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    andrgl reacted to Andrew Reid in Complete list of 4K cameras for filmmakers   
    We can leave off crap from the list, no point adding some of the lame ones.
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    andrgl reacted to Trek of Joy in Z Cam E2 Series: price drops across the board! (Z CAM E2-M4 is only US$1,499)   
    WOW! The M4 is the swiss army knife of E2's - and I love how aggressive the Zcam team is adding features and options. They have the E-ND mount, m43, EF and so on - plus they're introducing their own speedbooster. At $1500 this is seriously tempting.

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    andrgl reacted to IronFilm in Z Cam E2 Series: price drops across the board! (Z CAM E2-M4 is only US$1,499)   
    Z CAM E2-M4 @USD1,499
    - Basically same as Z CAM E2 but without sync feature.
    - Exterior design same as Z CAM E2 Flagship Series.
    - Interchangeable MFT lens mount in standard package.
    - Optional interchangeable EF, PL and M mount.
    - Shipment will start first week of June.
    Z CAM E2
    - the only model that supports multi-cam sync feature.
    - Price USD1,999 remains unchanged.
    Z CAM E2-S6
    - Price changed from USD2,995 to USD2,499
    Z CAM E2-F6
    - Price changed from USD4,995 to USD3,999
    All Z CAM E2 series will soon support direct RTMP, RTMPS and SRT live streaming, including but not limited to Facebook and YouTube, without going through a computer.

    With that price drop, I think the Z Cam E2 M4 is now more appealing than the BMPCC4K which is now only marginally cheaper. 
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    andrgl got a reaction from Matt James Smith ? in I really like the look of 360 degree shutter. Anyone else?   
    There's a few big budget movies that have used a 360° shutter, Public Enemies comes to mind:
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    andrgl reacted to BTM_Pix in Z Cam E2 Series: price drops across the board! (Z CAM E2-M4 is only US$1,499)   
    The free Resolve license is another factor in favour of the P4K.
    Would be nice to have the option of the P4K being in that form factor though.
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    andrgl reacted to IronFilm in Fave EOSHD forum threads   
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    andrgl reacted to KnightsFan in Z-CAM E2 Sticky Thread   
    The new firmware (v0.95) enables ProRes RAW over HDMI to Atomos recorders on all E2 models. This includes the $800 E2c. This means that the E2 series now has not one, but two different Raw formats.
    I'm sort of surprised the Z Cam is still barely talked about here. It checks a lot of boxes that people complain about with the P4K. The entire series now has H.264, H.265, ProRes, ZRAW, and ProRes RAW recording capabilities, plus incredible frame rate options at full sensor width on the E2, multiple crop options and aspect ratios, low rolling shutter, long battery life, and incredible build quality. I recently got one, though probably won't have any projects to use it on for a few months.
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    andrgl reacted to ktfright in Z-CAM E2 Sticky Thread   
    Just an update on my current setup. I really want a sigma 18-35 f/1.8

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    andrgl reacted to BrooklynDan in Cooke factory tour 2020 by Jon Fauer   
    I played with Xtal Express and Technovision Cookes at my previous job. They have nothing in common with the new Cooke Anamorphics. The Cookes have pin-cushion distortion. The vertical lines bend inward. The older lenses have classic barrel distortion. Also, they were converted from spherical lenses, whereas the modern Cooke Anamorphics are purpose-built. And some of the cylinders are rotated 90 degrees which stretches the image out vertically, in addition to it being squeezed horizontally. They are also fairly consistent from focal length to focal length and color matched. JDCs were notoriously inconsistent.

    Top one is Zeiss SS. Bottom one is Speed Panchro.
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    andrgl reacted to Andrew Reid in Anamorphic on medium format   
    Some shots from the Baby Hypergonar on GFX 100
    The trick here is apparently to use a lens with a rear element as small as your thumb.
    On a sensor the size of the albert hall.
    Light works in mysterious ways.

  11. Haha
    andrgl reacted to BTM_Pix in RED Komodo   
    Stormtrooper price ?
    At the risk of sounding like this guy, what on earth is a stormtrooper price ?

