Hands-on with the £47 Blackmagic Pocket Bluetooth Controller

CDA-TEK PBC with Tilta Nucleus Nano

The Pocket Bluetooth Controller started off as a simple remote control start-stop trigger but is now so much more. Orders start today on the crowdfunding campaign here. I had a hands-on with it in Manchester today.

The Pocket Bluetooth Controller acts as a wireless hub for your Pocket 4K or 6K.

Pair it with the Tilta Nucleus Nano for example and it allows the Nucleus follow focus to wirelessly control the lens on the camera.

There’s no mechanical coupling required, it uses the AF motors of any EF or Micro Four Thirds lens.

CDA-TEK PBC with Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

CDA-TEK PBC with Tilta Nucleus Nano

The CDA-TEK Pocket Bluetooth Controller has a built in battery and screen, which displays the current camera status – aperture, shutter angle, ISO and white balance. You can wirelessly control each of those via the two buttons on the device. Handy for when the camera is on a gimbal or rigged to somewhere you cannot reach it.

In future the Pocket Bluetooth Controller will act as a wireless hub for a range of accessories, like time of flight autofocus.

When used with the Tilta Nucleus Nano, I found manual focus racks to be best with Micro Four Thirds lenses. It is smooth and cinematic for slow focus racks, although fast whips of the wheel did produce a stepped-effect. It was incredibly liberating to control focus completely wirelessly with the Tilta (which is just £200) via the Pocket Bluetooth Controller, a snip at £47 for first-comers on the crowd funding campaign.

I have a demo unit with me and will be bringing you more on the project in future.