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  1. ​Small sensor will never have high iso performance of larger ones, never.......... GH4 is simply unusable with anything above 800 iso Fact and a damn shame honestly
  2. ​ I agree mostly, but also one thing you must not forget is C100 does not shoot 60fps Progressively, which can be something major for most. No doubt the Sony A7s is the best SLR camera within it's price range
  3. ​ This footage looks like everything I DONT want in a camera, poor dynamic range, razor sharp and ugly skin tones + color science. Compare your footage to something like this shot on a BMCC and maybe you might see something, maybe not Peace
  4. ​ You really can't say this....... RED CAMERAS are generally used on every single movie for Resolution and High Speed , so in a way they are top of the food chain for that alone. "House Of Cars" is shot on RED, the new "Dare Devil" movie as well + countless other projects. May films use Sony Cameras because a lot of them are funded by Sony.......... At the end of the day all of these cameras are great and RED is basically a new camera when compared to Sony/Arri so it takes time to fully get your feet in the door.
  5. ​That's one ugly image........ Burnt blacks, clipped whites all in Razor Sharp resolution....... NX1 reminds me of Samsung 4K cellphone footage
  6. ​ Wont let me edit original post, also I shot exclusively on GH1,2,3 and a little bit on 4 before I ditched it completely. I'm one of those "tough love" posters burt always with good intentions even if it comes off as very jagged...... In other news it looks like RED is going Full Frame http://nofilmschool.com/2015/03/red-vista-vision-full-frame-35mm-sensor-weapon-camera I simply can't go back to smaller size sensors anymore which is the reason for me posting in the first place. I may be one of the few on here, but I truly believe MFT format for video/film especially in situations where you
  7. ​Have you ever used a Sony A7s, C100, 5D.... If so you would no what you can and can't do. Ive shot projects on GH1-GH4 and all you need is that one instance where you are in that situation where you need iso 1600 and more and those cameras simply won't work. Most cameras are good with light, GH included but placed in that sticky situation is the main reason you really can't use them run and gun. * Your video you showed has a problem with color tones and balance + a lot of scenes do not match well. Furthermore I would definitely look into some proper stabilization to het some nice fluid shot
  8. ​Love the video, looks great! I haven't used the FS-700, but every video I've seen I must say I really like what people are doing with it, nice project you have there.
  9. Such a shame they didn't make a competitor to the Shogun and Odyssey7Q...... I think in this day and age I need my monitors to double up as a field recorder as well. Even the Atomos Ninja Star can record to a CF Card and give you excellent quality vs in camera compression. Honestly SmallHD imho are some of the worst non accurate monitors you can use.
  10. I don't know how anyone can be shooting a wedding without a FF camera or at least a pro APS-C one. If you make X amount of dollars shooting weddings why are you using such cheap cameras? Go FF with 5D and a couple of C100's, if not I would at least upgrade to a Sony A7s. No way in the world I could use an MFT camera and not being able to control lighting. MFT camera are simply poor in low light/high iso where it's needed for things like weddings. Don't get me wrong I've actually seen some professionally shot projects on a GH3 where the camera operator was a genius, but why even put myself th
  11. ​ ​Seems like you're contradicting yourself........ Panasonic will render Canon irrelevant, yet they sell much more...... Panasonic needs to work on their color science with their GH line, something I miss from the older Dvx. No one is going to give up their Canon Slr cameras in favor of Mft format, it's just not going to happen ever...... Canon and Nikon are top dawgs with mirrors cameras behind, even still I prefer Sony A7s and many production companies have been switching from 5D's as we all feel Sony A7s is a much superior "stock" camera. Outside of aerial work I would prefer many other
  12. ​I own an A7s and I would rather have an 5D Mark II over a GH4 or NX1. Full Frame, much better colors, no question for photography and much better in low light. The only thing "silly" is people commenting and not having used these cameras. My original post clearly stated that a 5D Mark II and a C100 would be the perfect documentary cameras within their price range. C100 looks much better than GH4 and 5D Mark II is much better in low light + dog if so desired and colors are not even close. GH4 has frame rate advantage, but outside of you using that for something specialized I simply occludent
  13. ​ Would love to see a sales chart posted on this site or anywhere available to make comments like this obsolete...... Canon is #1 in Slr camera and lens sales, period point blank fact. Sure Panasonic sold a lot more, but lets not kid ourselves Canon is still the "top dawg" and for a reason. What am most interested in though is a successor to the A7s which in turn will introduce in camera stabilization or at least lower the prices on the original A7s so I can purchase another body.
