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  1. C and D looks best to me in scene 1 (part 1). In part 2 scene 4 camera "D" looks best, it's not even close how bad the image looks in all of the other cameras.........
  2. Crop factor is NOT the problem with this camera, Dynamic Range, Noise, Iso are...... GH4 is a good aerial/drone camera or a good "cheap" camera shooting 4k for green screen work. I wouldn't use it for anything else shooting anything narrative as the dynamic range and video image lends itself too much to "broadcast" looks that isn't exactly the image I want to capture. Blackmagic has some amazing cameras coming out this year, until then I'll continue to use the Sony A7s shooting Full Frame....
  3. Movie was great and much better than most will accomplish in their life. Nothing is for everyone, but no one can deny the creative art and hard work put into the digital film, anyone who says otherwise is basically a reflection of themselves "Hater"...........
  4. Amazing Work, truly Inspirational stuff and with "limited cameras"............
  5. ​ Your math is definitely off and you're overthinking yourself for no reason. Also Blackmagic NEVER stated that the sensor used in the Micro camera was any different or upgraded in any form vs the pocket. I actually wouldn't be surprised if it was the same exact sensor or very similar with just certain features de-locked that they simply locked for the Pocket camera. Don't hold your breath for footage...........
  6. ​I would definitely suggest shooting with a more "baked" in profile. Cine V would be good, also see if you can attach a ring light to your rig as that should help tremendously with any under exposed areas you might run into. Shooing with F/2 lens and iso 1600 should give you great results, remember it is better to bump the iso in camera than to record an underexposed image. I definitely wouldn't shoot above iso 1600, but if shooting at 4k and down-resing your footage to 1080p - 720p + using a noise reduction plugin you should get some pretty good results.
  7. ​Ronin will defintley not stabilize perfectly with a GH4 and any lens, I believe Sony A7s is slightly larger (?) and I still couldn't get a perfect balance either, which is the reason the "M" version was just released. One thing you can try doing is attaching a ring light (about 10-12") around your camera so you can get some nice soft lighting wherever you point your camera to record. GH4, NX1, etc are very poor cameras in high iso, heck any Panasonic camera is. This is the main reason why people who shoot now run and gun work still use Canon but are slowing switching over to Sony a7s and ot
  8. ​Cellphone footage can look great at 2-400 iso...... My point being is A7s is perfectly clean footage up until about 6400 iso , so you simply can't compare cameras based off of asa as they are rated different. Also how are we supposed to judge colors when you have a color grade on the footage? How are we supposed to judge image resolution when you're shaking the camera around like you're having a panic attack, furthermore did you not notice whatever horrible compression you used that basically rendered the already bad footage even worst. It looks like your dog got a hold of the camera and wa
  9. ​ Lets see you test the noise at anything above 3200 iso , this thread is pointless. I hoped after your Phillip Bloom insane rant you would have hidden under a rock for good, very unfortunate that you're still here.........
  10. ​ Crappy test indeed........ How can you expect someone to judge off of shaky cam + graded footage........ Furthermore there's no need to test, NX1 and A7s are plenty sharp, the real importance now from cameras is dynamic range + iso/ low light performance.
  11. ​ Rent another camera, I simply would not use ANY Small sensor camera if I could not light my scene. This is just another reason why smaller sensor cameras are simply not god for run and gun work and why SO MANY people I know own 5D's but are slowly switching over to Sony with the A7s. Imagine having a base level of 3200 iso as your starting point with the Sony A7s, just think about that for a second...... Now to answer your question DO NOT underexpose at 1600 and if you have to shoot at 4k 3200 iso and use a de noise plugin when downscaling to 1080p.
