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    mtheory got a reaction from EthanAlexander in Jim Jannard resigns as CEO of camera maker Red   
    Can anyone imagine Steve Jobs quitting Apple just because people thought he was an asshole? A visionary is driven by the passion of invention, not by having his ego stroked. Pathetic.
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    mtheory reacted to Jimbo in The Disappearance of Andrew Reid   
    I hope he's enjoying a well deserved break from us demanding cretins =)
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    mtheory reacted to Ed_David in KineMAX 6K specs and raw footage   
    I don't think this camera will survive.  I think you'll get a similar resolution and color out of the blackmagic 4.6k ursa and the AJA upgrade - but cheaper and with pro res options as well and better support.  The whole 6k, 7k game is pointless.  Look at the Taylor Swift "bad blood" music video shot on the red weapon in 6k - does not look as good as anything shot on the Alexa which is 2k.  The motion looks weird on that.
    I don't know - it's getting to that point I think - where no camera has the edge anymore - it's about options.
    Poor guys - picked the wrong time to make a new camera.
    There are so many other areas to make products in filmmaking right now - drone technology - easyrig alternatives, etc etc - why so many trying to go the camera route?  Just seems so expensive and risky in this day and age.  Especially now that Blackmagic and AJA have entered the ring.
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    mtheory got a reaction from agolex in My advice to human beings   
    “Nobody knows anything...... Not one person in the entire motion picture field knows for a certainty what's going to work. Every time out it's a guess and, if you're lucky, an educated one.” - William Goldman
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    mtheory got a reaction from Zach Goodwin in How's Andrew Reid?   
    Any moment now...

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    mtheory got a reaction from Liszon in How's Andrew Reid?   
    Any moment now...

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    mtheory reacted to Cinegain in My advice to human beings   
    I strongly advice against that.
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    mtheory got a reaction from andrgl in How's Andrew Reid?   
    Any moment now...

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    mtheory got a reaction from Xavier Plagaro Mussard in How's Andrew Reid?   
    Any moment now...

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    mtheory reacted to mercer in How's Andrew Reid?   
    Goodfilm Hunting. 
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    mtheory reacted to Liam in How's Andrew Reid?   
    ​same. you know what the best part of my day is? It's for about ten seconds from when I login to the EOSHD forum to when I get to the comments. Because I think maybe I'll get up there and I'll knock on the comments and he won't be there. No goodbye, no see you later, no nothin'. Just left. I don't know much, but I know that.
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    mtheory got a reaction from Liam in How's Andrew Reid?   
    Any moment now...

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    mtheory got a reaction from mercer in How's Andrew Reid?   
    Any moment now...

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    mtheory reacted to lafilm in OPINION: Do you need 4K (narrative) to have shot at Distribution?   
    I picked up a 1D C.
    Forgive me, I fell for the hype! (looks amazing)
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    mtheory reacted to Inazuma in How's Andrew Reid?   
    I'm pretty sure its just that he hates everyone here
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    mtheory reacted to lafilm in How's Andrew Reid?   
    Remember, AR owns a Canon 1D C and a 50mm f/1.2
    Got to have your priorities. 
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    mtheory reacted to andy lee in Why APSC is dead   
    Super 35/APS-C will  be here for along time - Panavision has a warehouse full of Super 35/APS-C  lenses as it supplies Hollywood with cinema glass.
    I dont think they will be changing soon at all!
    Super 35/APS-C is the look we all know as 'cinema' ---full frame is not!
    I really dont like the look of full frame I stopped using my Canon 5 years ago
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    mtheory reacted to Christina Ava in 5D IV vs A7S II   
    if only the A7s2 had an EF mount, and a bigger body.i cant hold it straight!
    still CANON has me worked up in anticipation more that the sony A7S series.
    im going to shoot with both a mark3 and a a7s in a wedding soon. and test how they work on my field.
    new canon mark4 what i expect
    1. better low light, this is certainty as Canon historically improves it from model to model
    2. 4k external, probably with a specialty gadget/recorder to milk more money and not sabotage the 1DC
    3.the beautiful ergonomics and usability of the 5d series
    4. same pixel count 
    5. cleaner sony sensor ?improving on the softness..
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    mtheory reacted to Inazuma in Dedicated GPU back on Macbook Pro's   
    Not sure what you mean? When I was looking a few weeks ago, the Macbook Pro did already have a dedicated video card (the Geforce 750 M).
    The move to Radeon seems like a poor choice to me as the CUDA cores of Nvidia are more widely supported
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    mtheory reacted to IronFilm in 5D IV vs A7S II   
    Do we even need to speculate about the Canon 5Dmk4?

