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  1. 36 minutes ago, Django said:

    FWIW, he went from C70 to FX3 to R5 to R5C.. and now back to R5?! all in the span of 10 months lol. 

    Yeah! While I am still on my R5 that was bought 2 years ago lol ūüėܬ† But seems like he still have FX3? So some camera he just keep I think.

    I bought R5 mainly for the no overheating on standard 4k, I don't really that 8k or 45mp, but lately on some greenscreen shot i done the 8k is quite useful for controlling spills like woman's hair or wedding veil due to high resolution.

  2. 3 hours ago, Ty Harper said:

    On another note - any idea roughly how much time you get on the R5C with an LPE6 battery? I'm thinking maybe 20 minutes but would be good to hear from an actual owner. And thanks for your initial response!

    The camera show 20min if u put lp-e6 on it

  3. 8 minutes ago, Emanuel said:

    Let's not forget they had the C70 and R5C to launch! LOL ;- )

    Yeah lol!  Seriously if R5 performs like this at first I dont think that many people will get R5C.

  4. 5 hours ago, Emanuel said:

    Indeed and that R5C's 8K 60p is unbeatable right now. Let alone the IBIS artifacts to pop up right there...


    The new update also fixing the UW wobbling with the digital IS.


    I think I m gonna cancel the R7 pre-order (still no update from my shop ugh) My R5 is reborn again with this new update.

  5. 8 minutes ago, Andrew Reid said:

    The one that came today, people getting over 2hrs of 8K without overheating.


    EOS R5 Firmware Update Version 1.6.0

    22nd July 2022

    Firmware Version 1.6.0 incorporates the following enhancements:

    1. Adds [Auto Power Off Temp.: Standard/High] to the menu for movie recording. When [High] is selected, the camera will not automatically turn off when the temperature of the camera body and card become high, which may allow for longer movie recording than before, depending on the shooting conditions. Note that the temperature of the bottom surface of the camera may increase at this time.

    2. Adds the ability to convert multiple HEIF images into multiple JPEG images.

    3. Enhances the performance of "Movie Digital IS". It stabilizes the image when taking selfies or walking shots using a wide-angle lens.

    4. Fixes minor issues.

  6. Well the new firmware with new temp control for video seems like make R5 really hard to overheat now, people getting really good 8K, 4KHQ and 4K120 recording time to CFExpress.
    R6 sadly still overheat the same? R3 getting 240fps in FHD which is nice.

  7. 2 hours ago, Kisaha said:

    I read a rumour today that Canon is planning an R7C for 2023!!

    That rumour made me pause. I have an R7 on pre order, but I am in no big hurry for another camera..but of course it's just a rumour..I am split at the moment.

    I can live with most of the cons, it is a middle priced camera after all, but the codec could be problematic, and I do not usually work with proxies.

    There are cheaper Chinese speedboosters around. The Canon vND adapter is quite bad for 500‚ā¨, so I have lost faith in their accessories.



    I still think a R6C (or with R3 sensor) is actually the most sense for most people than R5C or even R7C. It will be like the A7S of Canon but with oversampled 4k and better lowlight than most Canon offering on video, battery life should better since the chip doesn't have to work very hard on 8K data, and RAW is not ridiculous large since it is only 5K for people like shooting RAW.


    I recently finished a multicam project that shoot on 4k25/50p with 2 Panna and 2 Canon (500gb data), edit it on the cheapest mba m1 7gpu with 8gb and 256gb ssd and 2tb external ssd. I really pushed very hard on this little Mac lol. I didn't use proxy at all.

  8. 5 hours ago, herein2020 said:

    I forgot about that 4K60FPS and additional crop. You would almost need a fisheye to work with that crop. Maybe the line skipping looks so bad because its side by side with the cropped version. Maybe in the real world the line skipping is fine for weddings and social media content work.

    I think the R5 is also line skipping 4k60p? For music videos and general content it is totally fine, only when shooting real estate with some textured furniture you can see the pixel edges.  That's the only time I can see the inferior 4k60p.


