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  1. Everyone knows, that Nikon D5300 was not produced for real cinematography purposes. But it does almost that. We (all owners) should maximum emphasize its capabilities for video. We shouldn't talk too much and pay too much attention to unimportant things, which this camera has, because it was made for a family market. But since other new cameras (pocket camera, GH4, etc) are experiments and simply just in the beginning of something, Nikon D5300 is a perfect, finalized equipment for the real job. It is a practical camera for our team work today. We even assume it as being very handy.
    Has anyone tried to record clean HDMI through BMD UltraStudio Mini Recorder or other BMD capture devices? It is interesting, how it records ProRes in 10bit and how then the image is capable to color correction. I think, the second version of Mini Recorder should include higher resolution and 60fps which is very very important. So, I guess, using flat picture styles with the uncompressed HDMI will give higher level technical results and capabilities. Theoretically.
    Flat pictures styles and uncompressed HDMI, these are the starting points, from which a more professional test and review of D5300 should start. Otherwise, it sounds a bit dilettantish.
  2. Thank you. We are very new to a filming world, but trying to progress and improve. At the time we shot this music video, we were not familiar with Flaat and other picture controls, which can give more dynamics and a more suitable image for later colour corrections. Now we have started to use it. Before we bought the D5200, we had done an extensive analysis and we are happy with both decisions now. So it was easier to decide on the D5300, which could be worth a deeper review by Andrew Reid.

  3. What about the shutter speed? How does it work, is it variable in auto-exposure mode? Or only ISO settings are changing during AE? Which exact camera settings/parameters are controlled, when "Manual movie settings" is on OFF mode?

  4. Hello, colleagues!


    Which exact camera settings are controlled, when "Manual movie settings" is on OFF mode?


    Using a vintage f1.4 lens in manual mode with "Manual movie settings" - OFF, I get better results in low light conditions. The scene is quite correctly lightened and with very little noise. Once I like the view on the LCD screen, I press AE-Lock button. So, and vice versa when using manual movie settings. In order to get the same brightness, with high manual ISO settings the scene is much noisier. 


    Or maybe I'm mistaken... What are your opinions?




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