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  1. Cant help feeling Andrew is looking for an excuse to bash Canon. Crucial thing is the 5DMkIII hold grading much better than D5200. Also the Canon can shoot a flat profile giving more DR. Not to forget clean HDMI firmware update soonand I have a feeling Canon, unlike Nikon, will deliver better video using clean HDMI.
  2. The D5200 is not as detailed as the hacked GH2. Looks like the Nikon has noise reduction applied to it making it soft and plastic looking which probably explains why it has less noise. GH2 is not known for DR ability.
  3. tomto

    Bloom Vs Andy

      I see one of Bloom's minions is here. Sorry to shatter your illusion but I'm afraid your hero worship made you blind. 1DC is 8bit 422. It is not quite a rosey as your hero paint it to be. He said it has more detail than BMCC but all I see is plastic looking footage, as for banding it is there and he admit it but still don't want others critical of the same thing he freely admit. in your hero's view only he, Philip Bloom can comment and be critical about his own stuff which is above criticism for anyone else. You seem to buy into his mindset.
  4. tomto

    Bloom Vs Andy

    The Cult of Bloom ;)
  5. tomto

    Bloom Vs Andy

    Andrew, why did you locked that thread? It was one of the most entertaining read for a long time and what drives the traffic. You could make a film about it :)   In this case I don't take sides and I think both of you are opinionated and have some axe to grind with one another. I think Andrew is more diplomatic and Bloom more too face and blunt. Not everyone agrees with Andrew's reviews or his views, me included and as for Bloom there are growing dislike of that guy of his primadonna attitude. I'm not 100% sure why Bloom behave the way he is. It could be that he suddenly got famous ver
  6. [quote name='Kingswell' timestamp='1351803934' post='20812'] Run a business like that and you're going to go out of business. I also disagree they can do whatever they like with stock. There will be many strings attached in their contract with BMD. Break em and they don't get anymore BMD stock. Blackmagic already did their publicity boost with the very public 'beta' testers. I struggle to even recognise it as a beta test. They specifically picked out prominent bloggers like Philip Bloom and Vincent Laforet for PR. They don't need anymore business
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