    And we only shoot RAW on one project, most of the time it's ipb or ipb light since editing ALL-I on Nas drive is totally no go.. it just make us all laggy (that is with 10gb ethernet and ssd priority drive) with 3 editors using at same time.

  9. 3 hours ago, Kisaha said:

    Sorry to stay on topic.

    I decided to go with the R7, is not available yet in my country but I will probably pre-order, as they offer the EF adapter for free if you do.

    I am not sure if I go with the bundle option though, R7 + the 18-150mm EF-S..I already own the 18-135mm EF-S with the nano motors (used once!), which is amazing, ultra silent and super fast (for what it is..).

    The RF-S says "lead screw type STM", which I translate "lesser technology" than the older EF-S.

    Does anyone have an opinion on this?

    I will try to find the Meike ND adapter also, seems like a nice addition and works a bit better than the Canon (on a more logical price range).

    If I do not get the bundle, I will probably get one of the cheap RF primes, currently between the 35 or the 85. Reading mixed reviews on both those lenses..

    Also, any suggestions for SD cards? What type do you think I will need?

    Your 18-135 have the better motor indeed with nano USM so paired with ND adapter will be very useful for video, I probably gonna use 18-35 1.8 for video work and the 18-150 for travel. I got m6 ii with 18-150 which i plan to sell once I got the r7 with 18-150. R5 with 24-240 is just a tad big/heavy for casual outting/trips for me.

    R7 with IPB lite you can get away with v30 cards on 4k60p, just photos will be slower if shooting burst on uhs-1 cards. On normal IPB you do need v60 or more or camera will stop recording due to slow speed.

    I have the breakthrough X4 VND drop in filter which is a lot better than Canon one with no blue colour shift between min to max ND level, that is really nice with 1.4 lens in bright daylight. ( I have to stop down with canon VND or unless you shoot day for night scene lol)

    Both the 35mm and 85mm's focus speed is not as good as their EF counterpart due to their "macro" feature, but image quality is not bad. I used to have them but only have the RF 16 and 50mm left for much lighter setup. RF 16 will be nice on R7 as it becomes 25mm.  I m waiting for the RF 24mm 1.8 which is more useful for me focal length wise (becomes 38mm on R7), you can also go for the 24mm ef-s pancake for a more casual setup.

  10. Is R5's 4K60P line skipped or pixel binned? If 4K60P quality is similar to R5 then that is quite acceptable.

    For normal 4K25/30p I think R7 is better than R5 with unlimited recording/no overheating supersampled 7K vs overheating HQ 4K or (pixelbinned) regular 4K. When you want to punch in post you can really see the difference in sharpness.


  11. Now that the company I work want most videos in 16:9 (youtube). 9:16 (tiktok), 4:5 (IG) format, I m begining the think M43 ratio size is actually the best aspect ratio for this kind of requirement, or is 3:2 from ASP-C/FF a better ratio?



  12. The price of those new Canon APS-C is quite bit higher than I anticipated, makes me feel that M6 II combo I got a while ago is very good bargain, with 18-150, 11-22, 15-45 kit, 28mm macro and EVF and still cheaper than a single R10 body lol.

  13. 1 hour ago, HurtinMinorKey said:

    VRVRVRVR.  I can't tell you what a difference there is, even between 4K and 6K. And 8K is still significantly below what the eye can resolve, especially when you are panning across the image frame with the screen pressed against your eyeball. 

    Having experienced some VR events (some are paid too) the 4k feels like really low res, the 5.7k is the absolute minimum for those type of stuff and 8k+ is definitely what VR need.


    13 hours ago, cookietub said:

    Thanks! Have you shot any raw 8K 50/60P? I would like to know how it handles in post.

    Na haven't shoot 8k, but did try 5.9k50p raw lt and even m1 max with 32gpu/64gb ram is slideshow on latest premiere, the cpu is running 100% too. On fcx and da vinci it is smooth though, but fcx don't have wb/iso adjustment.

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