  12. ​ FF and larger will be the normal use for professionals, always has been and will be for photography and will soon be with Video/Film, hence the reason Arri and RED have cameras now with larger sensors than S35. Now on a prosumer level the Sony A7s shoots Full Frame + Aps-C and even a Clear Zoom scale which I believe is close to MFT crop so the idea that anyone thinks a camera like the A7s is not one if not the best tool is simply because they've never sued it before. Also regarding Bokeh you can easily stop your lens down and raise the iso if you want a deeper DOF, A7s records perfectly cl
  13. Professional Film is going FF and larger while photography is as well or honestly has always been (medium format). You can still create beautiful images though with most camera's, even smaller sensor ones. The advantage from my experience of larger sensor cameras is first and foremost noise performance, wide angle and dof. While Blackmagic with their pocket/micro camera may have smaller sensors it's really the lovely dynamic range and color science that make the image look so "film like". Talking cameras is cool and fun, but honestly everyone needs to focus more on their own work with the
  14. ​You are out of your mind if you think a Canon t2i has the same resolution, frame rates dynamic range, etc as a film camera like the Arriflex 435 which was used for Star Wars Episode 1.
  15. ​Great post and I agree, but also you need to be aware that many outlets now are requiring 4k masters of your project if it's a narrative, definitely something to consider. Content will always be king and your ideas/story is what will separate you from everyone else, so I definitely agree with you on you on this.
  16. Sigma 24-105mm is actually very wide on FF cameras such as the A7s. If you're using APS-C though not so much, but Sigma 18-35mm is definitely more than wide enough for narrative work. Now you must have definitely had a bad Tokina 11-16mm version as the ones I've owned are razor sharp/flawless. So much so that Duclos even mods this lenses. Now if you want anything higher quality though you will definitely have to pay a pretty penny for something like the Canon 14mm,16-35mm etc.
  17. ​I just checked out your website, really good work and I never once thought you needed a "better" camera or any other equipment, at least not on that level...... Send me a personal message as I would like to ask you some questions, thanks
  18. ​Please come back to this discussion when you even remotely have an idea what you're talking about.......... Well over 30+ Movies released in 2014 were shot on Film http://filmmakermagazine.com/88971-39-movies-released-in-2014-shot-on-35mm/#.VUk6jVzdtDp
  19. ​Simple, you want a GH4....... or any "video camera" myself personally I prefer a much more "artistic" view. Also that video I posted was shot at night and no other camera in the world could have done that, as has been noted by several users around the world. 60p will never be the normal for movies as 24fps has been established and too many agree on the look. 60p or any other fumarate really above 24 gives it that "live" look that people will never associate with film. Sure for broadcast tv it works perfect, but film is best in 24p. That "Dream" look is what interests us so much.......
  20. ​ DB16 has a global shutter that obviously looks amazing, problem is that camera can't even shoot past iso 800........ Now regarding the Sony A7s There is simply no camera in the world (that I know of) that can outperform it in low light, not even close..... Also if you want more blur I agree to lower your shutter to 25-30 range as shown in this video which looks simply amazing.
  21. ​Way to go totally off topic, my post was relevant to the discussion...... Now let me entertain you since you obviously want some attention. A7s shoots in S-Log mode for maximum dynamic range the cost is learning how to grade the footage (I've posted pics). 5D Mark III RAW requires a RAW workflow, for those who want great colors, high bit rate and many other advantages of RAW then workflow of converting/exporting and grading files is the cost. C100 is a run and gun designed camera, built in Nd's, Xlr, EVF, long lasting batteries and countless programmable buttons + much more. These cameras are
  22. ​ Very good info and eagerly awaiting what the final version "log" will actually do for the GH4. Also Canon XC10 looks great, 4k resolution is definitely a standard when purchasing any camera as of today.
  23. ​So then you clearly are working and understand how it truly is "mate"....... As the director though I would still use a GoPro over the Blackmagic anyways, sure you don't have that much resolution but you can shoot in 4x the resolution which is huge + you still have Protune which is great for getting your colors where you want them. ​ Producers only care about #'s, If they can save $500 or more by flying on a smaller camera for aerial shots which they don't want to give you a budget for in the first place then consider yourself lucky..... Hence the reason why we use GoPros and similar cam
  24. ​ Thousands of professional videos done with GoPro, GH4, Dji cameras, thousands of Professional videos........... *With all due respect, enthusiasts seem to do too much talking and have no idea how things work in the "real" world
  25. ​For those extreme wide shots you get with Drones having higher than 1080p resolution is simply one of the most important things. Blackmagic really made a mistake by not having this camera at least be 2.5k. That's why people fly GoPro, Dji, GH4, etc
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