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  2. Do you have a link for the workaround? Really interested in that aha!
  3. Yea, based on the FS5, I'd say they could (if they wanted to be) the first company to add in a variable ND in a mirrorless body. Would have to make the body slightly bigger. However, this would crush FS5 sales, so I'm not sure they'll do it. They'll have to differentiate some other way (my guess).
  4. The WD Wireless Pro is an interesting workaround (as is the Gnarbox but at greater cost) to get around the file stuff. I've also come across a workaround today for the ProRes issue that could be uses with one of these so I might take the plunge after I've researched it a bit more.
  5. Better buy the Sony if you can afford it! It is definitely 2tiers above and it is not Rodelink big either.
  6. red motorbikes go fast as well, they also slide pretty fast as well, don't ask me how i know this 😎
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  8. https://www.newsshooter.com/2019/04/22/rode-wireless-go-review/ Hmm seems super practical(like leave it your backpack at all times, like during a hike) on the other hand if the audio quality is not that great then I better buy a sony udw-p set.
  9. Doesn't look anything like Sony to me. I really dislike Sony colours. As has been said, I don't think there is nowhere near as many serious video shooters with Nikon yet. Nikon has not been a choice for serious video work until now. I love the look of the Z 6 and don't understand how they get such a fat image through so few mbps. But, webrunner5, if you don't like it that's fine, it's subjective at the end of the day. I think the only way you'll find out is if you rent one and see for yourself. No amount of online footage will do that for you.
  10. 1) i agree. The form factor is terrible, but not a lot different than a classic dSLR. If you wanted something like an XC15 or Z (like me) I would understand, but now?? 2) how noisy it is? It is a dual ISO sensor, 3200 is perfectly normal for this camera. I have delivered 3200 ISO and they didn't have any complain and I know people shooting 6400. 3) obviously a speedbooster is a safe bet. You can put an EF lens on this camera, you can't have a super small and light do-it-all lens like the Olympus 12-100mm 4f on a full frame camera though. It can be an advantage. 4) whatever system you buy - you buy new glass. That is not a point. I have use the camera only with EF lenses anyway, and a lot do. 5) what about the IR pollution? I haven't edit any of the footage, so I do not know.
  11. I just started using a current gen 12.9" iPad Pro with Lumafusion for mobile video editing, Lightroom for stills, Switcher Studio for livestream-multicam broadcasts, Canva for on-screen supers and a few others for random tasks. Still trying to find other great photo and video apps. If Lumafusion adds proper color grading tools and I can figure out a better system for moving and storing files on the iPad, I can see it replacing my desktop for all of my quick turnaround work. The one thing that keeps me tied to a real mac is the annoying file organization system of the iPad. Sometimes bringing in outside assets - like a music track from my desktop - can be an exercise in frustration it won't just let me create a bulk storage folder that i can dump everything in to. Though I'm still getting everything sorted, so I may be missing something obvious. But the Pro is incredibly fast, it cuts 4k stuff from the a73, GoPro and P4P with ease. As soon as I get all the workflow stuff sorted, my MBP is history. Chris
  12. i love the off topic topic!!! please list your favorite cheese or cheeses
  13. Thank you @Zach Goodwin2 and @thebrothersthre3! Glad you liked it
  14. Still is absolutely MASSIVE compared to the number of DB16 owners!
  15. If the final output requires high quality color fidelity then the first place to start is to use a better camera. Nothing wrong with the GH5 but it's not the best in terms of accurate colour or even 'high fidelity' colour. For a start I'd use HLG and not 'Natural' as a profile as this is a recognised gamut and gamma that can be interpreted more easily by a good NLE. If you are going to stick with the GH5 then again it just doesn't need to be that complicated - custom WB before each take.
  16. kye

