Exclusive: SLR Magic ANAMORPHOT 1,33X 50 pricing announced

SLR Magic ANAMORPHOT 1,33 50

The new SLR Magic anamorphic lens now has an official title and price.

Dubbed “ANAMORPHOT 1,33X 50” – it will cost $799 for the anamorphic adapter.

Official retail sales don’t start until next year but early adopters can get the lens as soon as November this year.

SLR Magic are now running a volunteer program providing shooters with a full kit including the anamorphic, a prime lens and a set of new SLR Magic diopters especially designed for anamorphic.

The volunteer test kit contains the following –

  • SLR Magic – ANAMORPHOT 1,33 x 50 (RRP $799)
  • SLR Magic 35mm T1.4 CINE II is (RRP $499)
  • SLR Magic +0.4 Achromatic Diopter 77mm + SLR Magic +1.3 Achromatic Diopter 77mm (RRP $299)

SLR Magic will offer the above set to volunteer testers for a reduced price of $1300.

Stage 1 volunteers must have prior experience of shooting anamorphic and be prepared to shoot a short video which SLR Magic can share for commercial use ahead of the launch to the public next year, like this one –


The anamorphic lens for early adopters is not a prototype, it’s a pre-production copy that is the same spec as the final production copy. There’s no returns or replacements but a warranty is offered as standard (1 year).

As you can see SLR Magic have designed some new achromatic diopters and will be offering these in addition to the built in close-focus mechanism of the anamorphic. The prime lens in the kit is the excellent 35mm T1.4 CINE II which the anamorphic was optimised for.

Stage 1 of this programme is available to Micro Four Thirds mount users. After that the kit will be available to Sony FS100 / FS700 / E-mount users. There’s also a Stage 2 later which will also be open to shooters with no prior anamorphic experience.

The reference to ’50’ in the title of the new anamorphic is the size of the rear element – a large 50mm. This gives sharp corners and less vignetting at wider angles. By comparison the Iscorama 36 has a 36mm rear element. The flare and coating has been optimised and I’ve had direct input in guiding the design of the anamorphic flare!

The orders are now open, and delivery will start in November for some volunteers. For this complex lens there is a slow and demanding assembly process so please note – not all volunteers will receive the kit at the same time. If you’re interested in being a (very) early adopter for this kit and shooting with it before anyone else at the reduced price of $1300 – simply email support@slrmagic.com with the subject line “SLR MAGIC ANAMORPHOT Volunteer request”.