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  1. Now imagine what the DIY filmmaker used before the canon 5Dmk2 or the 7d (which I owned). The technology gap between what was available before the 5dmk2 and what the 5dmk2 herald into the video field was huge. Remember MiniDv/mini8/etc? Remember the canon xl1? . Basically if you wanted anything "good" and you were serious/semi-serious, you used FILM. There was no real viable options before the 5dmk2. With film, you had to buy film stock, you had to get it developed, you had to get it color matched, you had to have a person in charge of changing the film reels when shooting (not to mention storing it later)... It was a mess. I talked to some of my friends who did shoot shorts with film, and they told they spent an average of $30-40k minimum for a 5-10min short. Heck, this very forum: eoshd.com... The "eos" is from the canon "eos" 5dmk2 which I heard (not sure if true) caused Andrew some grievances from Canon themselves - trademark issues mostly, etc. Because of the success of the 5dmk2 for video, it herald into the world blackmagic, nx, speedboosters, gh5, gimbals, etc. Things that helped the little guy make movies. Without the 5dmk2, we would have less options with respect to video equipment. The 5dmk2 showed business that there was a viable market for the DIY filmmaker, the aspiring film maker, etc...
  2. 1st place: 5d mark II -- release in 2008, but regularly used for video after 2009; people stopped using those devices that helped create the swallow DOF; I can't even remember what those devices were called that were put in front of lens - I think they had spinning mirror elements or something. Yep, back then everyone would give their left nut for a shallow DOF which for the first time, the 5d easily allowed film makers to do. Also, hollywood movies started using 5d's as crash cameras and some even used them as B cameras; and (gasp) A cameras. The 5d mark II herald the start of "the camera doesn't matter" era - at least whispers of it which was accelerated by the GH2 which was even cheaper than the 5d. 2nd place: GH1/GH2 -- I still remember Zacuto did a "battle of the cameras" to see which camera had the best image quality in 2012, and in the blind test of image quality; Martin Scorsese chose the GH2 instead of the REDs, and Arri Alexa of that time period. Obviously, the lighting and audio was professional done, but the subtext was video cameras are "good enough". At that time, majority of aspiring film makers were using a gh2 plus the great 18-35mm sigma. To this day, there are great gh2 shorts and movies that rival and exceed today's films shot on RAW cameras because back then if you had any talent at all, but couldn't afford the big name Hollywood digital cameras (they were very expensive and there was no "gap" cameras between consumer and big production digital cameras) you used a gh2. Now we have RAW, great autofocus, great dynamic range, etc.. but the equipment already existed by the time the GH1/2 came out to produce great movies; the new equipment just makes things a little bit easier.... all you had to do was add the behind-the-camera talent (and the in-front of the camera talent).
  3. Someone told me "there are no dumb people, only different market segments".. Some segments like porn, some like colored movies; at the end of the day, someone will cater to these segments because they need to pay the bills and feed their families. I change my mine, story is not king, but the almighty dollar is :-P
  4. Actually, according to my younger sister, my nieces, and nephews; this film would be unwatchable. They all tell me they are allergic to black and white "old" movies. So yeah, for some people even if the story is good, they just aren't going to watch. I wish I could cram these movies up their bloody, prejudicial mouths because this is ART god darn it!!! but nope, they aren't even going to try. This is the same of bride of Frankenstein, Dracula, the invisible man, etc. I'm sitting at the couch with pop-corn excitedly telling them for the next few hours we are going to have fun watching the great horror movies of the golden age. They ditched me once they found out it was black and white.
  5. I agree... Unless it's porn, and then the story kinda gets in the way. I see a lot of porn directors trying to inject story into their production, and I'm like, forgitabuttit.. Like, why would Big Mike put his swong in the pizza box? It just doesn't make narrative sense.... So yeah, story is king UNLESS it's porn..
