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  1. Well look at recent Sony releases their price is straight up RF level of pricing, thank God there is 3rd party but 3rd party have some gimped feature vs Sony lens (like active IS not as good vs Sony branded lens) or no super high speed mode.


    Though right now Canon should really release a bunch of rf-s lens, currently there is more body than lens which is embarrassing.

    And of course open up 3rd party for those who want native for compactness and other option.

  2. 13 hours ago, BTM_Pix said:


    Whatever profit they were making on FCPX that they now lose to Resolve they can easily recoup with the price gouging on RAM etc.



    Speaking of FCPX Apple is definitely losing it vs recent Premiere and Da vinci update, the only advantage it have is the speed (and one off purchase) but rest of the feature hasn't been updated which I feel is dated in 2023..

    Even Capcut give it a run for the money

  3. 5 hours ago, IronFilm said:

    Likewise, I struggle to understand why a person would willingly choose a FX3 over say a FX6/FX9/Burano if they're shooting even a modestly funded feature film (unless it is some very niche scenario. Such as "a marketing gimmick"??)

    Well it will be a $80millon marketing gimmick in the making.

    But I m sure manufacturer won't be too happy too cause who is going to buy their expensive camera when $3000 one does the job 😆

  4. 11 hours ago, IronFilm said:

    You're talking about Gareth Edward's 2010 film "Monsters". 

    That was of course not shot on a Sony FX3.

    It was shot on a Sony though! But a Sony PMW-EX3 (with a Letus Ultimate adapter and some Nikon SLR lenses).

    I'd say the modern day equivalent of that is the Sony FX6 or FX9. (even the FX9 is cheaper than the EX3 was!) 

    I dunno why you so hung up on it need to be cinema camera.. at least the sensor is the same right lol 😆 

  5. 9 hours ago, kye said:

    Ah, indeed I was!  My bad.

    I re-read the article and it doesn't look like there's any concrete information in it at all about where they shot and how many people were present.  A lot like most other journalism then - you read it and feel like you've been told a lot of stuff but when you look again there's just a stream of vague statements 😕

    So, who knows why, I guess.

    The article did say for big scene there is still a lot of crew, and down to 2 if that is all they need.

    I guess we will know more once the movie is released? Maybe he chose fx3 cause it look more like standard camera than cinema camera who knows.


  6. 30 minutes ago, Robert Collins said:

    I doubt Sony is put out much by these numbers. Sony has never been that much of a 'camera' or 'lens' manufacturer - the 'camera business' is just a show case for their sensors. And in the sensor business they totally dominate (do Canon even use their own sensors anymore?)

    Of course Sony's really big market is smartphone image sensors. There was a time that a smartphone had one image sensor - my latest phone (Xiaomi) has '5' (all Sony) and including a 1 inch sensor.

    So I would reckon Sony are pretty ok with Canon dominating what is essentially a declining niche mirrorless camera market, Sony have essentially capture the fastest 'growth' area of the photo industry...

    Well all the Canon Apsc and FF is using Canon sensor from the beginning, only DC uses Sony sensor. Remember Canon was the first put out 21MP FF sensor when Sony can just barely did 12MP FF. Since then Sony have really caught up and left Canon behind. Kinda like TSMC and Intel too where TSMC caught up and left Intel on dust.

    Samsung is also the other competitor for cellphone sensor too, but Samsung abandoned large format to go fully smartfone

  7. Yeah the suction cup really doesn't work, and it is quite heavy vs my aliexpress fan, I guess that why it doesn't really sucks even with film vs velcro solution from my other fan, the battery life is way shorter (less than hr vs 4-5hrs).


    I just have to say lucky I didn't pay full price for this ulanzi fan, the aliexpress one have ver 2 which with some camera models you can just snap on instead of velcro which is even better 

  8. 8 hours ago, kye said:

    So, the question no-one seems to be asking is that if the G9ii has the same sensor as the GH6, and the G9ii has PDAF, why doesn't the GH6 have PDAF?

    Either they're not the same sensor, or the GH6 shipped without the feature supported.

    Would they do a Canon where the OG C100 shipped without dual pixel AF enabled, later you can send in to get it enabled.

  9. 29 minutes ago, Yannick Willox said:

    In Belgium the S5 II is 2500 euro and the G9 II is 1900 euro. At 1500 I would buy it today...

    But one has to remember, when the GH5 came out it was priced 1999 dollar, and it was considered a very correct price.

    The G9 ii is a much better camera, and inflation happened ... (1999 in 2017 is 2450 dollar right now)

    Well competition is way fierce now from Sony, Canon, Fujifilm offer 4k60p and or 4k120p in a slightly bigger sensor.

