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  1. GH5 Speed Booster or Not for Kowa 8z 16h

    I guess it depends on you priorities. Both combo's give you roughly the same field of view, both are sharp. The Nikons + SB will give you al lot more light and more shallow DOF. But they will be a quite lot more expensive, and the whole package will be significantly larger/longer/heavier than when using the Sigma lenses. (BTW, the Kowa needs to be well aligned to be able to perform at wide open apertures, see Tito's video on the sharpness fix).
  2. Which anamorphic for RX100?

    Well as we're talking about a compact camera, a compact lens solution seems fitting and so: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1334046-REG/slr_magic_slrac_40133_anamorphot_1_33x_40_adapter.html 1.33 though. And mounting will be an issue with any lens on the RX100 There is also the AIvascope, 1.75x
  3. Mystery lens

    Thanks! Large front optic seemed promising concerning wide-angle coverage, but alas.
  4. Mystery lens

    Hey @au8ust, @Hans Punk and @Phil, sorry to dig up this old thread but a copy of this lens was up for auction. How did you end up liking it? Any good? Or is the unresolved nature of this thread indicative of it's meager performance? ;-)
  5. I think the first two are the same actually (although the price differs significantly at B&H, must be a mistake, same type number). The third one is the new, compact one.
  6. The new 5" smallHD Focus is a monitor only (so no recording) but it has different desqueeze options.
  7. Used Canon 1DC

    Don't discard some mighty fine APS-C glass you can use, and that DPAF is great.
  8. Insightful: "Complete Guide To Image Sensor Pixel Size" (note: this piece is photography oriented, for noise performance in video more/other factors are also at play). https://www.ephotozine.com/article/complete-guide-to-image-sensor-pixel-size-29652#APS-C-Sensor
  9. Canon C200 Philip Bloom Review

    I like it, should be possible on the touchscreen also (touchscreen-focus-tracking might actually be possible in some models...M5?).
  10. Ouch...that test video you shared is no good, too many differing variables between shots. So, what @tupp said. Newer, cropped sensors often can perform perfectly fine in low light nowadays. Things get even better with a Speedbooster. Having said that, a larger sensor will gather more "total light". So in theory, when using two sensors with the exact same parameters (MP, exposure triangle) except size, the larger one will perform better in lower light (as in producing less noise). For stills, this is pretty obvious. In video, things get less straightformward because other factors play a part (such as method of downsampling, see @Inazuma's examples). But there is a reason why cinema camera's use s35 or larger sensors...
  11. Looking for a 35mm m42 Lens

    @PhilipV I'm somewhat confused as you ask for a 35mm, but then the widest possible. So do you mean 35mm focal length or a wide lens used in analog 35mm photography? If we're talking 35mm focal length, I can also recommend @Bioskop.Inc's Mir 24N (nice flares also). Furthermore check Super Takumar 35mm/F3.5 (compact and sharp), or the 35mm/F2 (more expensive and longer). For 35mm/F2.8 there are many, many options. Well known are Carl Zeiss Jena Flektogon and the Mir-1 (which is actually 37mm).
  12. @Andrew Reid Just wanna say I am enjoying your current editorial output...on a roll man.
  13. For anyone looking for a great monitor/recorder, the BM Video Assist is on sale AND has finally got an anamorphic desqueeze through firmware. Check https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/support/readme/e4e05190041545a7933378d614ddbfd4 No details yet on desqueeze ratios, though.
  14. Canon 6d mark 2 it´s official

    ^ I love how this never gets old. As for Canon, sure there will be a rational, clinical, business explanation for their choices. I also believe that the negative vibes people get from them are going to hurt them in the longer run. No fullframe 4k option without crop, no 4k over hdmi on the 5d4, no 4k on the 6d2, no c-log on flagship 1dxii, no basic video functions as peaking, 45 AF points on the 6d2 but all in the center, no middle codec on the c200, only 9 AF points on the 200d... All this considering Canon pricing. And that it is 2017. It just feels like pure calculation and/or cynicism. I don't like that. Now why would you make potential customers feel this way?
  15. 'Convert' your 72mm SLR Magic Rangefinder into 77mm

    Congratulations on removing the step ring! Glad it worked out. But that second ring...no, I left that on haha. Can you put it back? Does it have a screw thread as well? What does the RF look like without it?