  6. eleison

    RED Komodo

    I feel the market place for digital cameras is made up of people not buying on hype (e.g., I cannot name camera products that have succeed based on hype). The clothing industry (where Jannard first made his money selling expensive Oakley sun glasses) is a different story. But the clothing industry and the digital camera industry are vastly different in my opinion. However, I think this was the reason why RED ceo's were unabashedly willing to slap their RED logo on products and charge 2-5x as much for RED accessories which were basically re-branded products with very little value added except for the brand logo. It's the same mentally. It may work for a while, but ultimately people notice -- especially technology based people. RED does have a reputation. But that reputation is based on things that they did aprox 10 years ago. Amazing spider, The Hobbit, the girl with the dragon tatoo, etc. films that were shot on a RED camera........ 10 years ago. Very few high production hollywood movies are shot with red now (it's arri). They use to be a major player in sundance, not any more. RED had the first mover advantage. To people who don't know better, it has the reputation of being good, and expensive. That is why you have click bait YT videos regarding RED "I spent $15000 on a camera". For people in the know, it's more about arri alexa... but arri alexa doesn't have that reputation.. They didn't have the first mover advantage -- and too be honest, I really don't think they market themselves that much. https://nofilmschool.com/infographic-camera-lenses-sundance https://ymcinema.com/2019/06/17/red-arri-and-others-cinema-cameras-market-overview/ At the end of the day, who knows what can happen? I could be totally wrong. Unlike some people though, I don't care if someone bought a red. When people hype themselves by saying they have a RED, I just roll my eyes and think to myself, come back to me when you have an Arri alexa lf. Now that's a youtube video I want to see ?
  7. eleison

    RED Komodo

    You are right. One of their biggest drawbacks is price. How does a company lower price? Make things a commodity. Use the economics of scale. Sony, when they think it's time and when they think it's financially worth it, will create cameras that enthusiastic AND the serious cinematographers will want to buy. Right now, the "cinema field" is not that important to Sony. They are letting the smaller companies have this market segment while they are making $$$$ in the enthusiasts and advance hobbyist segment via their a7 and a6000 line. They are also letting the smaller companies experiment to see what features are important. Sooner or later, Sony will create a camera that appeals to an even bigger audience including the serious cinematographers. They have too because introducing "professional" features to a product stimulates sales. They cannot let their mirror-less camera's sales stagnant. That's not how business work. They will create a camera that will be mass marketed and using the economics of scale will be cheaper than anything that RED can do. That was what happened in the DSLR field (I think Sony introduced the first full frame camera under $1k during a time when everyone thought full frame cameras were for professionals only). Remember Sony is light years ahead of RED in sensor technology (does RED even design their own chip???). RED's trump card of compressed RAW. Is that really important? I see within the next few years, there will be hardware good enough to have save uncompressed raw. Also, while not 100% raw, braw has shown that companies can get by without using compress raw. Sony is a huge company, they can easily create their own version of cameras that use braw like codecs. They could also license compress raw from RED if they think it's in Sony's best interest to do so -- which they haven't. PDAF and mirrorless mount - been there, done that. Those two items are not exclusive to RED. I think sony has a patent on PDAF or at least aspects of PDAF but I'm not 100% sure. This is one of the reason Panasonic has such bad autofocusing because they are forced to used CDAF. At the end of the day, RED is nothing. They are an emperor without clothes. I can see them NOT existing within the next 10 years.. perhaps not even the next 5 years. ... but business don't exist in a vacuum. The question then becomes can RED create products that can compete with Sony? They can't because RED is a small company without the economics of scale. Sony sells bucket loads more cameras -- how hard do you think it will be for sony to create camera's that compete with RED? Not too hard. They have proven they can take on "establish players" like canon and Nikon before and sony definitely has the resources.
