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  1. A question about the Stabilizer. As far as I understand, we need to select the focal length of the attached lens, right? But for example if I use  a manual Super16 20mm lens? Or manual full frame 50mm lens? Which numbers we need to select, in order to get the best stabilization results?

    And a question about the digital zoom, x2 and x4. When using a manual lens, there is no focus with the digital zoom selected. Does it focus with native lenses, while in digital zoom mode?


    Hi, guys. I'm sorry, I know this is an outdated topic, but wanted to share this simple, tourist music video, for which I mostly used my old Nikon D5200 shots from different trips to the beaches.

  3. Thank you, guys! We didn't use an external recorder. Though it would be interesting to try out. But it is even more interesting how will "Nikon's Hacker" a higher bitrate work for D5300. So, we need to wait.


    For the video above, we used Nikon Gamma Controls. Grading with LUT's, HyColour and other basic color correction tools in FCPX.

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