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  1. Dude, do you even know what a mini-disc is/was????? :-) Regardless, just enjoy your camera. You don't need to post why you think your camera is better than most. It just makes it seem like you are fishing for validation on your purchase. The fact is very few people care about the 1dc and even fewer want to buy one. Just the way things are...
  2. Nobody cares anymore. Just like the audio format wars of the late 90's/early 2000's; the more convenient technology has won. The 1dc was too expensive when it was first introduced and now it has lost the momentum. Cheaper, more convenient technology like the a7s has won the hearts and minds of the majority. MP3's used to be scoffed at by "professional audio engineers". Not anymore... Instead of talking about superior "lossless" audio, audio people now talk about and use music formats formats that are downloadable, stream-able, and convenient. A lot of that is MP3 base formats (aka the "worse" audio format). The 1dc is the mini-disc of it's time... It's situated in a niche that only a small segment of people care for. The real innovation is happening in the prosumer field - a larger and more profitable segment. As time moves forward, this field will get better and better (e.g, a7rII) while the 1dc niche will continue to die. Just like mp3 encoding.. The bit rate got higher, and the quality improved... and it continued to improve until nobody cared anymore about the alternatives.
  3. Canon and Nikon are already toast. The last shoe to drop will be when the low end, uninformed consumer who buys only because of brand, stops buying. Canon's brand is hurting... really bad... This situation is the same as the film to digital movement. In the beginning, the average consumer kept on buying film because they didn't know better. The "hard core" professionals kept on using film because "film will always be better than digital"... We all know what happened afterwards. Innovate or die.. Canon/Nikon.. .who cares? I sold a lot of my canon equipment off already. This situation will be another case study in MBA programs all over the world... just like Eastman Kodak.
  4. Use a balloon... It's super stable and safe.... And when I mean balloon, I mean a real one with a wicker basket where you can stand inside :-)
  5. I cannot wait until 8K... These are all nice videos.. However, we live in a 4k world, because of this, if we want to digitally pan/zoom, etc.; we have to master in 1080p.... I want to master in 4k!!! 8k, or nothing!!!! :-)
  6. ​Dead man walking.. Canon just doesn't know it yet. Unless canon do a complete 180, but than they would have to admit their strategy was a complete failure which is hard to do (assuming they EVEN have the "tech" to compete). Not only that, they will have to restructure their development cycle (2-3 year cycles are unacceptable with the current level of competition). All uphill battles that big companies find hard or impossible to accomplish. It takes time to change the course of a big ship. Because of this, I wouldn't expect anything innovative from Canon for the next couple of years assuming they actually start trying to compete instead of keeping their head in the sand. Mark my words, the next 5D will be a dud compared to the competition. They will have to change course NOW though. Waiting until the sales of their rebel camera tank would be disastrous. Canon should use the sales of their rebels/lower dslrs to power though the next couple of years in order to change the company structure. Start innovating. Lucky for canon, apparently people are still buying these lower end cameras. This is canon's only life line. Lenses are important -- but with adapters and new native lenses in other formats, it's not as important as people make it out to be. Besides, not everyone needs super fast focusing.
  7. ​ Everyone says this, but I'm not sure why it couldn't be. Tony Northrup suggest that less pixels aren't the real reason why the A7s is so good in low light, but because the camera can move data faster from the sensor (there are less pixels). Also since data can be moved faster, the A7S is able to use a better algorithm to create better low light video. I'm not saying having "big" pixels doesn't help in low light situation, I'm saying the data transfer and the better algorithm is where most of the low light magic happens. In any case, I could totally be wrong but if still images from the A7R which has a lot more pixels than the A7S; if the A7R and the A7S basically have the same quality image file with the same shutter speed in low light situation, I think the "low light magic" is NOT due to the lower number of pixels or because the A7S has "bigger" pixels. Just a thought. Remember video is just the combination of multiple still images.
  8. Wow, when Sony said they were targeting high end consumer level imaging products, they weren't kidding. Most of my canon glass is gone. The most expensive one left is the 70-200 mk2... I should sell it soon. Canon is dead in the water unless they can pull a rabbit out of their bottoms. Their products are going to be worth less (or is that "worthless" hahahahah). I wonder what the low light ability is for the A7RII.
