Timelapse goes virtual with Camera Projection

I came across this today which is really quite incredible. It is made by Patryk Kizny of DitoGear who create timelapse sliders with inspiration from Greg Downing at XREZ Studio (they developed the interactive GigaPixel panoramas).

From a static timelapse shot a virtual camera movement can be created, which means the camera can move on a virtual path and the timelapse footage is used to texture a 3D model of the scene.

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DitoGear OmniSlider – Full Review


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I’ve now had my OmniSlider for a good deal of time and it’s pretty unique. In terms of what it can do in timelapse mode, motion control, stop motion and HDR it takes some beating. This is what the OmniGear is all about and the results can be stunning.

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DitoGear OmniSlider – First Impressions

For the price and full spec visit DitoGear here

DitoGear are a relatively new arrival on the DSLR scene yet a creative and exciting one. They’ve begun to make something of a name for their sliders and I’ve taken some notice. Here I try their cutting edge slider for the first time.

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DitoGear OmniSlider – Ominous for the competition?

View the DitoGear OmniSlider and get a sneak preview of special future products here

Sliders have been very popular with DSLR shooters so far (think Philip Bloom’s pocket dolly!). They’re fun to use and allow shots and creative techniques which would be impossible without one.

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