Yes. 5K RAW 24p video for $150 – Magic Lantern making great strides on Canon EOS M

If you enjoyed my Super 16mm c-mount adventure on the new EOS M50, you might want to take a look at the latest Magic Lantern endeavours on the original EOS M. Pictured above is mine with the Kern-Switar 26mm F1.1.

Take a look at the screen shot below:

The EOS M used to be one of the most ‘challenged’ cameras for RAW video, consistently in the shadow of the 5D Mark III and 70D.

Not any more. The 5K 24fps mode is not continuous but it’s quite astonishing to see what the hardware is capable of. 3×1 means that it is a pixel binning mode on the sensor rather than a full pixel readout – but I am expecting some interesting results once I try it out.

The person who tipped me off by email about this (thank you “D”) implies there’s an aliasing free 5K mode as well.

“The bigger news is about the 1×3 1736×2150 preset… it really means aliasing free 5208×2150 footage when corrected in Mlv App in post. For continuous action record as described in the post”

Until I try all this for myself, I am a bit confused as to how this works in practice.

Meanwhile, the MLV App mentioned above appears to have come a LONG way. Take a look below…

The screen shot from the ML Forums above shows a 2.5K raw video being played back directly from the MLV file. This can be converted to a format compatible with your usual NLE and you can now toggle advanced options for RAW such as the type of debayer algorithm, processing, raw correction and even apply a LUT.

The 2.5K RAW (2520 x 1418) is 10bit with a 2.35:1 anamorphic-style aspect ratio.

The main EOS M forum post for this on the Magic Lantern forum is here.

I need to dig much further into all this and give you a “review” of sorts with a guide on how to get started with it. I’ll be letting you all know how I get on…