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  1. Sooooo.. Lets say my salary is $85,000 a year. That's my salary working for ABC corporation. However, this year I make only $52,000... Yes, I still "made an income"... but that's 39% decrease in income. If someone took away 39% of your income, would you worry about your job?? Would you worry about the state of the business you are in???? In any case, I don't really care (that much :). I'm just here to gloat. I use to be a canon shooter. They made me wait for 3 years, stringing me along.. hinting they would make a product that I would like to buy/afford. Too late canon. I've moved on. We need a dead pool. How many years or quarters can canon survive??? Canon is dying.. Slowly, but surely especially as a camera company for the masses. After all, they are "diversify away from consumer cameras"..
  2. I think a good company would be more straight forward. Look at Tesla. When they communicate with the press, they have the bad and the good. For example, they say that they delivered X number of cars, LOWER than what they promised. But they will deliver more cars in the future because they have learned from their mistakes and will improve the way they will build cars. Canon would be smart to do the same thing. For example, canon can say they really didn't make that much money last quarter. HOWEVER, they have done research and found that people want X type of cameras/products. They will now build X type of cameras and products to please the public and to increase revenue. This will NOT happen for a while because canon is out of touch with reality. Being out of touch, does not instilling confidence among their shareholders. Expect the stock to trend down even more. If You Don't Cannibalize Yourself, Someone Else Will - Steve Jobs Canon needs to innovate, or they will continue to die. market segmentation no longer works...
  3. Last year was not a good year for Canon. In any case, I do like the spin they put on it though. If they sold more interchangeable-lens camera, they would have said it. Instead, they said "around the same level"... In other words, I bet you they sold less.. Canon stock is trading around 5 year lows. Canon is too big of a company to have sales of cameras "like the previous year". Canon is slowly imploding and they are not even willing to admit it. Canon is becoming more and more out of touch with reality.
  4. According to Sony, the major reason for the 30min limit is the EU taxes.. Not to prevent overheating. After all, when the camera starts to overheat it shuts down by itself regardless of the hack. In any case, good news for me because I am no longer looking at buying a 4k recorder.
  5. DSLR are boring.. hence Canon is boring :-) hahahhhahaha I could be wrong, but they seem to be following mirrorless. For example, didn't mirrorless come out first with 4k 60p video?
  6. It's gong to be a revolutionary new printer.
  7. Perhaps it's time for BHPhoto to move to Texas???? :-) In any case, the photography, retail field is very competitive and price sensitive. I hope the union knows this.
  8. It's a film that stars leonardo dicaprio fighting a bear directed by a trendy director... That to me is the epitome of "pop culture"... Add to this the fact that it strays away from what really happened, is not realistic and the movie is being discussed a lot on TMZ. It may not be at the level of "star wars" pop culture, but it is definitely pop culture.
  9. I did not like Revenant. When growing up, I was interested in camping, fishing, hunting, etc. A lot of the things the main character (Mr. Glass) does in the movie was wrong and did not happen in real life. 1) you cannot survive very long in cold water like Mr. Glass does. You would be dead in 15mins because of hypothermia (that took me out of the movie very quickly). In other words, DO NOT TRY stuff that Glass does in the movie if you are stuck in the wilderness.. You will DIE. 2) In the end of the movie, the Leader left the base. In real life, he would have gotten a bigger posse. I can understand if the director did that to make the movie more "intimate", but there were other ways to provide the "intimacy". 3) MILD SPOILER...........In real life, Glass does not kill anyone, but instead forgives them. Also, in real life, none of the white people killed anyone in their party. It was basically a huge F-Up when they left Glass for dead. Basically, they just thought he was dead. Or 100% going to dead. It just wasn't so cold hearted like how it was displayed in the movie. There are other stuff that I didn't like, but I cannot remember them now even though I just saw it yesterday. If you don't care for realism, and logic; it's not a bad movie. It is interesting to note it was mostly shot on available light :-) pretty cool.