    As it is sooo easy to predict:
    1) they'll sell bucket loads of it. (thanks to their marketing machine, their size, and retail presence, and idiot friends giving recommendations to their mates while not having a clue....)
    2) but tech spec gear heads like ourselves who actually know their sh*t will be very very disappointed in what a flop it is. 
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    mtheory reacted to The Chris in Why APSC is dead   
    ​Your lol-filled argument makes no sense whatsoever, APS-c sales completely trounce FF. And it isn't even close. APS-c isn't going anywhere, because its the dominant force in the market - plain and simple. Even Steve Jobs' corpse is smart enough to see that. Don't know why you can't. If that's your imaging division's major source of revenue, rest assured that's a top priority. APS-c/S35 is also where all the innovation lies with the big 3 (excluding m43 since canon, Nikon and Sony don't produce m43 cameras), internal 4k video, high fps stills, dual pixel AF and more are all finding their way into APS-c/S35 sensor cameras before FF. One could counter-argue FF is dying because more of the innovation is going to APS-c.
    You're pushing your own uninformed opinion as fact, when Amazon sales are in fact a measure of where the market is going. Even anecdotal stuff - what cameras are available in large retailers such as Best Buy and Walmart - low end APS-c Canon's and Nikons. FF has not seen mass adoption on the level of APS-c and it never will because costs put it out of reach of many casual users - and that's where the sales numbers lie.
    Pros make up a very, very small percentage of the market and have specialized needs that are served by small-volume niche products - hence cameras like the 1dx, D4s, FS7 and so on that use bits and pieces of other models to leverage the costs of development across multiple lines. If you have actual facts to back up your argument, and not just your opinion please provide them. 
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    mtheory reacted to Fatalfury in Why APSC is dead   
    OP is very wrong, aps-c and m43 aren't going anywhere in the next few years. True, the 35mm bodies are getting cheaper and smaller but it's a different story with lenses, which are still expensive and humonguos especially compared to mft. How come there are no pancakes  for Sony A7.
    We all know that S35 is a standard for cinema and it gives plenty of depth of field control. I really dig shallow depth of field for photography but excessively thin dof doesn't make a film more cinematic, for me it can give the opposite effect. Often it gives a cheap student film/youtube look. Dynamic range, colors, compositions and the set design are what result in cinematic bliss. Many of the best classic cinema feature fuck all of thin dof. I felt that Upstream Color which was praised for beautiful imagery often featured too shallow dof for my taste and it was shot with a GH2.
    So very wrong about m43 being garbage for photography. A talented photographer should have no issues with m43, the system can truly shine with certain lenses and will prove limiting only in the most extreme situations.
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    mtheory reacted to ricardo_sousa11 in Why APSC is dead   
    ​You're dead wrong on Video.
    I dont believe FF will actually become the norm in video, because the excessive bokeh isnt necessary since we're emulating the Super35 look, unless low light performance like the A7s becomes the standard for FF, which wont probably happen in the next 5 years.
    APSC isnt dying, its actually growing, lenses like the Sigma 18-35mm give spectacular performance and FF like images on cheap bodies, while retaining high burst rates, adding the high megapixel count that most APSC bodies have (like the 28mpx on the NX1 and 4K) I cannot see how anyone would think APSC is dying in either photography or video.
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    mtheory reacted to j.f.r. in Why APSC is dead   

    FF and larger will be the normal use for professionals, always has been and will be for photography and will soon be with Video/Film, hence the reason Arri and RED have cameras now with larger sensors than S35. Now on a prosumer level the Sony A7s shoots Full Frame + Aps-C and even a Clear Zoom scale which I believe is close to MFT crop so the idea that anyone thinks a camera like the A7s is not one if not the best tool is simply because they've never sued it before.
    Also regarding Bokeh you can easily stop your lens down and raise the iso if you want a deeper DOF, A7s records perfectly clean footage at 6400 iso. In comparison Blackmagic Cameras max out at 800-1600 ASA, RED you never want to shoot about 1250 and lets not even talk about MFT cameras like GH4 where you definitely want to stay under 1000 iso as well.  I truly believe people really make up uninformed opinion about FF cameras and have never owned/used one.
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    mtheory reacted to j.f.r. in Why APSC is dead   
    Professional Film is going FF and larger while photography is as well or honestly has always been (medium format).
    You can still create beautiful images though with most camera's, even smaller sensor ones. The advantage from my experience of larger sensor cameras is first and foremost noise performance, wide angle and dof. While Blackmagic with their pocket/micro camera may have smaller sensors it's really the lovely dynamic range and color science that make the image look so "film like".
    Talking cameras is cool and fun, but honestly everyone needs to focus more on their own work with the tools they have which is more than enough to get to where you want to be and then you can always use better gear.......
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