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  1. 20MM is definitely a focal length not needed or barely even used..... Especially not in APS-C and for FF disgustingly wide..... Now for M43 format then yes, but nothing larger. APS-C 18mm is plenty standard/wide and the next jump to 24mm and 35mm is perfect. There's a reason why Many FF shooters even shoot 35mm or 50mm and their wide lens is 24mm. Personally I don't like the 20mm focal length at all and can honestly say I would never use it, which is why you see very few prime lenses at this focal length. Even throughout all of that I still would prefer a nice zoom le
  2. Marco Polo (Netflix Series) was shot on Sony F55 and looks amazing........ http://www.sonyrumors.net/2016/03/15/marco-polo-dp-talks-hdr-and-why-its-an-important-creative-tool/
  3. No, Heck No...... RED simply has a stronger Codec which allows for a better negative. You can grade the "RAW" file pretty much anyway you want it, you just need to know how to light the image. Canon C300 is an excellent run n gun camera, documentary and for Tv Shows etc. It works perfectly, but the image is what I would say "different" vs something you would see in a film as the main camera. Personally though give me the Ursa Mini 4.6k or an FS5 with the RAW Upgrade and that would be my choice under 10k and probably all the way up to 15k. Ursa Mini 4.6k imo is simply th
  4. Resolution, Frame rate, R3D workflow...... But yeah Alexa Mini simply looks much better and I've seen several people in the industry I work in switch to the Mini. I never had the chance to work with the mini YET, but from what I've seen the footage looks so lovely, buttery smooth..... On that note I've been seeing more footage from he Ursa Mini 4.6k, and for us poor folks with a dream I think that may be my next camera real soon
  5. If you have that kind of money you are in a GREAT position as $8k for a camera is exceptionally well given todays technology. I would definitely look into the *Sony FS5 or *Blackmagic 4.6k It makes no sense to shoot a project in any lesser camera sub 1080p and limit yourself, I would definitely shoot any and everything at 4k resolution or better.
  6. One thing is not paying back a credit card company, loan office etc. due to money lack of wages etc. and another is to STEAL and DECEIVE someone of their money with no intent of repaying them back. I see two options here, jail and fines or you repay everyone back immediately and be gone forever. It doesn't matter if you have to work 2 jobs, sell things you own etc. Also the thought of you not paying anyone back is really beyond amazing, especially when you stole form them. They have a place for people like you and it's called Jail, I would not hesitate to give you 6 months in jail
  7. I'm really big on 4k, but truth is C100 Mark II has a 4k sensor that simply downsizes to 1080p in camera and has beautiful quality. C100 Mark II recently dropped as most people are aware and I think it's as of today one of the better options http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/search?Ntt=c100+mark+II&N=0&InitialSearch=yes&sts=ma&Top+Nav-Search=
  8. Honestly looks beautiful, but personally as of today I would never spend that kind of time...... Main reason I stopped editing and focused on other ways to generate income. Used to be a full time editor the past 4-5 years, but in a way just got burned out so I know when I see a quality piece and then all of the sleepless nights comes back to me........ So yeah, working a Federal job now but things like this do inspire me and maybe one day I may return as I honestly LOVE the final project. Inspiring and think you for doing this!
  9. Footage looks "Next Level" definitely gratulations on what you achieved here, some if not the BEST footage I have seen in the past couple of years. Quality looks Insane, like near perfection........ I got tired just thinking of the amount on INSANE work that went into this, congratulations on your achievement and you should receive every award for it. Bravo 9.9 out of 10!!!!!
  10. If you think a GH4 is the Same as a Blackmagic 4K camera you need to take a look in the mirror "Buddy"...... I mean why even release and manufacturer better cameras when obviously there's no point. A compressed codec, bitrate 8 bit color profile is the same or better than a Raw image....... Peace
  11. No one is offering a better camera, most myself included is offering the best camera. Ursa Mini 4.6k with Battery is definitely manageable and not big at all. No way in the world would I buy a 1080p camera today with 4k pretty much being needed from every producer doing projects. You buy that C100 and need to deliver 4k you just bought an expensive paper weight.....
