New Sony NEX video camera before NAB in April?

A rumour surfaced today (which was given the 2nd highest rating of plausibility by Sony Alpha Rumors) that Sony have a new NEX video product to come before NAB.

Sony have confirmed they are strengthening the NEX range more than intended this year on the back of very strong sales.

So as well as new lenses on the roadmap will we see a new video camera?

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GH3 around corner at CES?

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Ethics statement: holding off buying a camera due to a rumour is silly. Anyone who wants to shoot and is not currently shooting with a GH2 especially with the hack and current discounts is missing out on a fantastic camera.

Whilst the GH2 discounts continue today I received an email from a guy in the Netherlands who had a sneak at MediaMarkt’s stock list. MediaMarkt is one of the biggest consumer electronics retailers in Europe and actually there is one near me in Berlin where I double checked the stock list. The news here is that the GH2 is showing as EOL (end of line).

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Japanese review of GH2 finds HDMI video out to be ‘uncompressed raw’

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Akihabara News in Tokyo reports that the GH2 has uncompressed RAW video-out via HDMI.

Philip Bloom tests and confirms clean HDMI output. Uncompressed? Let’s wait and see what the image is like from his external recorder. Check here for his latest updates.

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Rumour: Phase One to release digital back with live view, RAW video

(Thanks to Glen Ryan who brought this to our attention)

Medium format looks set finally to enter the world of live view, and that means video capabilities. There is a rumour circulating which suggests Phase One have a digital back for medium format / Hasselblad cameras which records RAW video.

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New Panasonic lens adapter in development

Every wondered how the Sony Alpha series delivers a live view image from a very small sensor in the viewfinder housing without cropping, mimicking the field of view of the main CMOS, while enabling super fast phase detect AF at the same time? (Deep breath). Well, it seems Panasonic did wonder this, and plan to bring such innovations to a range of lenses previously not fully compatible with mirror-less bodies.

The adapter features electronics, a mirror system and phase detect AF chip. This allows auto-focus as well as full frame focal lengths with standard DSLR lenses on the Lumix G range.

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