    Good oldie 5D Mark II

    ...and the people using Canon for video is a drop in the ocean of Canon photographers. ......and the people using Canon for stills is a drop in the ocean of photographers. ..........and the photography market is a drop in the ocean of the electronics market. ..............and...... 😂😂😂
  17. @UncleBobsPhotography @Shirozina I think it depends on what level of lighting variety there will be between shots, the tolerance the OP is willing to take in the final edit, and the level of time, skill, and software capability available for colour matching in post. I've spent a lot of time trying to match different cameras in post (made more difficult than this situation because my cameras also had different colour science and were pretty bad quality cameras) and I've found that it can be really difficult to get acceptable matching, even if you half know what you're doing in grading. Obviously ND filters vary far less than entirely different cameras, but the differences I couldn't overcome were so large that they'd be completely unusable in most commercial settings, so for the OP the difference of NDs might be practically relevant. The fact they're asking about how to do a test, and that their approach is detailed and seems sound would also indicate they might be creating a higher quality product where there is less room for variations. I could be wrong of course - we all obsess over tiny little details that don't much matter in the grand scheme of things (like cameras, colour science, etc!) 😂😂😂
  18. Throwing stones is good I can't comment on the P4K, but I'm in m43 land with my GH5 and I think your summary is about right. FF lenses adapt really well for the longer focal lengths but getting fast/wide/both lenses is the challenge. In case you're not familiar with the options: Voigtlander make an excellent series of f0.95 lenses These come in 10, 17.5, 25, and 42.5mm lengths, which are the equivalents of FF 20mm/1.9, 35mm/1.9, 50mm/1.9, and 85mm/1.9. They're gorgeous to use, and the aperture ring can be adjusted to de-click. I only have experience with the 17.5mm one, which is soft at 0.95 but is almost fully crisp at f2.8 (FF f5.6 equivalent) and for some reason has a strange colour shift at 0.95 that cleans up by 1.4 I use the SLR Magic 8mm F4 (equivalent to a 16mm F8) that is optically good but not great, but ergonomically is a pig because it's designed for drones not a human user. There is a Laowa 7.5mm f2 which is more expensive, but seems to be good optically and is designed for human use, and it popular with vloggers due to the 15mm equivalent FOV. The Sigma 18-35 f1.8 on Metabones adapter is popular and optically and ergonomically nice too, although it's heavier than the M43 lenses. In a sense, I think your criticisms aren't so much that the P4K image isn't great, but rather that the competition is actually really good.. I think we're spending more and more time being overly critical and nit-picky, or making genuine and practically relevant criticisms about cameras that are outputting a level of quality but are a fraction of what equivalent cameras used to cost
  19. I see... That's probably also answer to (I think logical) question why Canon yet didn't choose to hire mr @mercer from EOSHD for its ambassador.
  20. kye

    Davinci Resolve 16

    I was just thinking about how long this might take. Some googling revealed that v15 was released April, had 8 beta versions, and was fully released in August. Version 14 beta 1 was released in April and came out of beta in September, so 4 or 5 months for the last two releases. Both these had entirely new products spliced into Resolve, whereas the Cut page is a different view on existing features, with some extra smarts in the background, so should be far less of a programming challenge. I have no idea how many beta versions and how long it will take, but I'd suggest that although it's probably less than the 4-5 months of previous versions, BM aren't afraid to take their time and release lots of beta versions before considering it ready for 'real use'. I say 'real use' because I think that there are lots of seriously high-end people using it for big budget projects who would wait for the final release and wouldn't even think about using a beta version. Of course, PP seems to be buggy as hell and that's got its fair share of VIP users, so who knows. I am wondering if I should just backup my database and install it The Cut page is seriously tempting.
  21. 8k will have to wait. There are hardly any TVs with 8k. Plus editing will be a nightmare, 4-2-2 1010-bit will take time etc etc. A 20MP that merges the talents of the GH5 and GH5s would be perfect. And the VLog needs needs atleast 1 full stop more of dynamic range.
  22. It's probably worth mentioning that a tablet can be really good if you're filming yourself and you use the tablet to control the camera. Some cameras have excellent remote control apps or browser-based apps with touch-to-focus and all the aperture/SS/ISO/etc settings.
  23. This was yesterday evening in our recreational area 'Het Twiske'. Colour of the sun was extremely due to sand out of the sahara. My favourite setup Fuji X-T3 + Voigtlander Ultron 40/2 + Bolex Moller 16/32/1.5x + Rectilux HCDNA. Variable ND filter Mentter HD. F-Log, Eterna in post.
  24. I've used Teradek Live:Air to do multi-camera live broadcasts of press conferences, Lumafusion for really fast turnaround edit and upload of pre-game build up pieces and PicturePro for in game photo editing and transmission. Live:Air is feature rich but relies on IP based encoding to get the video signals in so can end up being expensive and complicated for more than a couple of cameras. Another bonus to the LS300 is it has the encoder built in but for everything else you need separate ones although you can use the iPad's own internal camera too. Lumafusion isn't just the best editing app on the iPad (even Apple are using it in their promos now!) but its actually my favourite editing app full stop because of how fast and intuitive it is to use. The new update gives you XML export so you can move the project and finesse it on FCPX etc if you want but it is still missing ProRes which is going to be a limiting factor for me sooner rather than later. PicturePro is basically a complete end to end photo journalism app for live editorial that you can ingest, caption and transmit from and was actually responsible for the fastest shutter press to newspaper website publication time that I have ever had. There was a bit of an incident outside of a stadium and because I had my iPad in my bag I was able to get the pictures of it away and published before everyone else had had a chance to get back to their laptops in the press room Unfortunately, it seriously blotted its copybook one day when it filed an entire batch of blank images ( which is a complete no no for live editorial work) so I couldn't risk using it after that.
  25. Ronin S: heavy (1.8 Kg); Moza Air 2: heavy (1.6 Kg); Moza AirCross: light (0.9 Kg); Moza AirCross 2: light (0.95 Kg). All work or could work with the P4K. - And my own disclamer: I rarely use gimbals, only when absolutely necessary; they are generally PITA and waste of time; I always prefer some shoulder rig, ENG style, when weight is expected and even welcome (gives more stability).
  26. thephoenix

    Davinci Resolve 16

    i hope a final version will come out soon
  27. I purchased an iPad Mini and an iPod Touch (cheap as chips!) because my Zoom F8n's app is *ONLY* for iOS Also use it for a bit of light browsing / youtube, that is all.
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