Canon launch £4000 Cinema EOS C100

UPDATE: CVP in the UK are taking pre-orders at just £4162+ VAT (£4999) which is much better than expected. The initial price quotes by sources was $8000. When the Adorama / B&H pre-orders start, will update the pricing info again

Canon today launched the much speculated Canon C100, the budget version of the C300. Initially set for a price under the Sony FS700 (around $8000), the camera is double the price of a used FS100 but features built-in ND filters and the same sensor as the C300. The design and handling looks fantastic, it is even smaller than the C300 (by some 15%) but the major compromise is the codec which is now AVCHD at 24Mbit 4-2-0.

However HDMI is uncompressed so for effectively another $300 you can record broadcast standard material to a Blackmagic HyperDeck Shuttle in ProRes.

I really like the C100 at first glance. But will it be enough to compete with the FS700?

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