  8. eleison

    RED Komodo

    Red wouldn't be able to. A lot of Red's marketing is based on marketing (anyone want 10x marked up prices of REd branded SSD's?).... RED is too small and don't have the leverage that blackmagic does. Blackmagic has resolve and has experience catering to the non-budget film makers and low budget film makers for a while now. Red is relying on their reputation. In their market segment which they help started - mid to higher end production; ARRI is kicking their butt; very few people shot on RED now. It's ARRI. Red is now trying to go into Blackmagic's market with the Komodo. However, I don't think the market is big enough to sustain two major companies not to mention, at any time now, Sony can completely wipe both blackmagic and RED away by creating a competing camera; they just don't think the market is big enough for them to really care. When the sales of their A7 cameras start slowing down, we'll see Sony slowly start to encroach on both RED and blackmagic. Remember, within only a few years, sony took away both canon and nikon's marketshare. Both of these companies were a lot bigger and more entrenched than RED or Blackmagic. Just like the REd phone, Komodo is RED's last grasp for market share. Just like the Red phone, it's not going to work. Red is slowly becoming a joke. It's hard for us "video enthusiast" to see that because we knew about red when they first helped start the film to digital revolution for mid to higher end productions. But if you step back with fresh eyes, Red just like their Red Phone, is a joke - it's just a matter of time.
  9. I use evidence and empirical validation. I never once said I would use my gut feelings to accuse someone of lying. The regimes of Pol Pot and Stalin can only exist largely because of emotions. The theology is greater than the man or the objective truth. Those that oppose must be put down at all costs. If you don't believe in the greater communist mother land, you will be put down; if you don't believe in "zero year", you will be part of the road that the ox cart moves on to build that 1000 year empire. The "orange man bad" theology is just the same, but in a very, very smaller scale. But like it's other counterparts, it is based on emotions.
  10. Tell that to the millions of people buried in the ground... or who's fathers who got shipped of to Siberia never to see their sons again; fun times... Like I said, what we have now, could be worse. "Orange man bad" theology comes from a very evil place, but thankfully there is enough people with the power to oppose and to stop that kindling from starting a conflagration.
  11. Never mind, you're right. I just watched MSNBC. Hunter Biden was given $82,000 a month salary because he was able to talk Ukrainian; also some people say he had no experiences in the energy sector and should NOT be on the board of the energy company, but that was wrong too. Msnbc told me that he has over 20 years experience developing energy plans for countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and parts of the USA; he is not some dead beat who has not accomplished anything other than being the son of a prominent politician. It was also just a coincidence that his Dad who was the vice president said on tape that the Ukrainian government needs to stop looking into the obviously, super qualified hunter Biden (his son) and the $82,000 a month job, or else his Dad would do everything in his power as vice president to with hold aid to the ukraine. Nothing to see. Time to move on and hope that I too can become another, hardworking, honest man like hunter Biden. That way I can buy any camera i want instead of just pining for them. Maybe with hard work, I can get a $82,000 a month job. I wonder when he even had time to learn Ukrainian? After work, I get so tired, I barely have any energy left except to cook food and take care of my son. The oldest reason in the world: ideology Why do you think millions of people died in the killing fields???? Not all of them were against the regime, were they? Why do you think million of people perished in the gulags of the soviet union? Were they all american spies? Or, the preventable famines in China??? Were all those rice farmers stupid and the central government far away from those rice field, these government bureaucrats knows best - at least that's what the officials said? etc. etc.. ideology allows people to accept the unknown, the unclear, the speculative as TRUTH. So far, as things go, it hasn't been too bad. A guy got his reputation smeared, a president may or may not lose his job a few months before a election, etc. etc.. It's sad and hopeful in a way. It's sad that people still accept speculation has proof.. it's hopeful because there hasn't been any mass death... yet... yeah, a few antifa brown coats have been intimidating people, but that's a lot better than the organized brown coat of yesterdays.
