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    Letus AnamorphX 1.8x

    "The newest addition to the Letus AnamorphX family: the 1.8x"
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    Hi everyone, I've got a new site up and running to try to help indie filmmakers, students, and anyone who needs original royalty free production music for their youtube videos, student films, games, presentations, home videos, etc. The cost of licensing music today is truly outragous, so I'm trying to do what I can to help people express their ideas and visions. www.soundimage.org Any feedback, suggestions, etc., are welcome (and greatly appreciated!) Thanks, Eric
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    There is a lot of choice nowadays, but actually isnt the 5dmk3 still the ultimate allrounder? For the price I'd like more dynamic range in stills, sure, but thats really this cameras only downside...I have wasted about 18 months (as I am new to this stuff) wasting time and money on other things and have now realised this is it...
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    One reason for using vintage lenses is that they aren't as clinically sharp (across the whole frame) as modern ones & so you won't be prone to running into the dreaded Mr Moire, too often. If you insist on using these type of lenses, then yes a Black ProMist filter will help soften the image & reduce the risk of moire. But, & there's always a but, it won't always eliminate the worst cases. Although not shot with the Pocket, this person uses a Black ProMist all the time & the results are great:
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    I've realised I have no beef with larger cameras - and my plan is to just use the replacement of the Fuji x100s for everything when I want smaller size. Dont need a small video cam. Full frame for intercheangle lenses, fixed for smallness.
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    My GH4 has arrived from B&H, cost me quite a bit more than buying in Australia but atleast I got it! Already posted some testing against my 1Dx for stills. http://www.terranmedia.com.au/blog/2014/5/3/panasonic-gh4-vs-canon-1dx
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    Just watched a few seconds of the clip linked in the topic start: both exposure (over exposed highlights) and grading look terrible. No shit it looks like crap. I can make ML raw look crap like that too.
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    This played in my town a few weeks back. The thing I find ironic about the film is that Wiseau made a movie that'll be more popular and memorable than anything most people with actual talent will ever do. Even when I own the magic GH4, I'll most likely never achieve his level of success.
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    No attention to lighting. No color grading. No effort done to get the most dynamic range by using different color profiles in harsh lighting. Too much camera shake. Maybe some attempt to show you improvements with moire. I don't think these guys don't know how to make their *movie* look less like something shot with a p&s. I think they were trying to give everyone some real-life expectations out of the box, but instead, they made themselves look like amateurs. It's made by Driftwood...the guy who creates hacks for the GH2. I'm sure he knows his stuff.
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    I'll wait for a couple other filmmakers to make movies with it, to get a better idea of what the camera is capable of.
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    One of the easiest ways to get the footage into a Mac is the following: 1) Install Final Cut X 2) Open a new event and name it 3) Open a new project and name it the same 4) Put the SD card in the side of the Mac 5) If it hasnt asked you if you want to import something then hit apple+i 6) Choose the files you want to import and click 'import' 7) Depending on how much footage you have this may take quite a while to process it will convert the files into ProRes422 8) To find the new processed ProRes422 files: a) get a new finder window b) under movies go to final cut events c) one of the files has 'high quality media' these are your ProRes422 files copy them wherever you want and use them. Easier still use Final Cut X and edit it in there, it has finally become a very good program. If you are using CS5 or CS6 (both better than Final Cut 7) the new converted files will work great.
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    andy lee

    EOSHD Moderating Team!

    I will be making extensive posts on lenses.... new... old, vintage... cheap and expensive and what their main good points are and how to get the best out of them. And also some useful articles on general lens use that will help improve your shooting and make things more dare I say more 'cinematic' and less 'video' which seems to be what alot are asking for. so say tuned folks and watch this space......
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