25mm F/2 , 35mm F/2 , etc. You a
  24. ​Buy this man a cigar......... Big Budget sets no need for such shallow DOF, unless done for an "artistic" reason. Shooting with no budget though in your backyard is another thing.........
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