EOSHD Soundtrack Compositions – New music service launching soon!

[vimeo]http://vimeo.com/98747386[/vimeo] I’m working with two musicians, Hauptman & Friendly in Berlin. They are composing sound tracks for filmmakers which you can license for your own work and avoid the dreaded Copyright Match on Vimeo. Pricing will start at just $19.99. The cinematography reel I have edited above showcases some of my cinematography along with the score “Chains” written by Ofer Hauptman. This is in the early stages… I’d love to hear your feedback about what you’d like to get from EOSHD Soundtrack Compositions and how you’d want to use it. We won’t be going for quantity, but quality.

Why the Olympus OM-D E-M1 is better than expected for video (Review)


Featuring original music by HERDWHITE –  “I Already Know What For”.

The E-M1 is a real surprise for a video.

For this review I decided to set myself a challenge with a musician friend, where we’d shoot a music video ‘Dogme 95’ style.

  • Entirely handheld with the Olympus 5 axis stabliser
  • Very basic lights (iPhone torch and a flame)
  • Maximum of 2 shooting days

In the process I learned a lot about what makes the E-M1 such an effective camera for filmmakers.

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