  10. http://www.thewrap.com/joseph-gordon-levitts-latest-short-film-shot-entirely-on-samsung-nx1-exclusive-video/ XC10, the worse camera of 2015 according to camera store TV.. how embarrassing for canon...
  11. This rumor doesn't make sense. Originally, there was "big news" that samsung will shake up both Nikon and Canon; basically the whole imaging field. SoooOooooOOooo ultimately, this so-called "big news" is samsung is going to start selling sensors to Nikon?? That was anti-climatic. Since there are no real mention of the size of sensor, I'm assuming crop sensors no less. I don't think Samsung has facilities to crank out fullframe sensors. They would have to make a major capital investment to do that. I doubt they would do that for little old Nikon in a dwindling marketplace that Nikon plays in. The market place does not justify Samsung in spending money to create full frame sensors for Nikon. It rationally does not make sense since there is a high risk of failure. I think the guy who runs http://www.mirrorlessrumors.com/; the guy who originally started (or at least amped) this round of rumors is grasping for straws. Initially, he implied that the rumor was basically going to blow our minds. He said to wait until noon London time for his "official sources" to give him more information. We have past the deadline and the best he could give us is that samsung is going to sell sensors...??? Dude, I think his "official sources" never came through and the guy is pulling stuff out of his butt. After all, what evidence does he have???? All we know is that Samsung is closing marketing channels. If we sit back and look at all the concrete evidence, it just points to Samsung closing their camera business. That is all. The "hail mary pass" would be Samsung rebuilding a new camera line which is a distance 2nd. I could be wrong, but until official statements are made; the rumor that Nikon is going big with samsung sensors is full of poop. Samsung is not going to be researching and developing sensors for a third party. Hell, Sony doesn't even do that. Sony basically creates sensors FOR THEMSELVES first (A7S, A7Rii, etc), and than begrudgingly sells it to other companies. Perhaps, samsung might give Nikon left over NX1 sensors for a line of Nikon cameras, but even that, I highly doubt.
  12. just because one cannot imagine a world where video editing is done on a tablet does not mean it is not posible in the future. As steve jobs would say "imagine the impossibe." Tablets editing video is definitely NOT a bridge too far..
  13. If a theatrical release can be filmed using an iphone, what more do "real directors" really need? Putting images onto a screen is a "solved problem". Dynamic range, 4k/8k, slow mo, etc... are all aesthetics. Things that do matter, but not as much as the enthusiastic think they do. Innovation can occur, but it's not going to be related to putting images onto the screen. Perhaps it will be about content delivery... special effects, etc... I don't know. If innovation is so easy, everyone would be doing it :-) Camera companies are starting to become like pen and paper companies. One can only innovate pen and paper technology so much. At the end of the day, what counts is trying to facilitate the creative process. Innovation can only happen if the camera companies look past their cameras and equipment and ask, "what can I do to help X put his ideas onto the screen?"... Everything else is fluff... Nice to have, but not necessary.
