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The D800 has re-emerged!

We have the Mosaic Engineering VAF-D800 filter, CFast $299 Atomos Ninja Star ProRes recorder coming soon and now even a hack project based around the camera.

So I’ve picked up a D800 and plan to see what I get out of it.

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Canon 600D raw video

Download the sample DNG frames from continuous raw video on the 600D

Though most of the development at Magic Lantern has been focussed on the powerful 5D Mark III, the latest firmware builds have also been ported to the 600D. How does it perform for raw video?

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Download sample 2K DNG 24p frame from the hacked 5D Mark III and see the image quality for your own eyes!

Recently Magic Lantern had the breakthrough discovery of beautiful pin sharp 2K sensor feed in raw format on the 5D Mark II and 5D Mark III.

This completely turns our understanding of DSLR video image quality on its head. Why is the video quality so far from what the camera is really capable of?

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Canon EOS 1D C 4K DSLR

A few months ago I reported back what Canon had told me officially at Photokina – that the 1D C had some very minor hardware changes over the 1D X (like a headphone socket) but that the camera was fundementally the same camera with a firmware update to enable 4K recording. The Canon product manager was technically knowledge and utterly adamant this was the case, there wasn’t a hint of doubt in his eyes when I had this discussion face to face on the basis of mutual trust.

Later Canon were keen to point out I had got it all wrong and that the 1D C had a different circuit board, etc. etc. and was well worth your extra $6,000.

So why are there traces of 1D C firmware in the 1D X?

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NEX-Hack (NEX 5N and NEX 7 pictured)

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Today myself and Malcolm of Magic Lantern were able to transfer $700 to Someone1.00 to buy his first test body from the donations fund.

We are well on the path to improvements in video image quality and features on the Sony NEX and Alpha cameras.

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