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  1. eleison

    Sony E mount to Nikon Z mount adapter

    This is awesome. I was so scared that I would be stuck with sony because of the lenses, but with this; it's easier to move to Nikon if they start getting their act together.
  2. eleison

    Sharp's new 8K M43 camera

    It's promising that FOXCONN is involved. The company is huge, and with their resources, the 8k Sharp camera could be really good. Also, big companies like foxconn are always looking for the next big thing. Smart phones are becoming a commodity. Cameras are going high end. The low end to mid-range cameras are being forced out of the market by phones. The highend market $2k+ camera/video is where the action is. Basically catering to wealthy individuals. I feel cameras are going to be the next big status symbols. Samsung pulling out of the camera field to focus on smart phones was a big mistake. I bet you they are regretting it. It's actually a culture shift. A lot of people are now into video it seems - kids, adults, moms, etc. You don't hear gear heads talking about the size of a muscle car's engine.. or their gaming rig or smart phones (as much). It seems to me, it's all about videos now. I'm sure the rise of youtube had something to do with it. Well-to-do people lust for new camera gear than anything else IMHO. Or at least, it's in their top 10 of things to lust for. :-) I welcome the time when I can zoom in like blade runner. Deckard: "Enhance 224 to 176. Enhance, stop. Move in, stop. Pull out, track right, stop. Center in, pull back. Stop. Track 45 right. Stop. Center and stop. Enhance 34 to 36. Pan right and pull back. Stop. Enhance 34 to 46. Pull back. Wait a minute, go right, stop. Enhance 57 to 19. Track 45 left. Stop. Enhance 15 to 23. Give me a hard copy right there."
  3. Unless I can cook an egg on the body, it's not hot enough. When I'm out in the woods, always good to carry one less thing. Having to leave my pots at home would be awesome.
  4. It's all in jest, unless Tony sees this thread then I'm calling him out. If he truly is "married", where's the pda? If they are a couple, they have to be one of the most clinical couples I've ever seen irl or on YouTube. You listening, Tony!!? Wheres the pda? hahhahhahah. The problem with online reviews is that everyone is human. Humans have a tendency to form groups and alliances. If you see someone enough times they become familiar (conferences, meet and greets, etc.), and you will be friendly to each other. You become friendly to the fellow YouTuber, the fellow Sony marketing person, etc. It's hard to put down someone's product, or work; when you know the person. That's life. The only people who can truly be objective (imho) are those who are anti-social and are willing to alienate other people. Telling the truth is hard. I'm sure the montage of popular YouTubers featured this article isn't going to make Andrew any more popular. I'm not saying Andrew is anti-social or anything. But he has not engendered himself to the "camera reviewer mafia". No booze and women for him, but we all know he's a little more truthful.
  5. I don't think the EOS R is selling that well. When camera companies give youtubers tickets to a event that has blow and women of ill repute in the back, you know having an unbiased review is the farthest thing from that person's mind. Well, except for Tony Northrup -- I'm still not certain which way he bats even though he is "married".
  6. eleison

    Sony a7SIII - Full Frame 4K 60fps 10bit with Flip Out Screen

    Sony is not bringing out the a7siii right now in part because they are trying to entice video orientated users to buy the a7iii. If they bring out the a7siii too fast, they would lose a7iii sales - video orientated users would just buy the a7siii.
  7. eleison

    Sony a7SIII - Full Frame 4K 60fps 10bit with Flip Out Screen

    Sony's plan has worked. When the a7siii finally comes out, sony thinks it will be good enough to make you, once again, "upgrade". I think that is why we offically haven't heard of the a7siii yet -- sony wants people to buy the a7iii first; and then ultimately the a7siii. If they bring out the a7siii too soon, a lot of video people would skip the a7iii. Sneaky sony... But I'm not going to buy the a7iii. I know their game plan, but it sure is hard resisting :-)
  8. eleison

