Are Apple losing the plot?

Steve Jobs

Guided by Steve Jobs Apple have had an incredible decade. Even when they were in no position to lead the market they decided to lead it anyway and ended up winning. The iPhone came from nowhere and revolutionised the smartphone industry to such an extent that Nokia all but rolled over and died. It was a visionary move.

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Campaign for Canon built-in iPad DSLR Follow Focus!

Above: who needs this rig when you have all the manual controls on your iPad?

At some point in the midst of the early DSLR revolution I had an idea about a wireless follow focus which controlled the AF servo motors of a lens in a slow and steady way. Since then a couple of iPad / iPhone apps have been developed which do just this, but they require the purchase of an expensive and bulky mechanical follow focus device anyway – and wireless receiver hardware – instead of communicating directly with the camera and lens.

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