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When I reviewed the Sony RX100 exactly a year ago it was genuinely novel. The closest image quality yet to a DSLR in a pocket camera.

Can the RX100 Mark II improve enough to stay interesting?

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5. Sony RX100

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Sony RX100

Regular followers will know I’ve been a big fan of the Sony HX9v (shooting this piece on it last year in Berlin), a compact camera and the first to do 1080/60p. The video mode of this camera (and the G lens) were superb even though it had a small chip and lacked manual control. Resolution and detail was great and the stabiliser was out of this world.

The updated HX20v is a bit of a disappointment, it seems like a very small incremental update. But Sony have just put that right big time with the RX100, their large sensor flagship compact, building on the highly regarded large sensor R1 of years ago but in a much smaller body.

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