Thoughts on the impressive Fuji X-H2S

Most mirrorless cameras aimed at filmmakers are so much alike these days, so does the X-H2S stand out?

The X-H2S assumes flagship status over the X-T4 for both stills and video users. It remains to be seen whether there will be an 8K resolution X-H2R later, for the high resolution stills and video crowd.

I’d love to see progress with the long list of features that matter more than higher numbers on a specs sheet, but the X-H2S floats my boat in many ways. Open Gate Anamorphic. 4K at 120fps. Internal ProRes. It is like a GH6 with a larger sensor (albeit $500 more expensive). Unfortunately there is no internal e-ND filter, and of course no compressed RAW video format for internal recording due to RED’s patent. The ergonomic concept is still rather stills-orientated too.

Let’s take a closer look at the X-H2S’s cinematic abilities.

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Fujifilm hint at 44×33 large format “GFX-H100” filmmaker’s camera / open gate 4K3K

With Canon debuting the C500 II today, demand for a full frame in a C-series body is clearly there but Fujifilm is looking further into to the future. Their X-Trans IV sensor technology has already debuted in the GFX 100 and X-T3 but there is a slideshow which shows how Fujifilm might be taking the technology much further than we believed…

A large format 44×33 camera optimised for open gate 4K3K RGB (perfect for an anamorphic mode).

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