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  1. And many MANY people on this very forum question Full Frame look vs smaller sensors................ Smh ** Also I clearly mentioned the future was larger format films and so many disagreed....... Smh
  2. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/controller/home?O=&sku=1160237&gclid=Cj0KEQjwrJ2tBRD13N7T5u7k9I8BEiQA5APAAOeIPcKm8OpzetmU-iz7Wb7SXhewsmKkFVTiVYYsq3saAl2o8P8HAQ&Q=&m=Y&is=REG&A=details 10.5mm F/0.95
  3. ​You want Wide, Fast, then it only makes sense to go Full Frame...... It honestly make no sense to me why someone that needs Wide and something great/amazing in lowlight would not own a Full Frame camera such as the A7s or up coming A7R II.
  4. ​ Video quality looks great, to enhance your project though "next level" I would incorporate these things. *Sound Effects *Motion Graphics *Editing (at the very minimum tighting your edit, to at an extreme adding creative transitions, overlays, cuts, etc. *Camera movement, static shots look great, but so do tiilts,pans,slides,booms, etc.
  5. ​HD broadcast around the world is basically 720p.......... So yeah 4k and above is amazing, but still years away for worldwide acquisition. Now it still would be great to capture your projects in 4k so they can have a longer shelf life (Movie's, Documentary, Sports, etc.)
  6. Next time upload it to vimeo/youtube......... Without even watching the video it's more than likely the image stabilization feature in the lens you are using, turn it off and try it again. If shooting on a tripod or any for of stabilized gear make sure you turn the OIS off on your lens.
  7. ​ Buy this and never look back, only forward......... http://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/controller/home?O=&sku=1137174&gclid=Cj0KEQjwiN6sBRDK2vOO_vaRs5cBEiQAfsnJCdDmmll6CQ4gVgdSFU_P-KsrHt0qnQQDIak0NRJBedYaAhRM8P8HAQ&is=REG&A=details&Q=
  8. ​You can do everything in FCPX and Motion , you're no where near the ceiling......... NO WHERE NEAR You need to learn how to use these tools, it's not just going to do it for you. FCPX is a professional program
  9. ​Footage looks horrible......... This has nothing to do with dynamic range, you can capture something great just knowing the correct time of day to shoot. Also Blackmagic cameras with 12 stop dynamic range for video is amongst some of the best in the "prosumer" world. My suggestion if you want better footage would be to shoot "Raw" time-lapse photos where you can maximize the dynamic range of any slr camera. If you want the best in video you would have to be looking at Arri, but even still you need to know how to grade + color correct which you obviously don't have a clue.... Sometimes "
  10. This is what happens when people do not shoot (OP). That is definitely NOT any variation of Sony A7x footage.......
  11. The main problem with Rokinon lenses is they are inconsistent from lens to lens. One might be great, the other okay and then another totally horrible. The inconsistency is very bad and something you definitely need to be careful with. For $200 you can pick up a used Rokinon 85mm lens and enjoy it's great focal length and colors, my problem with the brand though is it's always a toss up and you never know. Also these lenses suffer from purple fringing and onion bokeh which is something you truly notice one you work with much better glass. On the cheap they are good and better than m
  12. Personally the F3 is an AMAZING camera , especially combined with the S-LOG update. No 4k, but excellent 1080p and beautiful 13 stop Dynamic Range with accurate skin tones/color. Honeslty I was considering the Ursa Mini as well, but I'm thinking I will go Sony F3 route as well
  13. A7s isn't expensive........ No camera in its price bracket does what it does. Now if all you want is 4k resolution with limited dynamic range and poor noise performance, well there are a couple consumer cameras for you....... Shogun just isn't for 4K, it's a professional monitor/recorder that can be used with several systems.
  14. Sony A7s has much better dynamic range and noise than GH4/NX1. Everyone generally uses a monitor with a Gimbal, Steadicam, etc. so that part makes no sense..... Any other camera system that is better will cost you much more (C100 Mark II, Sony FS7, BlackMagic URSA etc.) I did see some great deals on used Sony F3's which imo are amazing, but you obviously lose the stealth factor and you will definitely need some nice lenses.
  15. Dvxuser is a great "informative" site , but you defitnely cannot form an opinion there without being warned/banned or both. If you don't like someones project the mods encourage you to not even say anything, which imo leads to a "political" website where one can never say things the way they are. Same goes for Reduser and Bmcuser , but it all makes sense since they are more than likely owned by the same people. EosHD definitely gives you the freedom to speak and that's one of the main reason I really like this site. If my work isn't good and someone mentions it, that's good. Now if I were on D
  16. ​ Instead of speaking on something you apparently have no idea, read my post again..... When using the Sony A7s in Aps-C mode the noise is much more pronunce, especially at such high iso, if this would have been shot in Full Frame it would have looked much better....... Finally I don't care if the A7s can shoot at a million iso, you don't force the camera just "because". Some simple LED Lights off axis would have given much needed "fill" and it would have looked much better "technically". Done
  17. ​ Sony Pmw-F3L has a nicer image compared to A7s having used both camera, advantage of A7s though is of course low light, external resolution and full frame, but imo I think the Sony F3 is one of the best cameras that definitely flew under the radar.
  18. ​ Should have shot in Full Frame mode to avoid the noise/loss of quality when shooting at such high iso in APS-C mode. Full Frame mode would have looked much much better......... On to the narrative I did not like it all, had nothing to do with the camera
  19. Not a fan of the color grade, framing and burnt highlights. Also the handheld look takes away from the production value imo.
  20. ​ Looks exactly like what it is, DSLR footage...... Poor dynamic range from clipped highlights to burnt blacks and macro blocking compression everywhere ...... Great edit though from how it was captured to delivered, the weak link is definitely the quality. An Arri, Red or even Blackmagic Pocket would have been much better.
  21. 18-35mm is not a perfect lens do to focal length, weight, size. 35mm is not long enough for FF or S35 to get great portrait shots as you still run into a little distortion. You at least need a 50mm reach to get some decent portrait shots and imo a 70mm for a great sweet spot. Canons best still lenses use for video are still the 24-70mm and 70-200mm
  22. 24-105mm F/2.8 10 IRIS Blade Many thought the Sigma 18-35mm 1.8 was impossible, so you never what's possible especially when the market demand it. Realistically though on Full Frame a 24-105mm combined with a 50mm 1.8 is all I ever need for 95% of my shots. In that rare extreme case you may need something longer or something wider/faster, that's where a 24-105mm 2.8 would be the best lens ever created imo. Using an F/4 lens though on something like a Sony A7s with it's inane iso it already open a new world of possibility regardless. I literally shot F/4 around 20,000 iso and had a lot of gr
  23. ​Two stops DR would be great, but we still need a RAW option for video or at the very least a less compressed codec such as ProRes or similar.
  24. We need a 24-70mm from Sigma that can compete with Canon, Nikon, Sony
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