Canon EOS R official specs and pictures leak – Same sensor as 5D Mark IV?

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The Canon EOS R full frame mirrorless camera is nearly here. The body appears to have some kind of camcorder-style zoom rocker, it features 4K video but IBIS appears to be missing from the leaked specs. The lenses look rather nice but the sensor appears to have an identical megapixel count as the 5D Mark IV.

Leaked Specs

  • 30.3 Million Pixels Full Size CMOS
  • Dual pixel CMOS AF (100 × 88% sensor coverage)
  • 4K video (no further leaks on crop factor, IBIS, codec, etc.)
  • EV-6 low brightness autofocus
  • Touch panel LCD (fully articulated)
  • Multifunction bar (The camcorder zoom-rocker style control)
  • Wifi/Bluetooth
  • Magnesium body, dust proof / weather sealed
  • Battery: LP-E6N
  • Battery grip: BG-E 22
  • Body Size: 136 mm × 98 mm
  • Weight: Approximately 580g
  • Mount: inner diameter 54mm, flange back 20mm, electronic contact is 12 pin
  • Mount adapters: Mount adapter EF – EOS R / Control ring mount adapter EF – EOS R / Drop – in filter mount adapter EF – EOS R (no word on the rumoured PL mount adapter)

Source: Nokishita-Camera

That lens!! Easily the most exciting thing about the system is the 28-70mm F2.0. The body, not so much.

The camera does not use an innovative mount with variable flange as per the earlier rumours. It’s a normal Sony E-mount style mount with adapters for Canon EF. One of the adapters allows you to slot a filter into the optical path.

The body design is somewhere in-between an EOS M5 and a Panasonic G9. It borrows heavily from both.

There appears to be only one card slot.

The sensor is 30.3MP. The 5D Mk IV sensor is 30.4MP. If they are the same or very similar, it might impact video because that sensor is SLOW. It has heavy rolling shutter and is only capable of 4K from a cropped window (1.74x). Not very good in low light either, compared to the higher resolution Nikon Z7 or Sony A7R III.

It appears Nikon and soon Panasonic will have this beat on video.

However for stills the 28-70mm F2.0 and a 5D IV in mirrorless form does appeal.

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