  12. Yeah, millions of people died during Pol pot because they were accused of being spies or going against "the people" with the same type of evidence that was presented during Brett Kavanaugh's trial. Accuser: "Yeah, I remember Diem. He was talking to this american guy. Sure it was dark. But it was definitely him. Sure, it was 6 months ago and he said that he was with someone else and that someone can vouch for him. But that was Diem's friend. They are both capitalistic sympathizers..." Pol pot official: kill Diem!!! Look at the accuser.. She is even crying???!!!!! How can she be lying? Kill Diem's friend too!!!! Pol Pot official: (looks at his secretary) great, we just got rid of over a million capitalists, teachers, bourgeois, etc. Another 2-3 million more to kill. There sure are a lot of bad people in the world that want to take down the great nation of Cambodia... But as long as we don't need definite proof, but just hearsay, I'm sure we can do it. Our great nation will last for a million years because of our great effort and our ideology.. Remember Orange man bad, we must resist... That's how some people want the world to work. NO evidence.. Just feelings. We have gotten a little better, but we still have people that will "believe her" regardless of anything. Oh well, fun times.
  13. The truth is what we make of it... Hillary deserves jail.. so does hunter biden... Bret Kanuagh did not deserve his good name to be pulled through the mud by lying women... Justice demands proof and not "I heard from this person.. who heard from this person.. " etc... To be honest, for all the head shaking, politically things are not that bad... We had millions starve because of bad government policies... people put into reeducation camps, etc... Previous generation, mass number of people actually got killed because they believed in what they believed because of people in power. While I'm not happy with some things, but it could always be worse.
  14. Canon didn't want to cannibalize their C300, C200, etc cameras becuz if you want good video, you don't use a small camera "designed" for taking pictures instead you use a $16,000 camera "designed" for video. They were probably hoping that their cinema cameras would be a halo product to help sell their consumer cameras. They didn't understand that enthusiastic are the one's that are buying and they don't really care about "halo" products like the mainstream consumers (soccer moms, etc.). Besides, these mainstream consumers are increasing just using their cell phones. oh well, good to know you Canon, don't let the door hit you in the butt when you leave.
  15. REd hasn't been cool... for what? the last 10 years? If they lose this patent, they are done. They don't have a niche to sell cameras too and they aren't broad enough (or cheap) enough for the general audience. Maybe this is also why sony mirrorless cameras (A7siii perhaps, etc.) don't do RAW? 100% RAW uses too much data and compress RAW is patent encumbered by RED? BRAW is not patent encumbered because the camera itself uses specialized data processing IN THE CAMERA to prepare for compression if the user wants it. For sony to do the same thing, it would have to redesign their cameras and then they are using Blackmagics patents. DAMN IT, RED. They have a patent for video compression in camera for anything over 2k REGARDLESS if the algorithm is similar to RED's or not???!!?!?!! They should never have been awarded that patent. It's like saying you can compress any computer file over 2gigs, but than you have to pay someone because they own the patent to compressing computer files over 2gigs.. Ridiculous. edit: nevermind, I just saw the Jinni.Tech youtube video. Stick a fork in it.. yeah, if they lose this patent, they are done.
  16. Red is dead man walking. It is losing the independent movie makers, (these movie makers are using ARRI); and it is too expensive for the no-budget crowd... Besides, it like to sue people which is never a good sign. A couple of people I know from my meetup group uses red... I'm not impress, and other than the cost of the cameras; the camera operators are also not impressed. Dude, I hope Red dies in a fire.
  17. Maybe, but I don't care if a camera is " a threat to S35 video cameras and 'legit high end cinema.'" The standard is what will be used in most movies/videos that people watch. If more and more MILC (I consider the BMPC4k a cheap MILC) are used to create features, than that is the standard. Film use to be the standard. They were expensive and bulky for the most part. They are no longer a standard. Things improve so that content creators can get their job done easier and quicker; and for the beginner content creator, cheaply. There are "legit high end" film cinema cameras that are sitting in storage right now doing nothing. they become obsolete because they no longer serve a purpose even though they are legit.
