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Crop mode is covered in my 106 page EOSHD 5D Mark III Raw Shooter’s Guide on 5D Mark III raw video here

Above – EOSHD “raw rig” above is comprised of the Lanparte BMCC cage with 5D Mark III and LanParte follow focus / carbon matte box from HDVideoShop

Slashcam and I set out to test the 5D Mark III’s crop mode as precisely as possible using a chart – it is possible thanks to 100% accurate framing in crop mode with the black & white Magic Lantern live-view preview mode. Further optimisations to the buffer handling by Alex at Magic Lantern aims to make higher resolutions such as 2560 x 960 at 98MB/s sustainable for longer or even continuous.

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Epic - Iscorama

Above: the Epic with anamorphic lens

In the second and final part of this mini-shootout with the Epic and Blackmagic Cinema Camera, we take a look at the resolution chart.

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There’s just been some pretty startling research published by a university in the UK which could herald the biggest change to imaging since the switch from film to digital.

Indeed before it has even begun, 4K may become obsolete along with resolution itself – killed not by 8K or Super-Hi Vision but a completely different kind of technology. A vector based video codec has been developed at the University of Bath.

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Sony 3D at the IFA show

Sony have published a study into 4K in theaters. Called “Does 4K really make a difference?”. The advice is aimed at cinema companies upgrading to digital projection, who are faced with the choice of either 2K or 4K projection systems.

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I’ve shot a comparison in Berlin today between my modified 5D Mark III and the standard 5D Mark III.

The modified 5D Mark III is similar to the Nikon D800E in that the anti-aliasing filter has been removed. (Which is why the modified 5D Mark III is dubbed 5D3E in the video).

But is it any good?

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