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0 Panasonic G85 review – is there any need to get an Olympus E-M1 Mark II for video?

Micro Four Thirds is increasingly going up-market and into pro territory, and unfortunately new Panasonic and Olympus cameras are getting more and more expensive by the day. Thankfully the G85 is a pro camera without a pro price – it represents a genuine advance over the Panasonic GH4 with cleaner low light performance, better automatic white balance and of course 5 axis in-body stabilisation.

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2 5 reasons why I will be getting a Panasonic GH5

Just for 4 days, the Panasonic GH4 Shooter’s Guide will be half-price. Get it here! The Panasonic team in Osaka have been very good to us over the last few years. Now the GH5 is imminent, EOSHD takes a look at what makes the series so great and what to expect for the new model.

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2 An adventure into the Panasonic GX85/80 begins – and a look at the Leica Nocticron for Micro Four Thirds

The camera which Panasonic can’t decide what to call (GX80 in Europe, GX85 in the US and GX7 Mark II in Japan!) really excites me. It’s the first time that anyone has put 5 axis in-body stabilisation in a 4K camera which exceeds the performance of the stunningly good Olympus 5 axis system. It’s not quite as effective as a gimbal for sweeping handheld movement, but that pain-in-the-ass tripod you can certainly dispense…

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2 Revealed: 5 axis IBIS is as powerful on the 4K Panasonic GX80 as the Olympus E-M5 II

“Creeeek” What was that sound? Was that the sound of the coffin lid closing on Olympus’s hope of ever getting any more video users? For a long time Olympus have had the best video stabilisation on the market but failed to capitalise on it! The system was far more powerful than any OIS lens, smoother and more effective than any other camera for handheld shooting without a gimbal. An absolute pleasure to…

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16 Panasonic developing 8K sensor for consumer and broadcast cameras

Panasonic froze image sensor research and development in 2011 and have only now resumed. The company has committed $80m to revitalise their image sensors business in light of growing revenue from their imaging business as a whole and hot demand for sensors. One of the goals of the $80m investment is the creation of an 8K sensor to be released in Panasonic cameras around 2018.

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2607 Panasonic GH4 vs Sony A7R II in low light – Speed Booster Shootout

When you have a Need For Speed there are two people you can call – Shane Hurlbut or Metabones. The Metabones Speed Booster adapters give us apertures as fast as F0.64 from the rare Canon EF 50mm F1.0. The XL 0.64x version fits the GH4 and turns the scruffy 2.3x crop 4K into a shiny Super 35mm unicorn. F1.2 becomes F0.88. The Ultra 0.74x version for E-mount fits the A7R II and turns the…

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2488 The importance of firmware updates and why Panasonic are too late with V-LOG for the GH4

Opinion piece, by Andrew Reid In only a few months, 57 new features have been added to the Samsung NX1. Meanwhile Panasonic have been more keen than many to evolve their products, adding a 4K Photo mode to the GH4 and 24p for 4:3 shooting, a nod to anamorphic filmmakers. But it isn’t enough. No anamorphic de-squeeze for instance and now the time it has taken for V-LOG to reach us has been too long.…

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0 A camera test with a difference – multicam shoot for “Bunny Suit” with the Sony A7S, Nikon D750 and 5 others

Berlin based band Bunny Suit (follow here on Facebook / SoundCloud) recently went into Temeplton Studio to lay down some tracks. We decided to shoot a live video of the recording which would then be synced up perfectly with the final mix of the tracks in post. The Sony A7S in this shoot is graded using the lovely “Manchester” LUT from James Miller’s Deluts pack. But there were 6 other cameras backing…

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0 SLR Magic Anamorphic 2x on the Panasonic GH4 (4:3)

At Photokina 2014 I gave my first impressions of the prototype SLR Magic Anamorphic 2x on the GH4. Now I have a newer version of the lens with me in Berlin to see how it compares to my other anamorphic lenses. Unlike the previous SLR Magic Anamorphot 1.33x, this is a 2:1 anamorphic, which is the cinema standard (and the look that goes with it).

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0 EOSHD opinion: smartphones are not killing DSLRs, apps and online services are

It’s well known that DSLR sales are sliding now, following the worrying trajectory of compact cameras. Then I read with great interest Vincent Laforet’s prediction that the era of stand-alone cameras is coming to an abrupt end for the mass market. There was a very key chart in that blog post which you can see above. I believe it speaks volumes about why the mass market is migrating from hardware…

0 Panasonic CM1 review part 2 – the camera

Although I found the CM1 mediocre as a 900 Euro smartphone compared to other high end smartphones like the OnePlus One and iPhone 6 Plus, I’ll approach the CM1 purely as a compact camera that you can make calls on. This review has the focus on image quality and camera features. How does it perform?

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0 Shooting with a 4K pocket camera – the exceptional Panasonic LX100

Song ‘Her’ from the EP collection ‘The Mud Here Has Memories’ by Bunny Suit. Copyright owned by Universal Music Publishing. Filmed by Andrew Reid.  Featuring guest vocals from Aurora Aksnes. Poster frame shows close-up resolving power of the LX100 at 11mm F1.7 in 4K mode. The first retro-styled camera from Panasonic is the first ever compact to shoot 4K video from a large sensor. The first compact that I would call “exceptional” in almost every respect.

