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  1. How did you get the second element (inside one) out? I can't seem to get it to come loose.
  2. 3:2 works well for 1.5x anamorphic
  3. No mention of IBIS in the press at all, I don't see why getting this over the S1
  4. https://www.ebay.com/itm/153490430678 86mm thread, a perfect fit for HCDNA, strength of +0.75, +1.25. Ship to USA only.
  5. what is the front size of this scope, can you put a single focus solution on it?
  6. I'm more exciting about their Full Frame camera
  7. I used AF wit the FE28-70mm on the A6500 (full coverage with the 40-compact), it works well most of the time but not always especially at close focus and longer focal length
  8. Yes I'm thinking about getting the Ipad pro as well since its benchmarks out perform the macbook pro !
  9. again that source on weibo just post rumors, yes she might work for the seminconductor industry but the most she can do is read spec sheets which has nothing to do with product planning from Sony
  10. that weibo handle borders on parody, i wouldn't trust any of it
  11. Honestly, I don't mind 2:1 aspect ratio given how most smartphone are 18:9 now.
  12. apparently a high end Sony APSC is coming at photokina too likely using the same sensor that allows 4k60, guess it will be priced at a higher tier than the a6500
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