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    andrgl reacted to DBounce in Z-CAM quietly announce 8k and 6k FULL FRAME cameras - no joke!   
    @zerocool22 I watched it on my smartphone so I missed the detail. I'm going to rewatch on my LG Oled TV. 
    Ok, now that I have viewed the footage on my HDR 4k TV, we'll it's not great. I think it's not ready for prime time. 
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    andrgl reacted to Ed_David in You can now get an Arri Alexa for £4900   
    in the states, you can rent it for around $300 a day on sharegrid and kitsplit - but I don't know the demand for it, but I think it's probably fairly good, especially wtih an odyssey for arriraw.
    But as a former owner of a sony f65 - having a big giant heavy power-hungry camera with a slow boot up time definitely limits creative choices that you can get with a smaller camera.  You can't fly on a gimbal or steadicam as easily you can put it in a car or other tight spaces, you can handhold for as long.
    But still, yea that alexa has some great skintones, and so easily.
    still though, an ursa mini pro with a custom olpf filter or  red scarlet maybe more useful at that price range
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    andrgl got a reaction from kaylee in Is 4K Worth The Tradeoff?   
    Seinfeld was shot on film and looks awesome remastered.
    If you're watching a 16:9 HD version, you're actually seeing parts of the frame that were originally matted out!
    NSFW example.
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    andrgl got a reaction from Django in Is 4K Worth The Tradeoff?   
    Seinfeld was shot on film and looks awesome remastered.
    If you're watching a 16:9 HD version, you're actually seeing parts of the frame that were originally matted out!
    NSFW example.
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    andrgl got a reaction from Kisaha in Is 4K Worth The Tradeoff?   
    Seinfeld was shot on film and looks awesome remastered.
    If you're watching a 16:9 HD version, you're actually seeing parts of the frame that were originally matted out!
    NSFW example.
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    andrgl reacted to Kisaha in Is 4K Worth The Tradeoff?   
    Our monitors literally are inches away from us though..
    For me, the big difference is the HDR, not so much the resolution. I think OLED makes such a huge difference to all that; human eyes can adapt to darkness (except GOT!) but they can not stand too much brightness, so the absolute black is more valuable to higher brightness technology.
    Also, have you people noticed how bad the 80s and 90s and even early 00s, series look right now? They are almost difficult to follow, while the 60s and 70s remastered from film look stunning!
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    andrgl got a reaction from webrunner5 in Davinci Resolve 16   
    Yes it does.
    Windows is missing the codec, you can get it free from Microsoft here:
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    andrgl reacted to IronFilm in Z Cam E2 Cinematic Camera is US$33,880!   
    Very very much sounds like they're using a Z Cam E2 inside it! 😉

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    andrgl reacted to Adam Kuźniar in Where Is The MFT Cinema Camera? (Or Fuji X)   
    You guys know that "cinema camera" doesn't mean it can only shoot for cinema? You can also make weddings, ads, youtube videos and more with it. And for these scenarios IBIS is super useful. 
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    andrgl reacted to webrunner5 in Where Is The MFT Cinema Camera? (Or Fuji X)   
    You really can't totally turn it off, it still floats, that is why they came out with the GH5s. I think the Z6, Z7 has a way to lock the IBIS mechanism to help it a bit though.
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    andrgl reacted to Geoff CB in Davinci Resolve 16   
    I certainly have. Also got an email from them about dropping the price for me if I renewed. I'm not going back. 
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    andrgl reacted to Andrew Reid in DPReview BANS links to EOSHD!!   
    Barney Britton has responded to say he is now consigning all my emails to his spam folder and breaking off communications.
    If he won't remove the ban on EOSHD at DPReview, then Amazon will.
    And I sent him this:
    It isn’t a closed matter or a case for the spam folder for me. I will be taking things to Amazon, putting in a complaint with them about the negative impression your forum ban is creating for EOSHD, the censorship of your own users and the damage it has caused to the reputation of my site. No doubt I will be pointing out the history of copyright infringement and slander on your forum to them as well, because I have screenshots of posts that were left up for months before being deleted.
    As well as the inconvenience the forum URL ban places on your users (and Amazon’s customers), it means that Google is picking up EOSHD related topics and discussions on your forum, placing these above the original topics on EOSHD and they are all orphaned without a link to the source, damaging the SEO ranking of my site and causing material harm to my income.
    The forum ban has been in place for how many years now - 3? 4?
    You have over several years wound me up to such an extent that you’ve created a negative impression with other staff at DPReview such as with Scott, Chris and Jordan, as well as your forum users. It’s an absolute disgrace. I didn’t have a problem with anyone else at DPReview apart from you and Shawn. Gannon makes a string of idiotic mistakes, but you’re persistently insidious. 
    Think about that next time you have the cheek to ask me to seek to edit my opinions on my own forum.
    At least I managed to refrain from calling him a cock-womble this time.
    Time to turn my focus to Amazon, after all they are the real boss. It is time for Amazon to put an end to the personal vendettas.
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    andrgl reacted to androidlad in Canon Readies 63MP FF Sensor with Dual Pixel AF   
    This 63MP FF sensor from Canon (35MM63MXSCD, FSI with 300nm process) is a response to Sony's 61MP IMX455 (BSI & DTI with 90nm process), which recently entered mass production and will be sold to Nikon and Pentax.

