Where is the Fuji X-H2? Rumour says no more X Series cameras in 2021

Something strange is happening in the camera industry. Is this the chip shortage starting to bite?

According to trusted sources at Fuji Rumors there will be no more X-series cameras in 2021. This comes as a bit of a surprise, and as always with rumours you must take it with a pinch of salt.

However I believe it’s true.

The X-H2 is a camera very highly anticipated on this blog. I loved the original. With the X-T4 gobbling up so many video users it had to be very special (and therefore more expensive) not to be cannibalised by that. Now that Fuji has the GFX 100S which has interested many pros as a hybrid, with the same 10bit 4K features as the GFX 100 for $6000. Would there even be room in the line-up for an expensive APS-C hybrid camera?

The X series is almost all up to date apart from the X-H1, which mean the rest weren’t due a 2021 release anyway – Apart from perhaps an X-T40. With the X-Pro 3, X-E4, X100V and X-T4 all being quite recent Fuji shooters are not short on new gear! Add to that sales of the GFX 100S being higher than expected, it could be that Fuji is intent on manufacturing as many of those as possible and reserving chips for the higher margin cameras, thus pushing back the release date of lesser-priorities.

It could also be the consequences of the long coronavirus pandemic pushing back the release of new cameras because productivity has slowed down in lockdown.

In summary I think the X-H2 in 2021 is the victim of a perfect storm…

  • Corona surely slowed down product development at the camera companies as it cannot be done from home
  • The global chip shortage might mean releasing further camera is impossible until further notice
  • X-T4 has probably supplanted the X-H1 for many video shooters (not for me though)
  • Full frame cameras are now so affordable that APS-C at $2000-$3000 is a harder sell
  • Maybe Fuji just doesn’t see a big enough market for it

Well, so long another very highly anticipated camera release for the time being.

A pity! I can only hope the rumour isn’t true.

But at least we have a GH5 Mark II to look forward to, right?