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  1. On 21 April 2017 at 3:43 AM, webrunner5 said:

    You new video on Vimeo is just, well about as well done as it can be done! I really enjoyed it. I guess because I am 70 I related to it LoL.  :grimace:


    Thank you, @webrunner5. Sadly, Seriozha died a month ago... :( The film was presented at the Sundance Institute Short Film Challenge in the United States.

  2. 18 hours ago, jonpais said:

    May be the special light in Chile. ?


    15 hours ago, kidzrevil said:

    he's probably just a damn good camera operator thats why 


    Well, I filmed this with Nikon D5200 and Nikon D5300. At that time, grading skills were just in the beginning stage. So not perfect, not Davinci Resolve and Full HD. But I completely doubt whether one could get such colours with GH5 or GX80 (which I own). Panasonic's image is boring, cold and synthetic when compared to Nikon or some others. Do you agree with me?


  3. 3 hours ago, Andrew Reid said:

    t's a different sensor, you just need to look at the megapixel count (16 vs 20)

    There is a difference between 8bit and 10bit of course.

    Cinema5D's 'precise testing' wasn't so precise and they took it offline.

    How's it under your rock by the way? Cozy?

    We all like to dream, but when dreaming ends, it might be just a better, another Lumix with a usual Panasonic image :) I wish it would be vice versa.

  4. 7 hours ago, andy lee said:

    we are getting into Alexa type quality looking footage now

    Thanks for your opinion, Andy Lee, though it is a highly subjective rating. Let me ask:

    1. How are we getting into Alexa image quality?

    2. What is the dynamic range of GH5?

    3. Does it have the same sensor as GX80/85?

    'Cinema5d' somehow didn't find any real advantage between 8bit and 10bit after the precise testing.

    Since I'm really interested in GH5, waiting for your footages and further real world reviews.

  5. 12 hours ago, Hene1 said:

    It looks like there is huge amount of noise reduction. There is no skin texture left. Looks wrong.

    43 minutes ago, Fredrik Lyhne said:

    Nice constructive criticism. I agree that it's too smooth though, but it's still a nice frame I think.

    Thank you, guys :) I did this smoothness on purpose. It is not a final frame, still experimenting with it. I used Midtone Detail in Davinci Resolve for the skin, that's why it looks a bit glamorous, because I need them to look a little bit younger in these scenes :)


  6. 12 hours ago, gethin said:

    Anyone used the gx80/5 and Nikon d53/5500?

    I sold my Nikon D5300, which I liked very much, and bought Lumix GX80, which I start to like too now :) I like that 4K has a more detailed image in the result. But if there was a Nikon with no crop 4K and 5-axis stabilization, I would choose Nikon, since it also has nice flat profiles made by genius Lee Powell @LPowell

  7. 48 minutes ago, Dimitris Stasinos said:

    I am wondering a couple of months now, wouldn't this be a perfect camera for aerial shots? Have anyone here thought this scenario? Its light, compact, descent at night shots and provides extra stabilization. The missing piece in the puzzle is only a proper gimbal. Any ideas?

    But remember, that it is terrible for motion videos because of rolling shutter artifacts. Though I haven't tried it with stabilization off.


    7 hours ago, mercer said:

    I purchased the BMMCC about 2 months ago, and although I really like the picture quality, and being able to use my small collection of old c-mount lenses with it, I hate the form factor.

    But BMMCC has ProRes, RAW and Global Shutter! All of these already give a huge step forward when comparing it to Nikon D5500 or Lumix GX80/85. I can't believe you didn't like the form factor of a small camera! Did you sell it? I owned Nikon D5300 which I liked VERY much. Now I have Lumix GX80. I would no doubt purchase BMMCC if it had 4K :) But now, for an A-Camera, I follow news about Kinefinity Terra 5K.

  9. It is NOT a serious video tool at all :) A more serious camera should at least have 10 bit 4.2.2. All of these cameras have terrible rolling shutter. If you do a move it has an unpleasing jumping, skipping and blurring effect. I'm quite happy and still exploring the new Lumix GX80, which is worth attention for just 599 euros. But not for $1599 :))) If you're ready to spend this amount of money for such a camera, then it is worth attention to rethink and raise the bar.

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