  12. Haha
    andrgl reacted to majoraxis in RED Komodo   
    Good for RED.  It is about time they delivered an affordable product... I'm still mad that they did not deliver 3k for $3k as promised.  I hope RED will deliver 6k for $6k.
    Anyways, I thought the SNL Brad Pitt monologue looked nice, so I imagine it will be some people's A camera.
    I am guessing it will be back ordered, then RED will have supply chain issues, then RED will decide they can no longer afford to sell it for $6k due to the supply chain issues, so they will decide to stop selling it all together once it starts eating into the higher end product line sales.  That said, I am hoping I am wrong... but I am not holding my breath...
    Here's the original RED Scarlet 3k footage and then they never release the camera... as they said they wanted to focus on being a high in camera manufacturer... well this footage looked highend to me... (except for the pre-release price of 3k). They could have sold it for $9k, but still not enough money for them apparently...
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    andrgl reacted to IronFilm in FX9 stabilization   
    I remember their promotional material for their first ever URSA promised locational and gyro data to be built into it, for post production work. Never happened, but clearly this is a feature Blackmagic Design has thought about already 
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    andrgl reacted to androidlad in Fuji X-H2 - They can't decide whether to cancel it... Or?   
    Corporate BS.
    They wanted to put a new sensor in X-H2 but Sony Semicon, which is their "boss", is dragging them down.
    Regarding X-T3 firmware, the code is easily transferable from X-T4 due to the same hardware (apart from IBIS). What they are really considering is how they should do it/which features to drop so they don't hurt X-T4 sale.
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    andrgl reacted to Oliver Daniel in Tell us about you, and your camera journey   
    1. Show us a picture of your current most used camera and lens
    EVA1 and Sigma 18-35mm. 
    2. Tell us a few facts about yourself!
    As a child, I was haunted by a ghost called Linford Pickle. 😂
    I come from a family of artists and musicians.
    I was forced to go to church then realised it was all bollocks. 
    My first ever video was called "Demon Boy". It was shite. 
    I'm scared of baked beans and peas.
    I've starred in 2 televised music videos, once as the lead. 
    I've got eczema and I hate it. 
    I have 2 daughters. 
    3. What's your favourite music, favourite sport / team, other hobbies
    Manchester United - although I've got very disinterested in sport for the past few years. 
    Music - As a teen was obsessed with Radiohead and Muse. Now I'll listen form anything from jazz to classical to synth-pop. 
    Other hobbies - nothing. Filming and being a Dad takes up EVERYTHING. 
    4. What your hopes are for the future of EOSHD, what would you like me to cover - and the camera you are looking forward to most?
    Do more episodic video stuff. 
    Do less on cameras and more on lighting! More interesting. 
    Cover vintage lenses and weird shit that they do. Modified lenses. 
    RED Komodo looks neat. Canon R5 and 6 I hope will live up to hype. 
    5. Tell me what you miss about your country and home town when you are not there
    Seeing people. Working with artists. My family. Having a pint and a laugh. Making shit. 
    6. The year you first started reading EOSHD
    I knew barely anything. Got a Canon 60d DSLR and started reading all this "complex" stuff people said like "10 bit 422". Read it over and over until I understood. Liked the way EOSHD focused on experimental stuff, cheap cameras and weird as fuck lenses. Think it was GH2 time. 
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    andrgl reacted to Mako Sports in Tell us about you, and your camera journey   
    1. FS5 w/100 - 400 G master. Sometimes I'll run a 70 210 f4 FD or a 70-300 FD.
    2. I eat, sleep, and breath, the sport of lacrosse. I hate video but I love color grading. College Sophomore. 
    3. I like rap/hip hop mostly but I listen to some 80s style synth occasionally. The breakfast Club and Top Gun are my favorite movies. 
    4. Please cover more lenses both vintage and modern, id like to see some stuff about the SLR magic primes and Zeiss CP.3s. Since ima Sony Fan boy A7siii or FX6.
    5. Sweet Tea (if your from the South East US, you know what I'm talking about.)
    6. I believe 2018. 

