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  1. The general public also says the same thing about enthusiasts who buy $1000's worth of camera equipment.. "Why is X guy buying so much equipment.. All I see are his cat videos... I don't understand.." Casey is more in tune with what the general population wants to watch. It isn't camera reviews. In a lot of his videos where he is going to review equipment, he specially tells people to skip his video if they are not into camera gear. Most of his 6 millions of subscribers are not there for equipment reviews, but for the entertainment factor. Something that most of us gear heads don't understand :-P
  2. Casey Neistat is a cool guy. But I would be skeptical of what he says regarding camera equipment. I'm sure he's getting paid to "show case" some of his equipment. He did a video of why he used the 70D/80d. He said it was because of the autofocus, lowlight, flip out screen, reliability, etc. Other cameras in the marketplace would not fit his needs. Especially since the other cameras did not have a flip out screen. Not as reliable.. Yes, the canon didn't have the best image, but it was all about "capturing the moment". A few months later, he was saying he's gong to be trying out/using the A7sii. Dude, the sony's don't have the flip out screen -- something that he said was essential. It's not even reliable (over heating possibility, etc.). For someone who says RELIABILITY is important to him, since as a vlogger he doesn't get a 2nd shot at filming something - not my words, why the sony??? Why the flip???????? I think it's because of the $$$$$$$$. I don't remember him ever denying getting money (or other compensation) to "show case" or review something (unlike max yuryev, dave dugdale, etc), . Hell, youtube gives peanuts to content creators. I understand why people would accept money (or other compensation). People gotta get paid. Gotta make a living. However, the public should not take his word for gospel. Now he's trying the GH5? Watch Casey walk the tightrope. He will try to endorse it without bad mouthing it too much. Ultimately, he might say something like "its a great camera, BUT for what I do, I found something else that was slightly better". He's a shill that tries hard to retain his objectivity while trying to make a living. Walking a tightroom. Wait until the next best thing regarding camera equipment, and he will be pimping that out too. Casey's actions are worth more than his words. He might be using the GH5 for a few weeks, but I'm sure he will move on to what he REALLY feels comfortable with (unless another company gives him another camera/equpiment to pimp out for a while). FYI, I'm not faulting him for this.. It is what it is..
  3. Canon is like the girlfriend you went out with in high school that dumped you for the captain of the football team. You don't really care about them them anymore, but every now and then you check up with them because of curiosity... And when you do check them out, you notice they haven't changed; and you tell them you are happy for them when they say they are on their 3rd marriage and this time, things are looking "really good"...
  4. Dude, Joe doesn't know anything about video making. This video makes it obvious that he's just a photographer that got his hands on a gh5 and wanted to please his corporate sponsor, Panasonic by defending the gh5. I guess for this situation, the old saying, "experience is key" is correct. Max has experience in video making. Joe not so much. Max should just ignore Joe. Makes no sense for Max to work with Joe. Ignore and move on. They are both shills for Sony... to promote the a7siii!!! hahahahhaaaa.. (there's more profit margin for the company).. hahaha
  5. On static shots, the background on videos recorded on the iphone (or my lowly lg g4) doesn't fade in and out like the gh5... just saying :-) I agree with you though. Depending on the person, this may or may not be an issue. To me, it's a big issue. That is one of the biggest reason why I want to sell my a7sii and why I haven't sold my a6500. If the rumors are true about the a7siii coming out later this month and if these issues are fixed; I will be buying one................... after I sell my 2nd kidney to a Chinese hospital.
  6. Having the background fade in and out is annoying and distracting to the viewer (IMHO). No tv shows, No movies, no music videos does it (unless done on purpose, and then, I'm still having a hard time finding those. OR they are low quality productions made by a guy living in his mom's basement)
  7. I looked at those videos. yeah, the GH5 focusing sucks. Don't look at the subject, but look at the surrounding area. You can see the camera going back and forth even in static shots trying to anticipate movement. In the shallow depth of field videos, the back and forth caused the blurred background to "bloom" and de-"bloom". The a7sii does the same thing and it annoys the hell out of me. The a6500 doesn't and that is one of the reason I still have it (even though it has horrible rolling shutter). a6500 is a focusing god compared to the a7sii and apparently to the gh5 also. Oh, well, I guess Panasonic wouldn't be selling as many gh5s as they thought they would. The company was focusing on image quality while a lot of people have "moved on" from image quality and are looking for things like good auto focusing. Photojoseph guy.. dude, what a shill. His videos show the lens focusing back and forth. Yeah, the subject (him) is in focus, but the camera is still focusing back and forth trying to anticipate movement. Good focusing cameras don't do that. Perhaps, I'm wrong. Maybe, he's not a shill, but just ignorant. Or maybe he doesn't care that the camera was "hunting" because the subject was in focus. However, no real video professional would accept that type of focusing. I cannot think of any movie that has that type of focusing without doing it on purpose. And I'm having a hard time remembering any movie, tv show that would do that on purpose.
