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  1. Better film than the original (which is way overrated, despite being widely influential). We get an interesting protagonist, interesting supporting characters, and a story with a twist at the end.
  2. "Well, Trump is in power for a reason." It's called eight years of Democrats.
  3. The V-Log decision is pure nonsense. I'll stick with my Gh4 for the time being and wait to see what Sony comes out with.
  4. Paying for V-Log left a bad taste in my mouth. I'll wait and see what they offer, but I think I'm going to drop Panasonic for Sony.
  5. Like it or not, entertainment doesn't work like the real world. Millions ride on the creative talents of often deeply flawed individuals. Ultimately, it's the BBC 's call, but they likely knew what this guy was about and looked the other way because he was making them millions. This kind of reminds me of the whole "Duck Dynasty" dust up here in the States, that ended with Phil Robertson keeping his job after A&E pretended they had principles. Don't get me wrong, the BBC has no principles, or they wouldn't have let it get this far. They just wanted to stick their heads in the sand and make money. They just don't want to come clean that all they care about is money, like A&E eventually did.
  6. Composition, lens choices, and sound creative decisions trump camera. Even the best of us need to be reminded of that, often.
  7. I'll wait for a couple other filmmakers to make movies with it, to get a better idea of what the camera is capable of.
  8. That live view problem (a design issue) plagues all their low end cameras.
  9. The auto focus looks great, even if the video sucks. At the end of day, people are going to buy it because it's a Canon. Moreover, photography people could care less about video.
  10. Clooney is at the top of the food chain. He's hardly sticking his neck out.   Variety says Sony is leaning against a split, so I'm sure Clooney decided it was time to help the momentum.
  11. Big name actors are no longer the safe investment they once were. How many flops did Hollywood produce for those few success?
  12. moebius22

    Bloom Vs Andy

    I'm glad Andrew locked it. It didn't reflect well on Andrew, but like Bloom's comments, it's now out there forever.
  13. No one talks about this camera. The equipment house here already bought Black Magic. Bolex who?
  14. I wonder how many start up videoographers who buy a new expensive camera on credit actually pay it off in the time frame they thought? Going into debt isn't cool, I learned the hard way in this economy.
  15. GH2 is $700.00+. The T3i is cheaper.
  16. Reminds me of The Elements of Crime, except, The Elements of Crime was actually interesting to watch.
  17. I wonder if we will get a firmware fix for that.
  18. I hope Andrew gives us a heads up on this camera.
  19. It's only going to get worse the more powerful they become.
  20. The D600 looks pretty compelling right about now. http://***URL removed***/products/canon/slrs/canon_eos6d
  21. [quote name='that1guyy' timestamp='1347743469' post='18163'] Until then, I have my hope on upcoming Canon such as the 70D. If they do something similar to the GH3 in terms of video I'm all for it. [/quote] Not going to happen given Canon's recent track record.
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