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  1. Holy Micro Jitters Batman.......... Dynamic range looks really poor and the Blacks look burnt....... Why such shock value thread...... Honestly looks very average and dslr like, colors are poor as well.
  2. This is the beauty of having a Sony A7s which shoots in FF as well as APS-C. FF I would choose 24mm , 50mmm and 85mm. If I need extra reach I would shoot in APS-C mode. Now for filming wildlife where you need 300-400+ lenses I would go to MFT format cameras, especially GH4 where you can do a sensor crop in 1080p and have insane long lenses. As it stands though I'm in love with FF and don't want to go back to smaller sensor cameras unless of course they are the likes of RED, ARRI, etc.
  3. ​Looks Insane, I can only imagine the beauty of Full Frame 4K......... While people are placing speedboosters on their GH4 trying to get a "cinematic" image, the Sony A7s gives you it right out of the box..... The A7s cost more, because it's a much better camera...... Also The Atomos is my choice for purchase over the 7Q sole based on media storage alone, what where they thinking........ Need to get my hands on this recorder (Atomos) ASAP
  4. ​ GH4 and the Panasonic Slr cameras are "Digital Sharp" which is very different to sharpness of an Arri....... Great work can be done on any of these cameras, GH4 requires a lot of extra work though from my experiences. Sony A7s is a much better video camera imo Peace
  5. 5D camera is a more cinematic image...... GH4 is great for Drone work, on actual people requires insane amount of color correction / grading to look even halfway decent where as Canon 5D instantly looks great. On the flip side to this I own a Sony A7s and think it is AMAZING, but I still agree that Canon simply has those beautiful colors. I'm interested in the C100 Mark II, looks like a nice step up for professional work. *GH3 was sharp and required softer settings, GH4 is much sharper in 4k therefore looks even more like video. I did only one real project that I really liked on the
  6. For some reason GH4 colors/sharpness just doesn't look right, which is the main reason I sold it and now use Blackmagic Pocket and Sony A7s for all personal projects and smaller budgets. Like I said to the op and my final discussion on this post, if you are happy with the image sour of the GH4 then just shoot and enjoy. Personally I found it too difficult to get a pleasing image so I switched to a system I am more happier with, simply my preference. I've seen some nice GH4 footage but always it's been used with Anamorphic Lenses and Speed Booster to get better separation DOF within the
  7. It's not about the MP just like it's not about the Resolution either of a camera....... If you enjoy the video look coming out of the GH4 then film away and don't worry about anything else. Peace
  8. The main problem with GH4 is the image is too "Digital Sharp" and far from organic. Using softer lenses, manual really helps to bring things back to normal. The Speedbooster on lenses Canon/Nikon look great and brings the "Cinematic" dog we're used to seeing when watching movies/shows. Now if you want a nice 30p video camera look with everything sharp and in focus which resembles something you see on your local news channel then the GH4 is an excellent camera. I've seen and done great work on GH2/3/4 but it does require the right lighting, color coring/grading etc. At the end these are
  9. I shot this scene (Video frame grab) with Sony A7s around 4:am in the morning with 1 small tungsten light (no diffusion) off to the far right which basically overexposed my right side. To the far left I had a small led light just for fill. Iso was about 2000 and aperture F/4. To do this scene on any other camera in the world I would simply need more light. Use whatever cameras you choose, my only thing is when you are able to shoot at the darkest time of the day with just 1 light a whole new level of art can be created.
  10. You can grade how you choose, any camera...... Also Sony makes some great FF cameras if you only want to use photography as well (A7R). The advantage of high iso is having something dimly lit and you being able to get the shot without flash or light blasting into anyone face. It's the difference between using 5+ lights to only having 1 or 2. It's a tool any and everyone should have for that feature alone. People who have used the A7s love it, myself included. I never shot on Sony system (dslr) and am amazed. At the end of the day this is all personal stuff (low budget) anyways as profe
  11. No way in the world you've used a Sony A7s and think the image quality in video is worst than Canon (sub 3200 iso) A7s can be bought new for $2000-2200. Much less expensive than a Mark III and C100. At the end my only point was the A7s is a great video camera that everyone should definitely look into and see why many people are happy with it. Dynamic range is excellent and iso performance is reason alone for any and everyone to own one. Just like owning a Blackmagic Pocket Camera , at the price and image quality it is simply amazing and better than any other camera in it's class (Color, C
  12. Last time I checked you can buy two A7s for the price of a C100..... Also for the price of a Mark III you can buy an A7S with a nice lens....... So if you think "price" has anything to do with this, you must be talking about yourself as those Canon cameras are much more expensive.......
  13. No but they shot all of the scenes when the Pirates board on S16 film which is obviously much more cropped......... DOP choose this for the close ups which he felt was more intimate vs S35 which the rest of the film was shot on. I have the magazine of ICG with the article. Also GH4 is not a camera I would use for a film unless I had a good budget. You can adapt some great anamorphic lenses which is the only way I would shoot a feature using that camera. For low budget stuff I would use a Blackmagic, Sony A7s. In the end though only my opinion and your story/concept will be the most imp
  14. Just because you sleep with your Cannon cameras under your pillows at night, doesn't mean you should be blind to everything..... Sony A7s has at least 10 slots for a quick menu button where you can put any setting you want. GH4 has a great touch screen + programmable buttons, so does the 5D. All the same ish, just a little different and none is better than the other. C100 doesn't do 1080p 60fps neither does 5D (stock). A very cool feature with the A7s is using Full Frame or Aps-c mode, something these Canons cannot do. No camera system is perfect and each one has it's pluses/min
  15. j.f.r.

