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16 Panasonic developing 8K sensor for consumer and broadcast cameras

Panasonic froze image sensor research and development in 2011 and have only now resumed. The company has committed $80m to revitalise their image sensors business in light of growing revenue from their imaging business as a whole and hot demand for sensors. One of the goals of the $80m investment is the creation of an 8K sensor to be released in Panasonic cameras around 2018.

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3416 Red Weapon is 8K Vista Vision

Red have announced their latest sensor. It’s a full frame (Vista Vision) 40mm x 20mm CMOS capable of 8K (8192 x 4320). At that resolution the maximum frame rate is still an impressive 75FPS. This is the current state of the art.

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0 8K at 120fps – forget 4K!

Japan’s national broadcast corporation NHK has developed a large CMOS 8K sensor for Super Hi Vision. At 21.5mm x 12.1mm it is the size of Super 35mm when cropped to 16:9, and does 120fps at a resolution of 7680 x 4320.