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0 Interview with Panasonic – raw HDMI output may be coming to future GH4 firmware plus anamorphic aspect ratios in firmware V2.0

New firmware for the Panasonic adds higher vertical resolutions in various aspect ratios, making further use of the camera’s 4K video ability. For photographers also a brand new in-camera workflow is now available to extract high resolution stills from “4K Photo Mode”. For 4K video, resolution increases from 2160 lines in 16:9 for standard 4K to 2336 lines in 3:2, 2496 lines in 4:3 and an enormous 2880 lines in 1:1. By comparison…

0 Panasonic LX100 first impressions review and 4K footage

For those who find video very lacking on small cameras especially the Fuji X100S and X100T, Panasonic now have a high end retro-styled compact with 4K video. The sensor and EVF come from the GX7, which in turn is quite close to the GH4 in performance terms. We are talking a gigantic sensor here for a compact, larger even than the 1″ sensor of the Sony RX100 M3. As well as…

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0 A GH4 in your pocket – Panasonic LX100 with 4K and Micro Four Thirds sensor

The Panasonic LX100 is an engineering marvel. Along with the Apple Watch this has been the most impressive feat of miniaturisation of 2014 so far. To take both of these products travelling would be extremely liberating relative to taking a clunky DSLR and a standard smartphone. If the application of the technology is impressive, wait to you see what is being applied. The specs are outstanding for a camera of…

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0 4K for $899 – a look at the Panasonic FZ1000

In 2010 when EOSHD started and the 5D Mark II was all the rage, if anyone had predicted that 4 years later we’d be shooting 4K through a Leica 25-400mm lens for $899 I’d have told them to put their tin hat back on and return to planet lala to play with the moon bunnies. Alas here we are in 2014 shooting 4K through a Leica 25-400mm lens for $899.

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0 4K for $899 with the Panasonic FZ1000 – but beware the quirks!

View the FZ1000 at B&H or at Adorama The Panasonic FZ1000 looks like a very handy alternative to the Sony AX100 camcorder and RX10 bridge camera. It’s also the world’s first 4K camera (25p,30p) under $1k. At this price some compromises are bound to come into play and we’ll get to those in a moment. First let’s take in the rather lovely view… A 25-400mm Leica lens, 100Mbit/s codec for 4K, 120fps 1080p…

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0 Shooting 4K for 2K on the Panasonic GH4 plus my pre-review short film

My full review of the Panasonic GH4 (final retail unit) is coming next week. Until then I am enjoying Philip Bloom’s views on the camera here! A big thanks to B&H Photo & Video in the US for shipping internationally a GH4 unit with no recording limits, I got it before it was even available in Europe. Delivery took just 2 days! Impressed! Also thanks to Susanna, the star of my video above…

0 Panasonic GH4 4K Production Diary – Day 2 – Test Footage

Above: GH4 test footage shot in 4096 x 2160 Cinema 4K DCI mode. Academy 1.85:1 aspect ratio. CineLikeD profile for best dynamic range. Tip jar EOSHD just $5 if you think this article is useful [wp_eStore_buy_now:product_id:8:end] Below: Cooke S4i Mini (uncoated Panchro/i version) on the GH4 with Ciecio7 PL adapter (buy it on eBay here) Andrew Reid (EOSHD) and Frank Sauer (Filmmaker) are shooting with the Panasonic GH4 On Day 1 of…

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0 Andrew Reid and Frank Sauer shoot with the Panasonic GH4 – Production Diary Day 1

Myself, Andrew Reid (above right) and Frank Sauer (be sure to check out his work here) are currently shooting with the Panasonic GH4! So the big question has arrived – is the GH4 worth kicking your girlfriend out of bed for at 5am to catch the magic hour light? The answer is yes and we are putting our new girlfriend through her paces with a week of action packed shooting,…

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0 Now available! The epic 250 page EOSHD Panasonic GH3 Shooter’s Guide

I have been working on this all year and the results are worth the wait. Go here to get your copy for just $19.99 Highlights EOSHD’s recommended camera settings for filmmaking EOSHD’s 15 recommended lenses for the GH3 (with new tri-shot test gallery) Official foreword by Panasonic and exclusive interview Post production chapter and 10% off Film Convert Pro 2 with every book A Total Beginner’s Guide in the Appendix…

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0 Panasonic: Consumer market will lead on 4K

Above: Nino Leitner interviews Panasonic at IBC 2013 I have been given some exciting information about the future of the GH-line. But I can’t say anything about it yet. Stay tuned to 43rumors in 2-3 weeks time. Needless to say the consumer division of Panasonic are turning their attention to 4K in a big way.

0 Panasonic G6 Review – the GH2 Redux

Buy the Panasonic G6 on eBay The G6 achieves a certain yin-and-yang. With the GH3 now occupying a higher position in the line, the G6 has moved up to occupy the position once taken by our much loved GH2. It shares the same sensor which of course was always pretty special for video, yet adds a lot of significant new features like 1080/60p, a faster processor, high resolution LCD and…

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0 Will we see a new professional Panasonic GH-series camera at NAB?

The Panasonic GH3 was a big update over the legendary GH2 and I am putting the final touches to my review (and a lot of other future material). I’ve been shooting a lot with it alongside by cinema cameras, the FS100 and Blackmagic Cinema camera. Where are the Panasonic pro cameras? Well the GH3 is $1300 and that leaves quite a large space above it for a high spec ‘DSLR-type’…

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0 Watch the GH3 skateboarding documentary I helped shoot for Panasonic (plus a useful GH3 vs 5D Mark III video)

Last month I was invited by Panasonic to shoot a documentary for a skatepark in Hamburg, as an opportunity to test out the GH3 and offer some feedback on the camera. Here, thanks to Simon Sticker of Flow Media, a filmmaker given the unenviable task of editing together the footage, is the finished piece! How does the GH3 compare to it’s main rival in the Canon camp for video, the…

0 Panasonic GH3 – my short test “Civilian”

At the moment I am using the Panasonic GH3 like a bit of a director’s viewfinder. But the advantage is, it is a rolling one. You can then put a draft cut together of the concept you’re thinking of shooting – like a live action storyboard, see if it gives you an emotional response and if it succeeds – hire actors, and go back out and shoot it fully.

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