  9. ​ Manufacturers want to sell it's products to as many people as possible. Some people want small cameras. Some people want big cameras. If Manufacturers create small cameras, people can always "build up" the camera to make it bigger. It's hard to go the other way around.
  10. ​ 1) Canon will sell buckets loads -- I disagree; the field is so fragmented now. We have Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, blackmagic, Nikon, etc., etc., etc. So many choices. It use to be basically two choices especially for imaging - canon or nikon. Also, there isn't a lot of photographers willing to upgrade from their 5d3's, a7r, d810, etc... etc.. Dslr sales are slowing down or decreasing..5d4 will be a tradition dslr designed towards photographers. A lot of traditional photographers are already happy with what they own. The Marketing Machine wouldn't work. The 5d4 is too expensive for the common consumer who buys based on marketing alone. These consumers buy rebels - the sub $1,000 market. 2) we "will be very very disappointed in what a flop it is" -- agreed. For the photo enthusiast, there are just way too many choices... For the video enthusiast, canon isn't really in their mind share anymore.
  11. ​You did it all wrong.... You first start making HOME movies... next shorts.... then music videos... and then Voila, you make a movie. Examples are Spike Jones.. Marc Webb... and even Michael Bay.. http://www.metacritic.com/feature/music-video-directors-turned-film-directors There several things you get to learn QUICKLY when you go this route: 1) What the audience wants to watch and will PAY to watch 2) How your skillz compare to others in the industry; nothing like competing against 1000's of other music video directors.. If your video stands out, and are being watch by millions, than the market place is telling you that you have skillz. 3) Your mental/physical fortitude. If you quit after nobody watches your first (or 100th) music video/short, perhaps you don't have the fortitude to continue.. Don't waste your time. Taking years and years to create ONE movie... Probably not a good way to learn the above 3 things.. Just my opinion (with tongue firmly in cheek :-)
  12. ​But for 4k Video, one only needs 8megpixels, right? So I guess sony might or might not depending how important video is for them.
  13. ​ Sony has to be careful. If it rest on it's laurels another company is going to come and take over. "If you don't cannibalize yourself, someone else will" - Steve Jobs. Blackmagic is doing a good job cannibalizing their products. Canon.. not so much. Canon could have ruled the low end market, but it is now fragmented between panasonic (gh4) and sony (a7s). We even have samsung looking into the field (nx1). The mid market (fs7, Canon eos - camera's that are usually rented), they are getting pressured from these lower end devices. Canon has even said they are thinking about making the cinema cameras more "inclusive".. I suspect this is code word for cheaper to sell in the lower end. Because of the drastic price drops every season, I really don't think their eos camera's are really bringing in the type of revenue they expected. Their stock price hasn't really been increasing. I think they have been slightly decreasing. I think sony will bring out a new a7s II this year. Sony isn't doing great as a single company. They can't afford to lose this toe hold in the lower market. However, I do think Samsung will bring out a camera that will compete with the a7s. I think sony understands if they don't keep innovating, another company will. Just like how samsung killed them in the cell phone field by innovating, I think sony has learned it's lesson.... unless, Sony is REALLY that stupid. So yes, A7s II this year :-)
  14. ​ TLDR; Personally, I like new cameras because I want to help the economy... Buying expensive cameras brings cash into the global economy. Not only that, but it takes a lot of my time. That's a good thing because if I didn't have camera's to salivate to, I would be abusing my wife.. kids... pets.. and ultimately, myself... Its a health care issue for me.. Hell, if can can put camera's into cellophane sheets like baseball cards, pulling them out of the binder every now just admire them, I would..... :-) stories, lighting, etc.. etc.. all take a backseat....
  15. ​ If there was more information on the guy running it.. Perhaps if he was a design engineer from some big firm (or even a smaller firm) with proven skills in building a camera... or even a project manager... Right now, I am a skeptic.. HOWEVER, if this does come to fruition, that would be AWESOME :-) but he better hurry. Who knows.. some big company might eclipse his camera if he take too long; just look at the Bolex... the bolex came out a year or 2 years TOO late. If the bolex were sold earlier.. it would have sold a lot more. Now it's just a footnote in the camera industry..