  14. ​Name me one film this year that won any type of award shot on a smart phone...... You simply don't limit your tools because you have an amazing story, you combine them both. No cheap consumer MFT Camera I would place above a C100, none. I stand firm with my suggestion as buying a 5D Mark II for that cheap which can be used for excellent pictures + very good low light shooting. If you have the money combine it with the C100 Mark II or even 1 with the auto focus upgrade. Canon has the best colors in this cheaper price range of all cameras imo as well.
  15. ​Stop spending money on toy cameras and poor suggestions from basically everyone here....... 5D MARK II is a professional photography camera which I would take over any MFT 4k or Nikon consumer dslr + it shoots excellent video in close ups to medium shots, anything wider and you will lose quality so I wouldn't suggest it, but it can be an excellent interview camera and a professional photography camera which you can use as well in your documentary. Invest money into a Canon C100 Mark II and have the best documentary camera within it's price range with professional tools that consumer camer
  16. Shot on Sony A7s, this is the best video camera in it's class the others don't even come close.........
  17. ​ All I could see was this guy's nose, definitely unflattering...... Would have used a longer lens say an 85mm mixed with a wide 12mm and never shoot that close up with someone with that kind of nose, or at least frame it differently. Introducing a nice wide shot on a smooth dolly and an 85mm for your CU shots. I don't like the way the Voigtlander (42.5mm) looks way too sharp, especially combined with the brittle image of the GH4. Main reason why for Music Video 5D is still pretty much asked for time and time again.
  18. No way in the world would I change low light and dynamic range of the Sony A7s for the NX1 which I honestly feel has horrible brittle image..... To the OP I would suggest you purchase some LUTS to use with the A7s and you will be amazed. The ONLY other camera I would switch the A7s for would be 5D MARK III shooting RAW, but if you're not ready for that workflow then keep your A7s which is simply the one if not the BEST video cameras under 5K.
  19. With 7D, 5D still being #1 sellers I just don't see this happening...... Panasonic did it because it needed to compete, Canon is still #1 and their new Cinema Camera (C100 mark II) and soon to come C300 will have that pro market covered. Now lets see what happens next month as you really never know at the end of the day.....
  20. ​Don't worry so much about the iso and look more at the exposure meter on your camera. If shooting in log overexpose by at least 1 stop, if shooting in any other profile (not log) then expose about a quarter less then proper exposure. I've shot perfectly clean 50-100k iso images and didn't really notice noise until after 100k, but up until at least 50k iso it's perfectly clean in Full Frame mode. Remember the camera can do in noise reduction, I generally think it works great as it only kicks in when it needs it. I would easily push the iso to 50k and have perfectly clean image. I shot this
  21. You could have pushed the iso much higher and not needed any neat video, you can go pretty much up to 50-100k and have a perfectly clean image as long as you are exposed properly. Plenty of light in the background there.....
  22. ​Rent a 4k recorder for your A7s and shoot in 4K (No high frame rates though). Sony A7s is simply the best camera in the world in low light, bar none. You can push the Iso levels pretty extreme, 5000 iso is like shooting very low iso on a 5D (I would guess around 640 mark) The base for Log is 3200 iso. I shot some pretty insane footage at 200K iso that was still pretty usable. To be safe I wouldn't go over 100K (generally stay up to 50k iso for excellent image quality). I've shot iso 5000 and had a perfect image as long as you have some kind of light. If you're able to bring a couple of bat
  23. Let it go dude......... Speaking your mind on those sites will easily get you banned, been there before......... All I can say is thanks to Andrew as he has a great site here Peace
  24. Oh the irony......... Better to be quite than open your mouth and show people how smart you are........ I suggest you do some research and see what is possible as of today with FCPX or any other program outside of Avid......
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