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  1. Personally I think it would be best to take a step back, and just organizize the whole thing. If you haven't shot a movie, why do it yourself if there are plenty of people better at it who will do it for you? Same thing goes for writing, cinematography, directing,editing, promotion,etc...

    It's much more fun to get people who know the thing together than drowning in a ego trip.

    You just show up with the gfx 100,the speedbooster and the old hasselblad lineup.

  2. I have a phase one p45+. This back is CCD but very old, it has a Kodak sensor and it's not that great in terms of DR, BUT compared to CMOS, I enjoy the shadows even if they are noisy. With modern CMOS there is a lot to recover from shadows, but it looks horrible, wrong, desaturated colors, with the p45+ it goes noisy but the color still look right. I guess if you pixel peep or do some measurments the DR will be better on the CMOS, but watched from a distance, the image as a whole looks better on the CCD to me. Not to speak about colors, but I believe this is because of the bayer filter strength.

    I think the reason to go for cmos was because it's cheaper and consumes less energy.

  3. 12 hours ago, Andrew Reid said:

    You have an anamorphic that covers open gate medium format?!

    The iscorama 54 is a good canditate.

    Still waiting on the speedbooster + hasselblad lenses review.

    Btw, Hasselblad stuff has skyrocket in the last year... no more bargains...

  4. Remember the hype about the first Fullframe digital cameras? In 2004 you could buy a phase one p25 with a respectable 48x36sensor or leaf equivalents with colors that make canon cmos look amateur. The price difference wasn't that high in the beginning until the 5d came along, but if you compare the hype... 

    Still today, if I have to choose shooting with a modern CMOS or an old MF I would only use the CMOS if I needed fast AF and/or Iso above 200. That's some value for a digital product.

  5. For anything that demands high quality MF will be standard when cameras get good enough for video, the fuji is clearly almost there. This doesn't mean you can't shoot s35, m43 or FF, but when you want to go for the ultimate image it's the simplest thing to go with MF. If there were a 4x5 camera with good specs people would use that one for high quality. The larger the format, the larger the quaility, no matter how good your s35 lenses are they will never give the depth a large format camera can give.

  6. Hasselblad launched a speedbooster for their X1D system which helps to adapt existing H mount lenses to the X1D lens mount with incorporated optics to reduce the cropfactor 0.8x

    The result is a virtual sensor 1.5x bigger than fullframe, or as big as a 645 medium format frame.

    https://www.hasselblad.com/x-system-accessories/xh-converter-0-8/?utm_source=Instagram&utm_medium=Social&utm_campaign=XH Converter

    It costs €959.00 tax included.

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