  8. One of my favorite channels got demonetized. They moved a lot of their content to another website. It cost $100/year to access their full videos on the new website. I liked them enough to pay. Take that youtube. A lot of youtube content is currently not "mainstream". There are many alternating view points. That is how youtube differentiates themselves from cable/OTA TV. This is why youtube is popular. What youtube is doing now is just going to hurt itself. It's like if Tesla decided 3 years ago (to increase profit) that they wanted to "go main stream" by offering cars that ran on gasoline because Gartner/google ad sense/etc. says most main stream people cannot fathom themselves driving electric.. Or most people have gas cars, and gas cars are still the most popular cars. If Tesla is going to sell more cars, they need to start selling gasoline cars. WRONG!!! Cable tv/ OTA tv is dying. There is a reason why it's dying. People want to hear other voices and other sides of the argument. The time has passed when manufacturer, tv ceo, etc. were able to tell people what to believe. For example, it used to be important for camera manufactures to have good reviews in print magazines (or even on online "magazines" like dpreview). Now, not so much since we actually have INDEPENDENT sources of reviews. In my opinion, the more youtube stifles it's content creators; more of the good content will go away. A lot of it will go to places like patreon, or niche places like crtv.com Youtube will start to be a place where good content is advertised. A way for content creators to advertise their wares, making "teaser" videos; but ultimately, the viewers will go to paid sites like patreon. Advertisers will have to follow the eyeballs... Like how they were forced dragging, kicking and screaming to advertise on the internet instead of TV; in the future, they will have to do the same when they will be forced into advertising in places where alternating points of views are expressed. OR PERHAPS, advertising will slowly die away. If everything of value becomes a paid service like HBO NOW, SHOWTIME online or like the 1,000lb elephant in the room NETFLIX. If everything is self supporting by direct viewership via paid membership; we could see the death of online advertising with respect to streaming. Imagine a time when people pay money to watch most of your content, and they don't see a second of advertisement. For a lot of people that's a reality NOW. Something that would blow the mind of many ad executives just a few years ago. It's already being done for movies. It's just a simple step for it to be done for independent content especially with the quick rise of patreon and the like. Youtube, watch your back and stop screwing with content creators. That is why you exist. In the next few months, there will be a test. What is more important - the platform or the content creator? Can the content creator exist without the platform (in this case youtube). Can the content creator transcend the platform to the point where the platform doesn't really matter as long as the is one (patreaon, niche website, etc)? I am willing to say the content creator is more important. It doesn't matter what platform he/she is on. To be relate-able, likeable, and have millions of followers; I think that's talent. no matter what platform, talent always beat out platform (or 4k, or Arria, or etc... :-)
  9. Most prosumer people are not interested in big bulky cameras... or the perception of big, bulky cameras. Most prosumer people are not going to war zones. They are basically taking pictures/videos of their kids soccer game or their wife's portrait. That is where the money is at. Prosumer people want pictures/videos that are better than what an Iphone can create, but they dont' want the hassle of carrying a 7d, 750, 5d, cinema eos, d500, etc..etc.
  10. The masses??? huhm, didn't they stop buying dslrs/cameras and started using their phones? Why is Nikon trying to appeal to the masses when the masses are perfectly happy with the Iphones, and android phones???? You spoke to a "photographer"?? A real, employed "photographer"? I thought those things were extinct. Didn't they all get laid off because of the digital camera revolution??? Hhahahha.. j/k... Nikon has to compete in the same market place as Sony - the prosumer market. If they continue trying to rely on sales of their low end digital camera, they are (as people are saying) "toast". Canon is trying this strategy and it's definitely causing them to lose money. The difference is canon is bigger and has a bigger purse so they can continue to pursue this strategy for a while. Nikon on the other hand ---- not so much.
