How Blackmagic can add anamorphic recording mode to their Cinema Camera the easy way

Blackmagic Cinema Camera

Above: the BMD Cinema Camera pictured in a photo from PhotoCineRent in France. I have pre-ordered mine.

The Blackmagic Cinema Camera is nearing release and final sensor calibration / firmware adjustments are taking place. When I last spoke to beta shooter¬†John Brawley about his involvement with the camera, he had this to say on an anamorphic mode…

“We have discussed the possibility of doing anamorphic. They’re aware that it’s a potential market. I don’t think you’ll see it on this version.”

This feature would increase vertical resolution by nearly 800 lines and allow for the wider, more cinematic aspect ratios of 2.39:1 and 2.66:1 aspect ratios when used with an anamorphic lens.

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2.66:1 for 2x anamorphic on GH2 rebooted

Isco Centavision 2x anamorphic

With the latest PTools 3.61d there are some new anamorphic shooting and workflow options. Key to this is a big improvement to the 480p MJPEG mode that I first shot with a few weeks ago. The good news is it’s now capable of proper HD video in 4:3 and not just upscaled 480p. It also does the squeeze in-camera so you can edit the clips straight off the card without pesky aspect ratio corrections in post.

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New Panasonic lens adapter in development

Every wondered how the Sony Alpha series delivers a live view image from a very small sensor in the viewfinder housing without cropping, mimicking the field of view of the main CMOS, while enabling super fast phase detect AF at the same time? (Deep breath). Well, it seems Panasonic did wonder this, and plan to bring such innovations to a range of lenses previously not fully compatible with mirror-less bodies.

The adapter features electronics, a mirror system and phase detect AF chip. This allows auto-focus as well as full frame focal lengths with standard DSLR lenses on the Lumix G range.

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