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  1. I'm more interested now in higher bit rates + compression, not so much 4k for personal use / smaller projects. I've been editing a project I did a while ago on Blackmagic Cinema Camera and I am reminded oh how well that when you have a RAW or even les compressed codec such as ProRes it simply is much better than any other compressed camera. Samsung,Panasonic,Sony should give us a RAW option for users that need the extra data or at the very least a good compressed codec such as ProRes. Blackmagic Ursa Mini is going to revolutionize the industry in this aspect...........
  2. ​No cinematographer has ever said I want a smaller sensor for deeper DOF.......... Regardless you can easily stop down to F/11 or so on a camera like Sony A7s or deeper and bump the iso to 50k if needed, name me one other camera in the world that can do that and have an acceptable image....... The Sony A7 camera can also shoot in S35 mode as well + you have 800mm FF Lenses that you can adapt as well which is more than enough for 95+ % of the people if you were to need something so extreme. The whole point that you cannot use long lenses on FF is false........
  3. ​Please show me an equivalent 11-24mm lens (FF Field of view) in MFT Format comparable to Full Frame........... You simply cannot achieve the extreme wide field of view, dof and asa of a full frame sensor in MFT format.
  4. DOF, FOV, ASA, Many people forget field of view as a main benefit of shooting Full Frame. A 24mm lens is equal to about a 12mm lens on MFT format, so basically you can achieve great wide shots in FF much easier than smaller sensor crop cameras. The benefit of having a 3200iso base in S-Log in Sony A7s allows you to attain very close to 12 stops dynamic range which is very close or as good as many other professional cameras. Personally you can own multiple cameras and use them all for many benefits. Imho though I would definitely leave the MFT format for the new Sony A7r
  5. ​ Almost as bad if not worst than the GH4 released film as well, has very little to do with the camera...........
  6. Yes, once you use a Full Frame camera it opens a new creative world simply not possible on smaller sensor...... Black magic are great/excellent cameras but outside of the Ursa they do not shoot anything above 30fps, so if you need any kind of slow-motion or 60fps in general you cannot do it on the Pocket,Cinema or Production Camera.
  7. ​ We matched C300/C500 to Alexa footage, also you're digging way too deep into this. Sure there is a difference, my man point being though you can match colors and get very close and most importantly most audiences will not notice. GoPro 4 recoding in 4k to a ProRes recorder can give you really good results. No need to argue this has been done peace ​ Video production world and Film is very different, for Films large format will be the standard (Big Budget). The New Mission Impossible movie is being filmed in 65mm and so is Star Wars Rogue as stated. Yes it cost a lot of money, but the film
  8. ​ Digital Noise/Grain looks horrible............. I've worked with top Cinematographers in the business, we've used Primes and Zooms neither makes you better or worst so your comment about zooms is 100% false. The advantage of having a 24-105mm is for run and gun purposes and being one person shooting or limited crew/time. If in the middle of a shot you need something longer/wider with a prime you have to change lenses, with a zoom you snap to your focal length. I use both and recommend both, Zooms especially those of higher quality cost much more than any Prime lens and are used in Film
  9. ​The film industry is moving towards larger sensor #Fact Inform yourself , Arri just released their Large Sensor camera which they are shooting Star Wars: Rogue One, Red with their "Weapon" Camera have also gone large format. 65-70mm film has always existed, but you can assure in the future we will continue to see this format much more even though many films which have been in production for years were shot on S35 sensor cameras. IMAX with Interstellar showed the world how amazing an image can be. Red Weapon will carry that torch ad Arri with their Large Format is going to revolutionize the
  10. ​The film industry is moving to larger sensors #Fact Also outside of S35 crop format the Samsung lacks, dynamic range and color to even be anywhere close to considered a film camera.