    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    Andrew is an iconoclast. But iconoclast never get the sacramental wine or bread... T's the way of the world. As long as he keeps his reviews honest, then let the world burn. If he starts dinging a camera because he wasn't invited to x, or y event than he will be "just the same as everyone else"....
  9. eleison

    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    The more truthful you are, the more companies don't want to invite you to their press releases, product reveals, etc. The more servile you are, the more companies want to invite you so you can write fluffy pieces about their products. It's part of the biz. Just look at Tony and Chealse. Every time a companies gives them early access to their products (e.g., Nikon); the next day, their reviews and youtube videos are "less harsh" about the companies products - "Oh, the Nikon Z doesn't have dual cards. That's fine... ", while just a few weeks ago they are saying camera's without dual cards are basically a liability. They walk the tightrope and to be honest I don't fully trust their reviews. But that's how they make their living...
  10. eleison

    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    Stop it... Just stop it... I get it. You think we are obsessive about gear and instead we should start filming... Well, that might be true, but it doesn't stop the fact that there maybe issues with the blackmagic camera. This is why we are on this forum. Hell, do you think I would even touch this forum if I wanted to be 100% productive? It's like telling fat people, "you know, that cake has 1000 calories". Fat people already know.. We already know we are obsessive.. If I wanted to be productive, I would have went to some website called, "Get the hell out of the internet, and use your freaking camera that you bought months ago, asswipe".com... Do you see me going to that website right now? Nope.... QED. Now, excuse me while I create my indy flim... but first, I need to research for the best camera... :-)
  11. eleison

    Canon Full Frame Mirrorless is just around the corner?

    Huhm, when people think of mirrorless, they think small dslr form factor (or range finder form factor). This is basically a camcorder just re-branded as mirrorless. Hell, with this line of thinking, canon could have rebranded their old XL1 as "mirrorless" too, right?
  12. eleison

    Your Nikon mirrorless wishes

    If nobody buys into the first generation Nikon mirrorless, I don't think the company has that many resources to create a 3rd or 4th model. Nikon (from all the rumors) are hurting quite a bit since they do not have anything else to sell except for cameras. Canon has sensors, security equipment, printers, etc... Sony has video games, radios, etc... The place Nikon is at is precarious. The company is at the edge of the cliff looking down into the abyss. I wouldn't want to be them. Nikon needs to do something miraculous with their up and coming mirror-less camera or else they are done.
  13. The only thing I'm hyped about is the thought of not spending another $2-4 grand on a new camera this year. The gh5s doesn't fill my main use cases. I have an a7sii and the biggest thing I'm missing is PDAF. The gh5s does not have that, and there is no conclusive evidence that it is better in low light/extreme low light than the a7sii. I am also not excited about the a7sIII. I was for a while, but I need a camera to have unlimited recording (theatre plays, recitals, etc. last more than 30mins). The upcoming a7siii will probably not be hackable for a while since it does not have the sony playmemories app. So yeah.. I'm hyped that I'm not going to be spending $2-4k on a camera this yeah. But to be honest, I have G.A.S. so I'm a bit sad at the same time. hahahahah
  14. If you say so... I want to see evidence though. Make the gh5s fullframe by putting a speed booster on the gh5s (same DOF, same focal length, same perspective, etc.) and compare. Lets see who has the better image. Let the battle begin. Otherwise, it's all hype to me right now. F8 in a dim highschool gym... we are starting to talk about really high ISO... especially if you are doing slow mo (120fps).... Not to mention all the situations that documentary videographers encounter all the time (alley ways in the mid of the night???). If I'm wrong, I'll admit it. I use to have a gh2 and I used a gh4 for a bit. I loved the gh2.
  15. Different strokes for different folks.. "F8 and be there" -- having 25K+ iso helps especially for documentary people (or folks that run and gun, video taping their kids in a lightly light room; the, "'F+ck it, right now I don't know what or who to focus on; someone or something is bound to do something interesting in this wresting meet; I'll set the fstop as high as I can so I can get the most dof and see what I can capture" hahahahahaha Life comes at you fast when you have kids so keep everything in focus :-).