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    andrgl reacted to BTM_Pix in Sigma MC-21 EF and SA To L Mount Adapters   
    Found a definite release date of April 19th for Japan so I doubt it'll be anywhere earlier than that anywhere else.
    Incidentally, Sigma seem very keen to get their SA users into it as that version works out at about £60!
    Suggests a L mount SD Quattro can't be far off.

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    andrgl got a reaction from IronFilm in Kinefinity Terra 4k has landed   
    You should join the unofficial group on Facebook. You’ll see production shots of their cameras. These aren’t being used by hobbiest.
    The Kinefinity has pro features: modules, SDI, swappable mounts, proper SSD support, wireless lens and video streaming, more RAW and ProRes codec options.
    The Zcam lacks these features and is priced accordingly.
    Kinefinity has never priced their cameras for the low-end market.
    You also have to piece together all the things to build your camera whereas Kinefinity has packages ready to go.
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    andrgl got a reaction from IronFilm in Z-CAM quietly announce 8k and 6k FULL FRAME cameras - no joke!   
    $54,500 for the MONSTRO 8K VV and $5,995 for the Z CAM E2-F8.
    This thing is going to wind up as a B, C and crash cam for so many productions...
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    andrgl reacted to Ed_David in aputure 300d mark ii . !!!   
    dang that looks like the same light!!  THANK YOU CHINA!
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    andrgl reacted to photographer-at-large in aputure 300d mark ii . !!!   
    good to have more options:
    and I expect HIVE to make an announcement
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    andrgl got a reaction from Ehetyz in Race to the bottom   
    Competing on price is a terrible business. Anyone and everyone can be the cheapest. Customers that prioritize a lower price over quality aren’t worth working for.
    Think about any service. The cheaper the rate, the lower the talent.
    Why would a professional accept less for creating a better product?
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    andrgl reacted to IronFilm in "Boom Be Gone!" (Adobe's new Content Aware Fill Tool)   
    I hope in the future as the VFX tools we have at hand get better and as crew awareness increases then we'll be able to happily have booms in shot much more often for the sake of improved sound. This is already common place on many shoots such as "House of Cards", and advancing VFX technology will lead to an expansion of situations booms can be put into shot. 
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    andrgl reacted to androidlad in GH5 to Alexa Conversion   
    X-H1 F-Log -> F-log/F-Gamut to V-log/V-Gamut LUT from LUTCalc -> GHa Daylight:

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    andrgl reacted to Sage in GH5 to Alexa Conversion   
    Sure; it depends on what you'd like. Fuji and BMD have very good, usable color. I personally will use P4K with GH5; I hope to have EC to do a production this summer.
    8 bit is tricky; I'd prefer to only support 10 bit cameras, though I will try to find a way that will give viable production level results with 8-bit. I think Log is not really in the cards there.
    Bit of really cool news; last weekend, the director of a film starring Josh Hartnett wrote to me to say that they were using the GH5 with EC as a pick-up cam alongside Alexa Minis and XTs.
    He said that a senior Star Wars colorist was doing the grade, and said that 'everybody was very impressed' with it. I was pretty thrilled with that
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    andrgl reacted to HockeyFan12 in Race to the bottom   
    To do a friend a favor or get a foot in the door. There's an interesting story I heard, not sure if it's true, about this guy who shot a (for charity) calendar with all these A-list celebrities and he did it for free, at a loss. Now he has a portfolio of high end photos with Justin Bieber, etc. That guy was making a shitload of money the next year.
    If you're not a professional yet, there's market for lower budget stuff, and sometimes that goes somewhere. I see a lot of AFI grads taking this path rather than going to AC to operator or whatever.
    It is not an easy path.
    I personally work cheap for friends, sort of a barter economy thing with a little cash thrown in. I will almost always work cheap if I'm doing something I'm not quite professional level at. This has gone wrong at times though.
    That said, it's a great question. Full rate jobs are almost always easier than low rate ones because EVERYONE ELSE is doing a good job, making your job easier (if you're semi-competent). You make an extremely good point and anyone who's a working freelancer would do well to take your advice. There are reasons to take low pay work, but competing on the basis of being the cheapest will just make you successful at being the cheapest. Nothing to aspire to imo.
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    andrgl reacted to hoodlum in Sharp's new 8K M43 camera   
    Sharp officially joins m4/3.   I expect we will see more details at NAB
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    andrgl reacted to thebrothersthre3 in Z-CAM quietly announce 8k and 6k FULL FRAME cameras - no joke!   
    I personally love the E2 form factor. I am tired of dealing with DLSR bodies and their tiny internal batteries. Only thing missing internal ND's. If they had that I would probably be sold on them. Prores + H265 and H264 is a huge win as well. 
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