  11. Hi there, perhaps I am mistaken. I think people were shooting in super 35mm on the a7rii because it had a better video. However, because it was super 35, low light was bad and it did not have the full frame look. People used a focus reducer to get the full frame look and to get better low light. However, because they used the focus reducer, they had to use 3rd party lenses (e.g., canon). I guess you were right. People are saying rolling shutter is better in full frame 4k. I thought it was the other way around. Oh well. Whatever :-) Yeah, these topics get boring quickly. It's like comparing cars. Sometimes it's nice to talk about specs, but at the end of the day, it's usually the skill of the driver that wins the race :-)
  12. But with an A7RII, you lose insane low light capabilities. In addition, one needs to shot in crop mode to reduce rolling shutter which basically necessitates buying a good focus reducer which cost iirc an extra 3 to 4 hundred dollars. Also, with a focus reducer, you cannot iirc use native lenses which basically means adapting canon or some other lens mount which means the auto focusing could be "spotty at times" and the NON-native lens/body combination is slightly bigger than a native lens/body combination. The A7RII and A7SII run head to head wrt video imho, but I think the A7SII still comes out ahead... especially for me. I want to minimize the amount of stuff I am carrying and I don't want to support two camera mounts. Also, the low light ability of the A7Sii pretty much means I can shot in more environments than I can the A7RII. That being said, I do miss having a better focusing system. I do miss the high megapixel images... When A7SIII comes (hopefully with better autofocus, higher megapixel, etc); I will be upgrading... ps. I also love my a7sii.
  13. Rolling shutter on the a6500 sucks. Unless you plan to use the sony on a gimbal or locked down on a tripod most of the time. I think the a6500 and the gh5 are on a different market segment. You should probably compare the gh5 vs the a7sii/a7rii, etc...
  14. Well, he did say he was going to ban Muslims from coming in. He did say he was going to start building a wall... He did say he was going to tax companies moving production outside of the united states.. etc., etc...... Donald Trump has been pretty transparent as to what he is going to do and what he isn't... These were his campaign promises. It's not like he's hiding these ideas behind some sort of rhetoric. Just today, he said he was going to fix the H1b1 visa program (where US companies lay off employees in order to hire cheap labor) and it seems like his team is getting an execute order ready that will hopefully fix this issue. Perhaps it's time to believe what is coming out of DT's mouth. He's the president and, he likes to keep his promises. How refreshing people who promises something, and actually deliver.
  15. Canon is good for Vlogging/documenting real life - something that Clinton Stark seems to be doing. Sony is not. The a6500/a7x are basically better suited for "cinema" film making where there are actors, dollies, scripts, etc. That being said, most people aspire to "cinema" film making even though a canon 80d would probably be more realistic gear for them. It's like the guy that buys the corvette or Porshe. He aspires to track his cars, perhaps even to race in scca events. But at the end of the day, the car is usually just kept in the garage or used to pickup the grocery (something a honda accord could do.. and do more economically). That does not mean, there wouldn't be some people who will ultimately race their Porshe.. it's just that very few do.. and those that do, give hope to the majority that they will also race their cars (which they will not). In addition, just like people who appreciate sport cars for what they are -- some people just like to buy "cool" gear :-)
  16. Oh, great another award show.... That's another 2 to 3 hours wasted watching Hollywood self-congratulate themselves. Forget that, I'm going to spend that time playing with my 1 year old son.
  17. I am assuming Sony was affected by the floods that reduced their capacity to make sensors for their cameras. Either that or we have reached a point where the enthusiasts are tapped out money wise and the lower end of the market cannot afford sony products (makes sense since sony has placed themselves on the higher tier cost wise). I don't think Sony has any products that compete well under the $500 segment. On the other hand, this segment is flooded/dominated by canon products such as the rebel. Companies who cater to a wider ranger of buyers will obviously sell more products. I don't think Sony especially cares right now. They are aiming for the enthusiast market and ultimately the pro market. Once established, I think they will then go for the mainstream market. Right now, competing with canon, etc. in the mainstream market is NOT a good idea (remember the failed NEX brand?).