    I m keen to see what the price will be next year for G9II, might be my return to M43 again after GH5S was my last m43 cam before I jumped to FF 

  10. 4 hours ago, kye said:

    Just looking at the iPhone app, and there are some interesting things in here.....


    • Apple ProRes 4444
    • Automatically generates 1920 x 1080 HD HEVC proxy files for each recording
    • 24fps, 25fps, 30fps, 48fps, 50fps, 60fps
    • False Color Guides
    • Display LUT Guides
    • Timecode Recording - Record Run or Time of Day (TOD) timecode

    Some of these are likely dependent on specific iPhone models, but it looks like they've been digging into the iPhone camera spec and simply unlocking everything they think would be useful?

    Then I'd just need to figure out how to launch an app without it taking 17 steps - the default one is on the Lock Screen FFS.

    Say goodbye to filmic pro and their money grabbing subscription

  11. 6 minutes ago, Trek of Joy said:

    It's a new body, even Sony lenses need FW updates, don't you get that? Have you ever updated FW on your lenses? Lots of new camera releases have a lens FW update to optimize its functionality. There are tons of YouTube videos with 3rd party lenses on the a6700, this discussion is silly, the 18-50 clearly isn't the only lens that works with the body.

    I'm out.


    I dont have to update my Sony lens when I got the new Sony camera, they just works fine, can you name a Sony lens that needs update for the new Sony camera body? I m not talking about optimising performance, just not crashing or af-c keep pulsing like those third party lens do. Of course new firmware will give better performances, but with Sony lens you generally wont have operational issues.

  12. Though to be fair this 3rd party lens issues isn't limited to Sony, some 3rd party EF lens also have problems with R body when usind the adapter.  The 150-600mm is the prime example. AF doesn't work on C70, or work half arse on EOS R body, but Canon EF lens works perfectly fine on those R/Cinema Body.

  13. 7 minutes ago, Trek of Joy said:

    I'm not offended at all, my camera is just a tool to get the job done. I'm not brushing it off as a non issue, I said more than likely the lens needs a FW update, like lots of lenses need when a new body is released. But claiming its widespread simply isn't true.

    I mean here's a quote from a DPreview post about Samyang.

    "I wrote to Samyang support and they wrote back that they want to analyze it as soon as they get an A6700 delivered. However a firmware fix could take month before it will be fixed."

    Shocker, needs a FW update. And they don't even have a camera to test it. LOL!



    I never said it was widespread issue, I just said it sucked that those people who only have samyang or the sigma aps-c lens with a6700 are fucked unless they buy sony lens or that 18-50mm in the mean time.

    And yeah it is a shocker that Sony rather send their camera to youtubers than 3rd party lens manufacturers, so there you go about Sony and 3rd party relationship, Sony doesnt give an arse about them.

  14. M50 have 30min record limit so you will have to keep pressing record every 30min

    In terms of overheating, well when I had it I only used indoor so not sure about outdoor at 34degrees.

  15. 9 minutes ago, Trek of Joy said:

    This supposed "problem" isn't something that's widespread, and your sky is falling stuff is just silly. OMG, a user has a problem with one lens, there are still hundreds of others that work fine. 



    I just dont know why people feel offended if their favourite brand is under attack, a fault is a fault. There are people with problems with some combination of lens and sony camera and that is a fact

    It's more than just one user have problem with one lens, the more you trying to argue it just make you look the same as those sony shell on youtube lol. Like any fault you just brush it off as non issue, but unfortunately its is a problem for some people, but not me since I only use Sony lens on my Sony camera.


  16. 47 minutes ago, SRV1981 said:

    A6700 seems to be a more viable solution for most hybrid. Not sure what’s the the $800 premium. Slightly better lowlight?

    Yeah I guess A6700 is good for you if you don't need FF look and use that saving on good lens.

  17. 44 minutes ago, Trek of Joy said:

    That's really not the point since I also said hundreds of lenses work fine with no issues. Some 3rd party lenses have linear focusing motors that match the best Sony has, Tamron is using them in their VXD lenses for example. But I'm mostly Sony as well because there are tons of great deals on used lenses. The newer G's and GM's are just so small and light compared to others like Sigma. I've bought dozens of Sony lenses over the last decade of shooting E-mount, always used, and always much cheaper than new.



    That is the point

    Sigma apsc 1.4 and Samyang 1.8 is pretty popular too, who cares about other obscure lens.

    Those lens just don't work for Sony A6700, so sucks to people who only have those lens to find out they can't use it, that is not a really good user experience if you need it for a trip or shoot only to find out they are not compatible til who knows when Sony or Sigma or Samyang will have new firmware.

    But for people have have Sony lens they knew it will work regardless cause it is 100% supported .

    That why I laugh at people who think 3rd party is one the main reason for Sony, not for me cause I knew 3rd party will have problems.

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