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    andrgl reacted to Mako Sports in My experience upgrading to Sony FS5 or FS5ii in 2020   
    I totally forgot that Slog 3 exists due to the fact I'm used to running 8 bit cameras. But I've been testing it the last few days and am super impressed with how easily it grades.
    I made an Slog 3 LC 709 conversion lut for grading. I expose my Slog 3 on the Sony FS5 at 1.5 stops over. With Bright at 77 IRE - You can use a conjunction of AE shift and the variable ND filter set to auto to make exposing really easy. 
    Only thing bad about Slog 3 is that its a bitch when trying to monitor. Its like comparing Slog 2 vs Cine 4. It's VERY flat which makes it hard to check focus. 
    Conversion Lut - https://www.dropbox.com/s/6yrozb1z5olhez9/Slog3 LC 709 Correction.cube?dl=0 
    Just use a creative lut after you apply this one and with some minor exposure tweaking you should be good. (You will probably need to lower the Luts intensity) 

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    andrgl reacted to heart0less in Skateboarding empty LA streets during the pandemic lockdown   
    It was shot in 2014, actually. 
    And involved meticulous visual effects to clear out the streets, even though most of the shots were taken during lazy periods. 
    Nevertheless, it's a great video. 
    One of the most cinematic skateboarding shorts I've ever seen - well thought out, subtle and very pleasing to look at. 
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    andrgl reacted to baker21 in My experience upgrading to Sony FS5 or FS5ii in 2020   
    Hey guys,
    I wanted to let everyone know my experience so far after upgrading to a Sony FS5 in 2020. With all the camera options out there is the FS5 and FS5ii still worth it in 2020?
    With all the options out there is the FS5 right for you?  Comes down to your needs but for me it checked all my boxes.
    FS5 is light and portable and can be rigged.up to fly on modern gimbals easily.  It also can be shoulder mounted with help of 3rd party accessories,  I recommend smallrig bc of versatility and build quality, and price.
    Coming from A7riii the learning curve and all the buttons on side looked daunting. But I suggest getting Doug Jensens course masterclass FS5 off vimeo which took me through step by step to learn camera inside out. Plus also get his vortex media PP for straight out of camera shots. Sooc.
    After learning the camera and the PP and slog2, you shoot over exposed in slog so you set your zebras and your good to go.
    What unleashes the power of this camera is the RAW sdi output. The FS5 has 3x firmware paid upgrades. 1. Raw, 2. HFR 3. MPEG codec. Each are $500. With these upgrades installed the FS5 becomes a FS5ii, minus PP1. Which on m2 has different color science on pp1, but when you shoot slog 2 and raw or any other PP above 7, then the RAW out thru SDI is all the same.
    To unleash this power you must purchase the atomos shogun inferno which I did. This gives you ability to do prores raw 12 bit to an ssd. The cost of ssd have come down and 500gb cost $65. Spots as affordable medium.
    The reason I chose the FS5 vs a BMPCC 4k or 6k , or canon c200. Or eva1 or ursa cane down to a few reasons.
    1. Price - most bang for your buck
    2. Auto ND filter - is a game changer. Best thing ever.
    3. IQ - with external recorder 12 bit prores raw is powerful
    4.  Versatility , I can go from tripod, to shoulder mount, to monopod, to gimbal
    5. Battery Life,  I can use BPU60 batteries to power both the FS5 and Shogun 7in at the same time and get about 2 hrs of juice.
    6. E mount - I am already invested heavily in E mount glass so that played a role.
    7. Speedbooster to get FF look. I can use a speedbooster to get that FF dof with any EF glass.
    8. Centerscan - allows the use of my vtg som. Berthiot and bell and howell vtg lenses for video with no vignette. Also use clear image zoom in 4k mode to 1.5 zoom. No vignettes.
    9. Slow motion - 2k 240fps continuous prores raw. HFR - 4k 120p 7 sec burst.
    10.  Professional and Outputs.  XLR audio inputs and SDI outputs are professional grade. Multiple inputs for professional sound. And professional SDI output which is night and day  better vs consumer HDMI..
    For my situation and needs, the auto ND is only offered through Sony.  The auto ND has changed everything.  It allows you to shoot w an extra parameter that auto adjusts on fly realtime. No other camera offers Auto ND.
    Its amazing.. truly amazing..
    As for anyone who says sony color science is awful. Blah blah blah.. yes if you shoot naked in pp1 or pp2 default.  But you can make changes in paint menu and use Eos HD pp or Vortex media  pp if you need a baked in shot.
    But if you got an atomos your gonna be shooting slog2 or slog2 and sony has technical luts to get the images right there w lil work in post. If you are efficient and just have a little knowledge in resolve you can make your image quality match any other camera on list above.