  14. Checking ebay, I noticed that the 5d iii is selling for around $1,800 to $2,000... If you bought your 5diii "years ago" for that much, than yes, your 5diii is almost at the same value. Somehow, I doubt you bought your 5diii for that much "yes ago". Remember, a store can sell a new 5diii for any price it wants. Doesn't mean that people are going to buying it for that price. You may disagree, but the 5diii has lost a lot of value and will continue to lose value regardless when the 5div /5dc/ etc comes out... Electronic equipment in general loses a lot of value very quickly. I'm glad sony is bringing out a lot of cameras. Those that want to play with the "greatest and the latest" will just have to pay the "greats and the latest" prices ($$$$$$$). Those that don't, will just wait and buy the older generation. This helps get more cameras into the hands of consumers and helps earlier adopters get the latest technology. Slowly rolling out cameras hurt everyone. Technology stagnates and prices of products remain high for even "older technology". Sony has raised the bar. Because of this, the next canon consumer video dslr MUST have 4k. A win-win for all consumers... :-)
  15. There's an easy reason why the majority of people wouldn't be buying in 2 years... A7RIII or Samsung Nx1 mark 2 (or some other "jesus camera" we don't know about) that does 8k video, internal recording, high iso and high dynamic range... Do we need all these features.. hell no.. But it's good to have for cropping, panning, future "proofing", etc.. etc.. ( whatever reasons people have to buy the "newest" and "greatest") hahahhaha... Same excuses, different year :-)
  16. Regardless. A7rii is not a pro-level camera like the c100 or the c300 or the 1dc... Nevertheless, sales of the a7rII seems to be doing well (extremely well if you compare it to the cinema line).. A7rii is just like the A7s (also not a pro-level camera). For every person who does a "serious movie" with the A7s, there are dozens that bought it with aspirations of being a film maker but ultimately, they just filmed their cats.... Or just bought it to film their vacation... or just took a bunch of baby pictures and then left it in their closet. A lot of times, camera's like the a7s, a7rii, are "dream" cameras for the mass market. It provides mass market people the ability to create "Hollywood" movies, but in real life, few do. It's like people who buy rugged SUV's. They spend a lot of money for the ability to perhaps offroad someday.. but ultimately, most just take their expensive suv's to the grocery store and back. Nothing wrong with that. Sony is full filling a desire (and making a profit at the same time). The bad thing for canon is that as time marches on, these consumer cameras get better and better.. Ultimately, they will be good enough, or better than their pro-counterparts, that very few people will care for "pro cameras" anymore. After all, how many people really care about the 1DC? come on??? If they did, why is the 1dc gotten progressively cheaper?
  17. Unfortunately for Canon, people on vacation no longer buy shoulder size video camera to visit Paris, Rome, or New York. Not going to happen. Sony is catering to the largest and most profitable segment right now - the main stream. They will try to make video enthusiasts and pro's happy, but between releasing a product that is small and convenient, but might overheat if used to the "max" vs building something like the c300 or the 1dc.. Sony knows who their masters are. Just look at Sony's balance sheet as compared to Canon's. While hard core video enthusiasts and pro's do matter... These people set the tone. They do the reviews. They create the buzz... But at the end of the day, the game is about how many camera's can companies ship out of the factory. I think there is enough people who will love their cameras regardless of the faults that the A7rII will be a success for sony... The A7rII is an advance consumer grade camera developed and marketed to the unwashed mashes; anything more is just a gift from sony to the pro's. Sony is making pro quality video accessible to the masses. It might NOT be 100% reliable.. it might not be 100% pro-grade, but the masses don't care... and if the quality is good enough, some pro's will "work around" the disadvantageous. Times are a changing. "Pro level video" equipment is slowly being obsoleted by "consumer grade video" equipment... Chainsaws used to be "pro-level".. now you can buy "consumer" grade chainsaws at your local home improvement big box store that can do 99% of what a "pro-level" can do for cheap.... because of this now most people, even the pro's, buy their chainsaws at the big box stores.
  18. Clearly Canon wants to be the next Red. One thing they forgot to notice is that red is a niche company. There are only so many hollywood movies out there.. There are just so many hollywood production studios requiring "Red" and "Red-like" camera's. Canon maybe beating Red at that "price point", but they are cutting off their nose to spite their face. For a consumer electronics company that relies on income from consumers, catering to high end professionals at the expensive of their consumers is stupid. The revenue generated by high end professionals just isn't there. Red Digital Cinema Camera Company can only exists because they do not have the employees or the expenses that canon has. If canon continues, they will also be a niche player which means they will need to have the corporate structure of a niche company. I.e., they will need to lay people off. Niche companies do not have a high head count. How many employees does RED have? How many does Canon? 16% drop in revenue and falling.. Sony is catering to the consumer and the company is improving financially... Their prosumer A7s competes directly with their more "professional" camera's. Sony is a big company and they know they can ill afford to ignore the prosumer market. Consumer electronics company like sony can not survive by marketing and selling only towards "professionals". They basically have to put the consumer first and the professional second. Canon for some reason does not understand this. I'll wait for Canon's next quarter's earnings report :-) hahahahahahah... It going to be bad. I wonder when "bad" officially turns into "catastrophic", i.e., "bloodbath".. I feel the time is getting close... and it couldn't happen to a more arrogant company...