  11. ​Honestly with the Sony A7s you can use an F/4 lens and basically accomplish 90% of the shots you need. I would not hesitate to sell the Rokinon lenses and buy the Canon 24-105mm F/4 which you can find new for around $600-$700 and will be an all in one lens. My setup would be Canon 24-105mm and a Canon 50mm 1.8 http://www.amazon.com/Canon-24-105mm-White-Accessory-Cameras/dp/B00KGFYMK8/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1434235593&sr=8-2&keywords=Canon+24-105mm http://www.amazon.com/Canon-50mm-1-8-STM-Lens/dp/B00X8MRBCW/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1434235670&sr=1-1&
  12. ​No One who is considering buying a Sony will buy a Samsung camera...... Honestly how do you even put the two in the same class Sony A7s is a professional tool being used already in productions around the world with excellent dynamic range, asa and most importantly full frame. NO non FF camera will ever be a substitute. Same like the Samaung will NEVER cut into the Mark III sales, it just doesn't happen. 4k is great, but Canon is still the #1 seller and they don't even have that in any of their consumer/prosumer cameras. Samsung needs to work on dynamic range and asa which is more important
  13. ​100% absolute positivity this will not happen with A7s II........ At most A7s may do 120fps at 1080p, it is quite insane to even think they can get 60fps at 4k when we will be lucky to have it at 24/30.
  14. ​I would lose a lot of the random shots and focus solely on him and the temple. I also agree that having some sound effects combined with the music playing would be more interesting. Another thing I didn't like was all day time scenes, would have been great to have some "personal" low lit mood scenes, taking advantage of the amazing Sony a7s. Overall I think it's pretty good, but could definitely be edited down + add some ambient sounds and natural ones to immerse the viewer more.
  15. ​ You should convert your GoPro footage to ProRes, very bad compression artifacts letting me know you are editing off of the internal H.264. Yes this will create massive files, but it will make your footage look that much better. H.264 is NOT an editing codec even though many people make that mistake. This is one main reason why shooting on RED,ARRI,BLACK MAGIC, etc the internal codec is of much higher quality but even still 99% of the time if it's not recorded in ProRes it's god to convert to it or other similar codecs if you're in "PC" world. *Color balance looks pretty close, GoPro fo
  16. ​The only thing "rude" or Lack of respect is when someone doesn't take advice from someone who is more experienced. I speak first hand and tell you those lenses are not very good and a cheap 50mm Canon 1.8 (new model) cost less than $150 and is a much better lens than anything in the Rokinon lineup. Now since you're a "filmmaker" continue making films then I guess , but then again you want to upgrade from a 60D to a Sony A7s.........
  17. ​This, be careful though as it does ever so slightly soften the image, so make sure you shoot with really sharp focus
  18. His thread title/post....... He's worried about losing sharpness with these lenses on Sony A7s, my point being he already is losing sharpness as those lens are not sharp to begin with, especially shooting at T1.5 which those lenses should not even be rated as, as you really cannot use them until T4 and above, specially if he is using the 24mm lens which is their worst lens in the series. Honestly all of the Rokinon/Saymang lenses are very bad/poor with horrible onion bokeh, ca, purple fringing, etc.... You want to shine on the Sony A7s go and grab some Zeiss lenses like the Loxia, Batis or
  19. ​Samyang/Tokina lenses are NOT Sharp especially at T1.5.........
  20. ​Sorry to hear that in 4 years you didn't learn the basics of color correcting........ You are only further proving you have no idea what you are doing I work with all cameras from all files over the world, I can match GoPro footage shot in ProTune to an Alexa or Canon or Sony......
  21. I disagree 100% with the suggestions , A GoPro shooting at 4k will look much much better than a Hacked GH2. Not only that there are several other benefits of shooting 4k, if you have a GoPro that shoots 4k that would be my #1 choice.
  22. ​Does the NX1 offer in camera stabilization , high iso performance and an S-Log image with good Dynamic Range, that seems like more than enough reason for price and lets not talk about the befits in the "photography" department...........
  23. ​ 100% False , do a search on some images I've posted. If you understand how to color correct / grade you can push the S-LOG image anywhere you want. Learn the tools before posting false information. Canon DSLR have their color profiles baked in, you can achieve the same exact look with the A7s if you learn to read scopes......
  24. ​Personally I like different crop sensor cameras, shooting FF, S35 or even S16. The most important thing I consider in an image is dynamic range and colors, resolution not so much as long as it's 720p. Blackmagic Ursa Mini will be my next personal camera, I really don't see myself buying any new non 4k camera, 4K camera simply gives you a greta advantage when downscaling to 1080p which is something I wouldn't want to lose.
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