  18. People use to think MP3 were not a serious threat to high quality wav, or hd audio, etc... Nobody really talks about the latter anymore - even among enthusiasts. MILC will be a serious threat to cine cams. Sony is so big. How is it that it hasn't destroyed blackmagic yet? It's because there is a market for low cost cinema camera and sony does not care about. A lot of people bought the a7iii because youtube people were using it for their channel. Imagine when and if everyone of them started using blackmagic cameras. Video gear has gotten smaller and will continue to get smaller if it does it's intended job.
  19. Yeah, sony is getting complacent, just like canon use to be. Blackmagic and the Chinese manufactures see an opening with low cost cinema cameras and exploiting it. If blackmagic gets good autofocusing, and and larger sensor; a lot less a7iii would have been sold. blackmagic already has the most dominate color grading software, and slowly taking the NLE market. That is sony's Achilles heel right now; I dont' think Sony knows this. Good autofocusing, larger sensor and most youtube people would be using blackmagic instead of a7iii; image that; a lot of people bought the a7iii because of youtube people using them.
  20. This is awesome. I was so scared that I would be stuck with sony because of the lenses, but with this; it's easier to move to Nikon if they start getting their act together.
  21. It's promising that FOXCONN is involved. The company is huge, and with their resources, the 8k Sharp camera could be really good. Also, big companies like foxconn are always looking for the next big thing. Smart phones are becoming a commodity. Cameras are going high end. The low end to mid-range cameras are being forced out of the market by phones. The highend market $2k+ camera/video is where the action is. Basically catering to wealthy individuals. I feel cameras are going to be the next big status symbols. Samsung pulling out of the camera field to focus on smart phones was a big mistake. I bet you they are regretting it. It's actually a culture shift. A lot of people are now into video it seems - kids, adults, moms, etc. You don't hear gear heads talking about the size of a muscle car's engine.. or their gaming rig or smart phones (as much). It seems to me, it's all about videos now. I'm sure the rise of youtube had something to do with it. Well-to-do people lust for new camera gear than anything else IMHO. Or at least, it's in their top 10 of things to lust for. :-) I welcome the time when I can zoom in like blade runner. Deckard: "Enhance 224 to 176. Enhance, stop. Move in, stop. Pull out, track right, stop. Center in, pull back. Stop. Track 45 right. Stop. Center and stop. Enhance 34 to 36. Pan right and pull back. Stop. Enhance 34 to 46. Pull back. Wait a minute, go right, stop. Enhance 57 to 19. Track 45 left. Stop. Enhance 15 to 23. Give me a hard copy right there."
  22. Unless I can cook an egg on the body, it's not hot enough. When I'm out in the woods, always good to carry one less thing. Having to leave my pots at home would be awesome.
  23. It's all in jest, unless Tony sees this thread then I'm calling him out. If he truly is "married", where's the pda? If they are a couple, they have to be one of the most clinical couples I've ever seen irl or on YouTube. You listening, Tony!!? Wheres the pda? hahhahhahah. The problem with online reviews is that everyone is human. Humans have a tendency to form groups and alliances. If you see someone enough times they become familiar (conferences, meet and greets, etc.), and you will be friendly to each other. You become friendly to the fellow YouTuber, the fellow Sony marketing person, etc. It's hard to put down someone's product, or work; when you know the person. That's life. The only people who can truly be objective (imho) are those who are anti-social and are willing to alienate other people. Telling the truth is hard. I'm sure the montage of popular YouTubers featured this article isn't going to make Andrew any more popular. I'm not saying Andrew is anti-social or anything. But he has not engendered himself to the "camera reviewer mafia". No booze and women for him, but we all know he's a little more truthful.
  24. I don't think the EOS R is selling that well. When camera companies give youtubers tickets to a event that has blow and women of ill repute in the back, you know having an unbiased review is the farthest thing from that person's mind. Well, except for Tony Northrup -- I'm still not certain which way he bats even though he is "married".
  25. Sony is not bringing out the a7siii right now in part because they are trying to entice video orientated users to buy the a7iii. If they bring out the a7siii too fast, they would lose a7iii sales - video orientated users would just buy the a7siii.
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