  18. Hang on..... .he even has a hot wife???? Let me do a quick search .... huhm... she's not bad lookin... Damn you Japanese camera manufacturer and your multi-million dollar marketing department!!!! Now I know who destroyed my love life. It was you!!!! I could be shacking up with a tall beautiful redhead but instead, I'm watching youtube videos on the pros and cons of 8bit vs 10bit. And whats worse, I'm having debates between myself about this inside my own head ... Get out of my head, yo!!! One of these days, I will press the nuclear button that will return me to what really matters.. the story.... but right now, I just can't. I need help..... I need... I need to go touch my camera equipment... Oooh, my precious... my precious..... :-)
  19. Oh brother. I have i tried.... So many times has my bony finger been hovering over the enter key to sell my sony equipment on ebay.. only to be retracted back like a highschooler who nervously retreats back to his groups of friends when the "hot" girl that he wants to talk to looks his way. Gas is preventing me from becoming successful, rich, and powerful. Basically it's preventing me from ruling the world!!! I hate you Japanese camera conglomerate who always making me want to buy new stuff!!! :-P Trump doesn't need to be president. He has enough money to buy drugs and prostitutes to satisfy him for the rest of his life if he wants (while living in the best rooms at his 5 star hotels for free since he owns them). A lot of these other celebrities and politicians - they need the money (their mistresses aren't going to buy themselves gifts).... Oh well, I hate politics. I'll try not to comment on trump again.
  20. Hey now, I'm part of the millions of people who voted for trump :-) (no more easy illegal immigration, no more smug millionaire celebrities laughing and smiling while ordinary people are out of jobs, MAGA.. etc.. etc.. what is there not to like???) hahhhahahaha... My "biggest clusterfuck of 2016" is that Casey neistat got a contract for millions of dollars to produce a tv series based on his youtube channel which he built and runs by using an old 70d... An old 70d which is years old technology.. has moire... not even 4k... hell, it might not even really be 1080p.... and he got millions of $$$... while people like me who have much better gear eat ramen and pine for the next great thing (gh5 anyone??.. GH5, you will be mine --when I sale my other kidney!!!! The first kidney was used to buy sony gear :-)
  21. I also like the long handle because of the inverted mode... but I also like it because I can use the gimbal as a selfie stick (casey neistat style :-)
  22. Suck it Hillary supporters. I voted trump and he has already made me thousands of dollars. Instead of flying thousands of miles to China to take video at the great wall, I'm going to wait until WE have a great wall on our southern border. Its cheaper and more convenient that way ;-) beside, have u notice how much cheaper the peso is now that trump is president elect? In addition, since trump is against regulation, perhaps I can finally start taking aerial videos in our national parks (when it is safe and unobtrusive to do so). Maga!!!! Folks.. Maga!!!
  23. Time to monetize.. If Tony northup can make a decent living on his youtube channel, blog, etc. reviewing cameras; I'm sure Eoshd can be a money maker. By the way, Tony just got a new car. It's a Tesla (darn, wish I could afford one hahahah). There are many other people on the internet making money reviewing products and making a good living while still being unbiased. Being one of the best sites regarding video making equipment for the "little guy", I'm surprise there's no ads on eoshd. There's no "donate here" if you like us button; no, "this video is brought to you by square space", etc.. I'm sure this site has influenced a lot of major manufacturers. Millions of dollars of research fund probably were directed to this area or that area because of this blog. Oh well, if this site goes away like the Dodo, I don't think there's another site so dedicated to the "little guy". It will be sad and people will have to waddle through the endless disjointed reviews of separate smaller reviewers. There will always be something new and exciting around the corner. That's how things are. Look at Motortrend. They review cars and there's always something better and more exciting the next model year even if at the end of the day, they are just reviewing cars. Look at Game Informer magazine.. They review games.. some thing. Always something new and exciting... even if all they do is review games. Seriously, try monetizing this site. This site should be a awesome moneymaker. If and when this site gets monetize, I hope it stays unbiased. If not, it will lose credibility and really die..
  24. Advance photography has become an expensive hobby for people with good incomes. Most soccer moms, regular people, etc. use their smart phones and will not spend over $400 for a camera. Sony is catering to people with good incomes that is why their equipment is so expensive (esp. lenses) and that is why I hide the credit card statements from my wife. Pretty soon, having a nice camera will once again be a status symbol. Right now, Nikon and Canon have destroyed the cachet of owning a camera because the regular people can afford their low end dslrs - those that just leave their dslr on "automatic" and only have the kit lense. Its not cool to own a Nikon or a Canon. But owning something like a blackmagic pocket or a sony. That's cool for people "in the know". Sony will continue to make money in their imaging department and it will slowly, once again become a status symbol to own a sony mirrorless camera.
  25. But yet, share holders are willing to give Tesla a high market cap. Say what you want, investors as a whole believe in the company. In one of Tesla's latest press release, telsa blames themselves and their "hubris" for not meeting their production numbers. When has Canon done something similar and followed through? Canon is spinning in it's press releases. That's not a good sign. After a while, it might actually believe it's own spin. It might already have.
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