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  1. Cant help feeling Andrew is looking for an excuse to bash Canon. Crucial thing is the 5DMkIII hold grading much better than D5200. Also the Canon can shoot a flat profile giving more DR. Not to forget clean HDMI firmware update soonand I have a feeling Canon, unlike Nikon, will deliver better video using clean HDMI.
  2. The D5200 is not as detailed as the hacked GH2. Looks like the Nikon has noise reduction applied to it making it soft and plastic looking which probably explains why it has less noise. GH2 is not known for DR ability.
  3. tomto

    Bloom Vs Andy

      I see one of Bloom's minions is here. Sorry to shatter your illusion but I'm afraid your hero worship made you blind. 1DC is 8bit 422. It is not quite a rosey as your hero paint it to be. He said it has more detail than BMCC but all I see is plastic looking footage, as for banding it is there and he admit it but still don't want others critical of the same thing he freely admit. in your hero's view only he, Philip Bloom can comment and be critical about his own stuff which is above criticism for anyone else. You seem to buy into his mindset.
  4. tomto

    Bloom Vs Andy

    The Cult of Bloom ;)
  5. tomto

    Bloom Vs Andy

    Andrew, why did you locked that thread? It was one of the most entertaining read for a long time and what drives the traffic. You could make a film about it :)   In this case I don't take sides and I think both of you are opinionated and have some axe to grind with one another. I think Andrew is more diplomatic and Bloom more too face and blunt. Not everyone agrees with Andrew's reviews or his views, me included and as for Bloom there are growing dislike of that guy of his primadonna attitude. I'm not 100% sure why Bloom behave the way he is. It could be that he suddenly got famous very quickly and any percieved knock on his ability he get defensive. His recent outburst on another forum because several members dare ask questions about trying a diferent way of shooting with the BMCC while being supportive and polite really showed what he is like. As an early adopter of dSLR, through his blogs he surrounded himself with army of fans taken in by his charm, knowledge (yes), a common touch and his English accent. Some of his adoring fans consider him as a role model. I say beware of who you foot worship. The best way to describe Bloom is that he throws a diva like hissy. Some of what Andrew says is correct and I've met people like that before. An 8 bit 422 even if uncompressed cannot match 12 bit RAW let alone 13 stops of DR, not ever. Anyone who think otherwise is mental and Bloom is trying to change that view simply because of what? Bloom would think that even a footage he shot with a mobile phone is worth many times more than others with an Alexa and that the quality of his filmmaking will automatically transends any deficiency of the mobile phone he used and people should simply accept that he his so damn good than the camera.   Having said that regardless of his understanding or bias Bloom does produce fantastic films that Andrew and many others couldn't live with. He didnt get were he is producing crap.
  6. [quote name='Kingswell' timestamp='1351803934' post='20812'] Run a business like that and you're going to go out of business. I also disagree they can do whatever they like with stock. There will be many strings attached in their contract with BMD. Break em and they don't get anymore BMD stock. Blackmagic already did their publicity boost with the very public 'beta' testers. I struggle to even recognise it as a beta test. They specifically picked out prominent bloggers like Philip Bloom and Vincent Laforet for PR. They don't need anymore business-they can't even supply 1% of demand they already have! Lastly I find it alarming that people are saying that its ok to boost people up pre-order lists. There is such a thing as ethics and conducting business in a good moral sense. [/quote] Agree! It is common business practice and also within legal requirement that all customers who bought from a stockist are protected by the law of the land. In the UK every traders including the likes of CVP has to comply with the requirement of the Trading Standard when they acquire a trading license from their local authority. The Provision of Goods and Services Act stipulates that all licensed traders treat customers fairly and without preferrential treatment. Some of the the argument posted saying CVP can do as they please by allowing certain customers to jump the queu would have breached the law which can result in a fine or removal of trading license. CVP knows this and would not contemplate to be seen as doing this because they know the legal implication. Whether they did in this case and allow Andrew to jump the queu is unknown without hard evidence but given what CVP had told him and all their customers were they were on their list and suddenly reveal their first client completely different from their 6 months old list when a camera finally shipped certainly raise questions about the company's integrity and quite possibly put them in a public relation dilemma. Who ever it was who was told he was 1st to 6th on the list I think is well within their legal right should they bring the matter to court against CVP. Everything from lost of business as a result of not recieving their camera when the stockist had it in stock but was allegedly overlooked in favour of someone further down the list would be taken into account. Even if they cannot prove a company in question had falsefied information to move someone up a pre-order list a UK court could rule that the stockist mislead customers by giving erroneous information for months causing breakdown of trust and hurt feelings resulting in a fine and cover of all court cost by the company. The Trading Standard will also recieve a report of a court ruling and may issue their own penalty which varies from a fine, suspension of trading license over a period or worse banning the company from trading, the latter more serious but unlikely in this case. The idea of allowing beta testers chosen by the manufacturer to test their cameras, in this case BMD with Bloom and Laforet is within legal requirement because it is a arrangement between manufacturer and professional.
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