    If you are looking to buy Sony FS7 or FS5 now is the time with finding amazing deals online. Remember FS5 is same as FS5ii if it has the upgrades. Minus pp1. Which m2 has a better color science baked in for just pp1. But slog2 and slog2 and raw out all have same look. After all it's the same sensor.
    My experience has been pretty amazing so far. With release of fx9 and soon to be fx6. Prices will drop even farther. If your invested in sonys eco system maybe it's right for you.  if your invested in Canon EF glass the fs5 allows you to use a speedbooster to turn camera into FF and gain an extra stop if light. Pretty kool.
    What this camera is NOT...
    1. It's not the low light king. If u want low light use a A7sii or A7riii w BSI sensors or use new FX9 or FX6 when it drops.
    2. Real cinema cameras dont have AF. But that's about to change. Get FX9 for eye AF if invested in E mount glass. If you got EF glass the c200 has Dual pixel AF and so does the C100 new. Version though no 4k in the c100. Also I'm told the c200 build quality is very thin cheap plastic, though I have no experience.
    Ultimately at the end of the day, the Atomos  Shogun unlocks full potential of the FS5 and delivers prores raw to the masses in 4k DCI 12 bit raw. The newest $11k at the moment can only do UHD.
    As for prores raw workflows, at this time Mar 2020. Prores raw is on FCPx on mac. Windows users will need assimilate scratch 9.1 to be able to transcode on windows.
    Avid media composer and premiere pro both stated in Sept 2019 they will build in natively prores raw support. I know Adobe is still working on it and not available yet as if March 2020, and avid media composer I do not know if its available yet.
    I can confirm 100% assimilate scratch9.1 works with prores raw on windows and you can transcode from there.
    Da Vinci resolve does not allow prores raw but they may allow prores? I dont know I will have to 2x check that or have some1 more knowledge comment.
    Once its released thru adobe pp and avid that will cement prores raw for years to come as a raw format .
    I have only had my new camera for a few weeks but I have been tickled pink with the IQ and looks I'm getting not to mention the price I was able to get it for.  The camera is a workhorse so far.  Its gone above and beyond my expectations.  I will continue to update my experiences but dont think bc its 5 yrs old it's not able to get the job done. With the prores raw 12bit sdi out, I would put that IQ against anything out there. If u need FF get a speedbooster and use EF glass.  The prices have dropped on FS5 and FS7 but these guys hold their own even to the newest latest and greatest.
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    andrgl reacted to newfoundmass in Sony FX6 specs leaked   
    Yikes, not even 4K60p?!
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    andrgl reacted to ntblowz in Sony FX6 specs leaked   
    4k30p for $7000 is way overpriced, now waiting for the new Canon C camera which also announcing soon
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    andrgl reacted to Geoff CB in NAB 2020 is CANCELLED!! What now?   
    They are just going to delay them. People are not going to be frivolously spending so why announce? 
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    andrgl reacted to Mako Sports in Selling FS5 to get a BMPCC4K?   
    I  bought my fs5 from a friend for only $2k. At first I didn't like it but it started to grow on me. The heavier body is better for handheld work, the grip is awesome, SDI, xlr inputs with great pre amps and the varible ND filter makes life easier.
    I only shoot sports and have come to love the end trigger/end trigger half function, when I come home from a shoot, i'm only culling the highlights I recorded. No excess clips which saves hours in the editing process. 
    I'm hoping the next FX6/FX3? has better low light performance and autofocus. 99% of the time I'd rather use a video camera than a photo style body like my A7iii for video.


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    andrgl reacted to thebrothersthre3 in Selling FS5 to get a BMPCC4K?   
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    andrgl reacted to Geoff CB in Blackmagic refreshes their Video Assist line   
    So after using this recorder a bit I can safely say I am not happy with using it in a professional environment.
    1) You cannot have a LUT applied out of the HDMI or the SDI. Which is absolutely INSANE and a pain in the ass in a live event environment if your trying to match the look to another camera. This feature is on all of their camera's but not their recorder?!?

    2) Viewing aids do not come up easily, you need to go through the menu every time you want to ad or remove a focus or exposure aid. They are completely impossible to use quickly.
    Given these issues, I might be looking at selling it, I'm kinda pissed I didn't catch these issues until after my return window has passed.  
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