A look at the new GoPro Hero 3 iPhone app – iPhone as wireless monitor and remote control

Go Pro iPhone app

I recently picked up the Hero 3 Black Edition. It’s a great overall point-of-view camera not just a favourite of sports shooters. The size of a matchbox and it does 2.7K and 4K video all at a pretty high bitrate of around 45Mbit.

Since a couple of days ago (Dec 14th) it has a new firmware update and iPhone app which gives you smooth wireless 24fps monitoring on the iPhone so I thought I’d give it a try.

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The Hobbit HFR Review – my verdict on 48 frames per second

Peter Jackson - The Hobbit - Camera department

Above: Peter Jackson in the camera department of “The Hobbit”

Peter Jackson chose to take a controversial step away from the cinema look and shoot The Hobbit at 48p HFR. I’ve now seen it in glorious 48 frames per second and that isn’t the biggest problem. Jackson is shooting The Hobbit like an epic but the material this time is not of epic proportions, and the¬†action sequences are typical popcorn schlock. The Lord Of The Rings was an allegory tale with the horrors of Word War II echoing throughout, an epic work of art. Perfect material for an epic film (and LOTR was a huge leap in CGI technology at the time the film was shot).¬†The Hobbit is simply 6 chapters of a thin children’s book stretched to 3 hours.

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