  12. You just don't get it,You ask for help, get help and still make your own conclusion........ Go and buy a GH4 and shoot your project on it or while you're at it I believe you can get a Canon t2i for around $200-$400
  13. This post makes no sense to me....... Who in their right/left mind would choose a GH4 over a 4k Blackmagic Camera. Compression and Color Science alone is leagues above what a GH4 is even technically even possible to achieve, honestly it makes no sense....... GH4 records to heavily compressed codec, Blackmagic 4k camera does ProRes or Raw at 4k like honestly it's not even close..... GH4 i used more for corporate long interviews where you need a lot of footage and descent quality. Blackmagic is basically the best quality you can get for the price, I would NEVER shoot on a GH4 having
  14. 100% buy an Ursa Mini 4.6k. imo it's probably the best camera ever released. Having used RED EPIC and URSA MINI 4.6k, I would choose Ursa Mini 4.6k. Better highlight and amazing ProRes codec. Red Epic is an excellent camera but requires more light (controlled situations) and the highlight roll off is nasty, clips much easier. Now the Red Dragon is another beast, hands down better camera than the Ursa, but also much more expensive. Ursa Mini 4.6k is probably one of the best video cameras I have ever seen, Amazing. If using for Music Video I would definitely buy that over the
  15. SONY F3 is an amazing camera, this video I edited and worked on was shot on Sony F3, love the image imo much better than consumer cameras, it's a pro camera but obviously older now when compared to other Sony pro cameras
  16. Post really is contradicting itself, not important but yes it's nice to have. but yeah you should learn to expose without it... lol Truth is YES it's important and VERY IMPORTANT as stated, but more importantly it's important because it allows you to nail exposure correctly with almost perfect accuracy. Just like a DP would use a light meter, hand, etc. Technology has advanced and if starting new today then use ALL of the tools created to make your shooting experience easier and more enjoyable. Having used waveform monitors it's like almost shooting blind when I don't have one now
  17. Reading your post it says that you are getting noise because it's an 8 bit camera, then you also say it would happen in 10 bit, but actually that has really NOTHING to do with it. You are getting noise, macro block, artifacts because you underexposing the image, really has nothing to do with the color depth. Main reason why that whole 8 bit thing is bullshit. 8 Bit is really more about color information and depth, main reason why a properly exposed image from RED EPIC, ARRI, BLACKMAGIC look so much different than 8 bit color space. But yeah, I'm not a technician so there's definite
  18. People KILL ME with this 8bit BULLSHIT! I just shot a project on RED EPIC where we under exposed the scene and it was FILLED with all of this so called "8bit" noise, macro blocks, etc. Truth is the truth and please stop reading this BULLSHIT! YES an 8 nit image can/will fall apart if not exposed properly and pushed in a grade, but so will a 12-16bit etc camera as well. The TRUTH is you NEED to properly expose your image and you can eliminate more than 90% if not all of the gradients.noise,etc found in all of these cameras.
  19. I 100% absolutely feel you would get new clients with either the C100 Mark II or Ursa Mini 4.6k. You can easily do interviews, documentaries and weddings with the C100 Mark II. Many people do not like DSLR's being used and prefer professional cameras which the C100 Mark II is. The Ursa Mini 4.6K imo is a specialty camera where you definitely can get work doing Music Videos, Events or even small short film projects and commercials, just need to build up your reel and people will DEFINITELY note the quality. With lesser cameras like NX1, GH4, etc. People from my experienc
  20. On the cheap side buy a Blackmagic Micro Camera, only problem is you NEED a monitor. Other options would be C100 mark II, but unless you are doing this professional or want to then such a large purchase imo doesn't make sense. Other options are Sony A7s which you can find for about $1500-1800, which would introduce descent dynamic range 11.5-12 and offer excellent low light capabilities.
  21. C100 Mark II and forget all of the other lower cost photo cameras....... It's a professional known tool where Canon has done all of the marketing for you. Sure an NX1 and GH4 (similar) can put out a nice image for the price, but realistically especially when forming a business you should definitely be as good or better than the current industry in gear, production, cost, total package, etc. Also owning a C100 will allow you to do other more professional jobs by marketing to an entire different set of clientele. Commercials, Documentaries and of course like you mentioned
  22. @com21 Let me let you in on a little secret........ Any and I mean ANY video camera,film camera, photo camera ANY will show noise if underexposed. Realistically you could have EASILY shot all of those scenes at iso 12800 - 25600and have had a PERFECTLY CLEAN image. 3200 iso being the basis you severely underexposed your image on an amazingly powerful low light monster camera. Shoot that same scene around 12800-25600 and prepared to be AMAZED. Also I still recommend shooting in SLOG in dark scenes when raising the is so much as the highlights will blowout if you do not shoot in SLOG and r
  23. I really really like this and thought it was captured beautifully! Also to anyone saying something is or isn't is 100% wrong. This project tells a story , a beautiful one and organic , much much better than 90% of so many garbage based performance videos. It's so easy to record someone singing to the camera in multiple setups......... Tell a story without that luxury. Great piece truly truly loved it!
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