  19. Sometimes I wish there was a canon camera that does 4k video on a small body or a decent 1080p that doesn't require me to buy a used one in order to afford it; sometimes we just don't get what we wish for.... Who cares? We have other manufacturers fulling our needs now. Burn baby burn!! If you are related to canon, are a canon rep, canon ambassador, or somehow have a vested interested in canon, etc.; sorry, but you picked the wrong horse. Time has moved on. Lamenting on how canon can improve is like lamenting on how kodak can increase sales of rolls of iso 400 film. Few people want them (except for those strange people who still take pictures using film because it's "magical" or has a certain "color style", etc...the same type of people who still buy vinyl records because vinyl is "superior" to digital).
  20. They should of asked the Canon rep, "so how much more money can Canon lose until you are let go?" After all, I heard they closed some of their "retail shops" in China a few weeks ago. hahahahaha... Only two reasons why canon is acting the way they are. 1) they just don't have the tech as mention earlier in this thread 2) upper management is stupid. However, if you look at the big picture, the real underlying problem is management is stupid. Even if they currently don't have the tech, management is stupid for NOT cultivating new products and new technologies instead of sitting on their piles cash.... or presently, their fast shrinking piles of cash. Dude, this may sound mean, but I hope canon crash and burns quickly. IMHO, they are one of the most arrogant companies that string people along... oh, next model, we'll have xyz feature.. .oh just want until Mark blababhha.. and you'll get xyz feature.. oh just wait for the mark 4, etc.. and when the feature does come along; Oh, you want this feature?? That will be $15,000, etc., etc.. arrogant and not in a good way. Crash and burn, baby!!!
  21. How long before the layoffs?????? I think canon profits have been going in the toilet for the past 2 years. I say, one more year of bad earnings before layoffs. The 5d4 will not save them. Their investment in the alarm company Axis will not save them.. Dslr for imaging is dead. Just like sony, Canon needs to be burned down to rise again... The canon board of directors if they are smart, needs to get rid of the current upper management (aka, "the clowns").... and quickly.
  22. The upcoming a7rii VS 1DC would be a much more interesting fight. A $1.5k camera vs a $4K plus camera is like comparing a seasoned professional prize fighter to the local high school street brawler. At the end of the day inside an official ring with official rules, the season fighter is going to knock out the newcomer every time :-) Just being allowed to be in the ring is a "win" enough for the highschooler. The new, $3.2K sony A7rii prosumer camera with the latest bells and whistles vs the "professional" camera of the past generation, the 1DC. Now, that's a fight :-) Can the upstart unseat one of the best professional cameras of the last generation @ almost twice it weight size (I think a new 1dc is like $6-8k)? Live broadcast starts on August 5. Get ready with the popcorn and enjoy the show :-)
  23. $4,000.. $4,500... $6,000... does it matter? whatever it is, the majority of people don't care enough to buy one.
  24. When the 1dc first came out and it was priced around 12K, people said it was too expensive but they would buy one if it was around 4k.. It's now around that price used, but yet people still say it's too expensive. I would assume when the prices come down even further, people would still say it's too expensive because sony/panasonic, etc. has a camera that is similarly spec'd, but cheaper.. Oh well, I could be wrong. Who cares???? Also, $4k really isn't that expensive for a professional. But then most of us buy cameras that are located in the "prosumer" segment.... because most of us are advance amateurs... and if we aren't, what is $4k as compared to a films total budget, peanuts???? $4k is nothing for a professional who makes his living taking video. They probably already bought one or is renting one. Like most people, I am not in that segment therefore I don't really care about the 1dc. If you have a 1dc, just enjoy it.
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