First Panasonic AF100 sample footage goes live – rock solid!

This footage is recorded by Crews.TV from the AF100’s live HD-SDI output to 100Mbit AVC Intra.

UPDATE – full HD version now available [url]

It appears Panasonic have done a superb job. This footage is only Vimeo 720p and the camera isn’t representative of the final build, but it’s totally free from the kind of flakiness we’ve been used to with DSLRs. This image shows no sign of aliasing. As a result it looks smooth, detailed and rock-solid. Another benefit of no aliasing is no moire. Fine details have no false colour.

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An interview with filmmaker Karen Abad

And so it begins

Karen Abad (Website | Blog) is a talented filmmaker who has worked with Vimeo and lately Zacuto. Karen works with a huge variety of formats including 35mm and 16mm film, as well as DSLRs. Here Karen shares her thoughts on the creative process, cameras and her filmmaking experience so far.

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UPDATED – Inspiration is not theft

This is an article not about licensing music. Music should always be paid for when the artist makes money from the work of others. This article is instead an impassioned plea for unrestricted use of music in non-profit personal videos, as long as the artist is credited. However there is a worrying trend of some recording artists who look negatively at their work being used in non-commercial films without prior permission – they are missing the spirit of what creativity is, and the opportunities afforded by the internet.

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First ever NEX5 video arrives on Vimeo

The first ever NEX5 video on Vimeo isn’t a looker, but it does help confirm one important advantage over GH1.

Even with all that shaky and awful camera work, there aren’t any issues with mud! If you’re interested in a more scientific approach than that, and dotting the I, P and B’s, this fact is also confirmed by our friend Vitaliy who has been analysing the I,P,B frames of the NEX5’s .MTS stream.

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