  16. Why would anyone use the 5d3 for video? it's not built for it. People have moved on to gh4, nx1, a7s, lx100, etc... this isn't 2010 where everyone and their mom was shooting video with the 5d2. I expect less and less people shooting video with Canon dslrs. I also expect canon to continue selling less and less cameras.
  17. ​People are doing this, that is why canon is marketing this camera as a "GH4 competitor" -- not our words, but Canon's... Even though Gh4 with an adapter is a better solution for low budget shooters than anything that canon has, there are some negatives. The auto focusing is slow to non-existent, and the m43 sensor is smaller (low light issue, slighter harder to get shallow DOF, etc.). When Panasonic or any other company overcomes these two factors, kiss canon good bye. Canon lenses are the only reason low budget shooters still care about the company.
  18. ​If you are not serious enough to tote a large camera and a bag full of lenses, than just get a lx100. It's a lot smaller and a lot more inexpensive (hell, you wouldn't even have to buy expensive Cfast cards).
  19. ​It's US$2.5k because of the "canon value-added tax"... hahahahaha... I really don't see how this will compete with the gh4/nx1/a7s... They are all cheaper and with what we know about the XC10, the alternatives are a better value.
  20. ​ I hope it's a new NX1 model. Samsung has all the tools to kick butt in the dslr field. The main dslr companies have been dragging their feet for too long. Canon and Sony has their "higher end cinema" camera's to protect. Nikon is lost in the woods and seems more focused on photography than video (yes, their video capabilities have increased, but no one really takes their video that seriously)... and besides Nikon is dependent on Sony sensors. Samsung has none of these restraints. Samsung has a huge research budget. They also have $$$... not to mention, as a big company, they need to constantly move into new markets. If Samsung wants to (and I hope they do), they can build a new camera model every year incorporating the latest technology and seeing what become "hits". In other words, please, please let there be a NX1-LX coming up very soon :-) Let Samsung kick some Japanese camera manufacturer's butt for jerking around the public.
  21. "Bargain of the century"??? More like "bargain for the next few months"...Assuming no "game changing" cameras at NAB which I highly doubt.
  22. I wonder why there is such a big drop in Canon equipment right before NAB. Perhaps Canon knows something that we don't. Another "Jesus camera" from panasonic or samsung. I doubt its because Canon wants to move stock because they have newer and better tech coming out in NAB. If they did have better tech coming in NAB, they would have slowly discounted their equipment a lot earlier. They would have been methodical. This price drop seems abrupt and unplanned....
  23. ​Samsung is VERY big and they "innovate". They also throw things on the wall and "see what sticks". Remember, they were the first to mass market smaller tablets at a time when Steve Jobs said 10 inch tablets were the key. Samsung also pioneered bigger phones. 4-5 inch phones were first mass marketed by Samsung. They are also experimented with very large tablets (12 inch plus screens), albeit with limited success. Their line of notebook is also well respected. The fastest selling sony A7 camera is the A7s. I think I read that on the sonyalpharumors website. Samsung is not stupid. They beat the Japanese in the cell phone market (and appliances). I think Sony, Cannon, and Nikon are going to have a real fight on their hands. Koreans vs Japanese. Japanese companies like Canon and nikon like to play nice among themselves - incremental improvements, keep prices high on consumers; you leapfrog me this year, and then next year I'll leap frog you.. but.. don't go too far..... I think the Koreans will see this as a weakness. I feel that it wouldn't be a friendly game of leap frog. I think the Koreans mean to battle the Japanese like how they did in the mobile phone field...
  24. ​Besides Samsung can do it (NX1) because they have expertise in cell phone technology.... They are using technology optimized for cell phones, not photography... And as we all know, cell phone technology is leaps and bounds more advanced. Cell phone technology is not available for sony or canon. After all, sony has never had a really successful cell phone product.... and actually, they are getting out of the cell phone market.
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