    SLOG-2 A7S

    Looks pretty good, I would definitely look at the "Detail" setting though. Footage looks overly sharpened and from my experience knocking it down a couple of notches looks much better/natural Peace ** Just read your settings that you did indeed lower the "detail" level. Maybe it was the lens you used? What lens did you use for this project?? Thanks
  16. None of this really makes sense...... I've worked with multiple cameras over the years. Every system has it's own interface, Sony A7s is no different than any other..... If you use Sony native lenses you don't need an adapter, also even if you do use an adapter which controls your lens electronically it's the same as if it were on a native Canon body (except maybe a couple of inches bigger)...... Form factor place a grip on the camera, tripod/monopod, rig etc. I would go so far as to say it's even much better than holding a larger camera simply for things you can do with it. The p
  17. Sony A7s is here to stay....... Selling your 5D and C100 will allow you to buy to Sony A7s systems completely rigged up. Sony A7s does 60p in 1080 mode which C100 does not or 5D. With Sony you also have much better Dynamic Range + high iso. 5D is a better photo camera, but even at 12mp you can shoot some awesome pictures with the A7s. My Suggestion would be to rent the A7s (couple of hundred) and take it out a couple of days before your shoot to get comfortable and then come back to it. Many people are using Sony FS100 and A7s as an A & B camera. I would sell the C10
  18. One thing you need to be very careful with....... in Aps-c mode you will see more noise as your image is basically magnified. I shot a whole weekend and that was the first thing I noticed. I prefer FF mode as it's much cleaner than crop mode. Also I just seen the link posted and Mr. Bloom stated this as well. Quick question though, how do you make the image full screen when using hdmi out on the camera? Really miss Panasonic GH3/4 in this regard as not only image is full scale you do not lose the screen on the back of the camera like you do with the Sony A7s........ Overall tho
  19. j.f.r.

    a7S questions

    Battery life is poor, reminds me of Blackmagic Pocket (not as bad, but close) You get between 50-60mins per battery where Panasonic GH4 gives you at least 3-4hrs per battery which is very helpful in many situations. I need to look into external power options for the A7s as I did with the Pocket. Does anyone know how to go fullscreen mode while using the Hdmi to external monitor? I shot for two days with a small screen view, couldn't figure it out...... Also Sony A7s has serious problem with overexposure highlights and blue channel. Shooting S-log mode you have to overexpose by 2+ stops
  20. You sir must fear your own shadow........... OP clearly said he graded in post, were just looking for good general settings. If you have good work you don't need to "fear" anyone. Also OP acting like it's some secret magic then what's the point...... Also much respect to Bloom, Andrew and working cinematographers in the film industry (Shane) who actually share great information
  21. OP's footage looks nice, really strange he's not sharing his settings though....... Also I agree with you, that's what the community is for.
  22. What are peoples opinion on GH3 vs GH4. I feel GH4 possibly looks more like video when compared to GH3. I feel the extra sharpness of the GH4 is really something that imo doesn't look right. I would have much preferred they would have simply worked on improved iso and dynamic range. Can anyway please help me with some nice neutral settings? Everything I've tried on the GH4 looks too sharp or just lifeless + too much yellow in skin tones and then too much magenta. I'm finding it almost impossible to get the actual color I want out of the GH4
  23. Best image is Blackmagic Pocket...... Nothing coming out of a Nikon or Panasonic can even compare to the Dynamic Range + Codec which basically gives you a raw negative for you to make your footage look anyway you choose. Downside of Blackmagic is no 60fps and obviously lack of photography. Personally I think the perfect balance out of a Still/Video camera now is the Sony A7s. Very good dynamic range and FF/APS-C mode as well. Panasonic GH3/GH4 have great 60fps but their color science requires a lot of grading as the image us really too yellow out of the camera, I think Canon Dslr's
  24. I used Blackmagic camera (Pocket) for a run and gun video I shot, everything worked perfect. I had it n a shoulder rig with battery adapter and shot all day only having to change the sony battery (used to power camera) once. Dslr/Hybrid cameras will always exist for the time-lapse and photo capabilities, but DSLR footage looks really thin now after shooting for the past couple of weeks on a Balckmagic. I also edit Red footage so it just seems a little weird too me. Panasonic GH4 footage is beyond sharp, yellow skin tones and video look really drive me away. I've seen nice footage like
  25. The problem and I mean real Problem too me is you need to add Luts , Film Plugins and all kind of stuff to make Panasonic GH4 footage look good. Compared to something like Blackmagic where really right out of the box the footage looks very nice, the increased dynamic range is insane. I owned and operated a GH3 for a long time, then a GH4. Then I have been using Blackmagic cameras, I just spent the whole weekend shooting on a GH4 with Voigtlander Lenses and I must say I am really not impressed at all. Now I need to add all kind of software plugins to make the footage look less like video.
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