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  1. You'll probably need some monitors anyway. There's not enough volume to have good audio.
  2. Finally a CCTV cam you can actually zoom in a little bit on!!!
  3. Yes, BM is at risk of entering a dead loop where they keep announcing and never putting on the streets new cameras!!!
  4. A Phantom can't mount an X5, it weights too much! The anti-crash measures are great if they work reliably.
  5. I have used for year a Sigma 30mm f1.4 on my Canon 7D. When I put other lenses results looked bad!
  6. That's the biggest problem of all. Not only they create pages and pages of menus, they don't even explain well how you should use all those options!
  7. That's very nice! To have confidence in yourself, you must be confident that you can "judge" your work as someone else. Maybe that's why we are never 100% sure, because we can never be 100% someone else!!!
  8. Marco, the edge of the NX1 is that it has been out one year and a half before! Use your camera to make great videos and forget about "spec competitions"!
  9. That is the intelligent move! Talking about it on forums or FB won't move Canon. But I don't have the 6000€ with C-Log or without it!!! :-(
  10. It's not easy to sell a $6000 DSLR! Let's hope they add the C-log after the first wave of purchases has passed. Even if Canon is not know for generosity...... ;-))
  11. Most brands try to make "be-all for everybody" smartphones. The Panasonic CM1 tried the exact opposite. Let's hope they bring a mkII or some other brand try to make a smartphone for visual people!!!
  12. If the 6K is oversharpened, downsizing to 4K won't help smooth it. Let wait and see what Panasonic offers. They have brought most of the great camcorders!
  13. C-log will probably come later, as a bonus. Canon doesn't like to give you everything at once!
  14. Either a SpeedBooster or this is nearly mandatory: http://cvp.com/index.php?t=product/sony_sel1670z.ae
  15. How much money would you like to make??
  16. What you see is the same, it's your brains which process it totally different!
  17. Zak that boxing video is awesome!!! Let's hope BMD put this on the street soon!!!
  18. I found this today, I think it's great:
  19. I know it's hard to spend the money a Macbook Retina costs, even more if you compare it with a similar PC. But if you use FCP X all the money is well spent!!! If you are a Premiere guy, get a PC!
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